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  1. Z CAM E2_User Manual_FW0.82_draft.pdf E2 Manual Yeah, in all honestly I just presumed it would be the gh4 sensor as they've used it before, and the specs kinda match up!
  2. https://documents.blackmagicdesign.com/UserManuals/BlackmagicPocketCinemaCamera4K/20181123-e9d5f0/BlackmagicPocketCinemaCamera4KManual.pdf page 29/30... I'm pretty sure you can assign it, but it's on the main screen for sure! Can defo toggle it on and off... @mercer
  3. I'd go 1 stop over for Caucasian and closer to middle grey for darker skin!
  4. Well we're talking about the pocket 4k, I have not seen any evidence to suggest a better way to expose? ETTR doesn't seem to be necessary in this camera.
  5. What's wrong with that? Surely the best method is using False Colour to set exposure with middle grey for reference? (Most of the time).
  6. Looking good! Is that one of the red primes?
  7. Cage for the DJI OSMO! http://www.taipancinema.com/exo/?fbclid=IwAR25Sc-_H-l5anqSaDc76-kXxgzVk2dvRakbWSpZdHHkx-dlLDtREr7xn1o
  8. Brilliant stuff! I think Blackmagic should include this video with every camera they sell. Seriously. Cheers @kye
  9. Sure! Could be a good option down the road...
  10. so the fujinon mk lenses will work? Interesting!
  11. Yeah, +1 for the c100. It really is (still) a fantastic camera. It may not sound as appealing as some of the newer cameras on specs alone but it's one of the easiest you'll ever use. Blue Ruin (2013) was shot on the c300, which shares the same sensor as the c100... and it looks great!
  12. Tbf to Z cam, the Terra 4k is double the price of the e2...
  13. Looks like they will also be releasing a 'lite' version of the E2. under $1000... 4k 30p 10 bit (same codecs as e2) USB C and SD Card... 11.6 stops DR M43 SENSOR (GH4 sensor?)
  14. Hmm, not sure tbh! Can you post some pics of the lens and camera? Was the lens bought on Ebay?
  15. There's two separate nd filters btw. One is 1-7 stops, the other is 5-11! I have seen quite a few reviews (all positive) but the vast majority have obviously been sent for review.
  16. yeah the sigma 50-100 is a good match to the 18-35. Both sharp (even wide open), can be adapted to most cameras; very versatile for just a two lens setup! They are very sharp, and I do prefer the look of samyangs a lot of the time... Only downsides for the 50-100 is weight and terrible focus breathing imo.
  17. Also noticed they didn't do a black shade...It defo makes a difference!
  18. Just seen your post on FB! They Should have matched the iso and gone through the range! The colours looks really good though, for sure.
  19. We don't know what the deal is, like you said - we have little information about the sensor. The camcorder listed has to use an external box to process the footage? Do you really expect a small mirrorless camera to deal with such high power draw? It would also cost a hell of a lot more to produce/manufacture than their current x-trans sensors...
  20. Sorry I have to disagree...I can't see any consumer product having this sensor for a good few years!
  21. @DBounce thought I'd share this with you... https://www.newsshooter.com/2018/12/14/kipon-elegant-full-frame-lenses-for-the-nikon-z/ The 90mm could be interesting!
  22. Some of the nicest looking footage I've seen from the pocket 4k so far!
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