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  1. What about Sirui? They make some quality stuff!
  2. What's the latency like? Are you using it with the xt3? Looks really good!
  3. something like this I believe? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Alvins-Cables-Anton-Coiled-Monitors/dp/B07DS7FJGD/ref=sr_1_9?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1543671845&sr=1-9&keywords=dtap+power+cable
  4. It's kinda, SDI or LUTS at the price point haha! I guess it should be fine? Assuming the dtap is regulated?
  5. https://www.cinema5d.com/swit-cm55-affordable-lutenabled-55-monitor/ Looks really promising!
  6. Not everyone wants to buy? The c300 can be bought for less than £2k but that's still for rent? Ah well lol.
  7. Well those cameras line up with the mavo, not the lf. I said large format. (Equivalent of 35mm or larger). So all those cameras you mentioned failed to meet that criteria. if you want to buy a great super35 camera there are many excellent options. But if you want to venture into the large format realm, the mavo lf is much more obtainable than competitors large format cameras. You seem to have missed my reason for bringing the cost into play. The Mavo/Mavo lf will likely have quirks, but the at the price there is nothing that can match it spec wise (Lf) with the same size sensor. I personally find the colours from this Mavo Lf footage to be much more pleasing than the venice footage you posted.
  8. So you're saying large format is not useful in any way? How can you make such a sweeping statement without using the cam?
  9. I never said it was as good. Can you name another company that have a large format cinema camera with similar features, under £15k? Even £20k? Otherwise, no this comparison isn't wrong. This camera is obviously not aimed at Hollywood studios... It is priced competitively for what you get.
  10. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/panasonic-lumix-dc-gx800-mirrorless-camera-w-12-32-mm-f35-56-lens-219-currys-3110083 Great deal on the Panasonic gx800 for people in the UK! £219 at Curry's...
  11. I have to completely disagree with the argument of this camera being too expensive... You can buy the mavo lf pro package for just under £15k.. The Sony Venice, with the olded viewfinder is Nearly 60k.
  12. Some nice footage here, colours look seriously impressive! Shot at iso:10240...
  13. Imagine this as your b cam and the Fran 8k as a cam ?? #setgoals
  14. If you want another laugh, here is the promo video ?. Holy shit.
  15. Wow, this camera... F stoppers review
  16. Yeah, sorry to hear about that! I think I'll refrain from reposting any of those rumor sites on here now!
  17. Clicked on the link and it comes with a dead link that says hello ? wow they're playing dirty aha!
  18. From m43 rumors source 'The camera is the perfect working tool. It’s worth the high price of $3,000, I guess from what I’ve seen. Lying in the hand like the legendary E-1 (see picture on top). It’s even better balanced than the MKII. You hardly notice the little extra weight. With the 300 F4 as well as with a 45 F 1.8 the camera sticks in your hand as if glued on. The sensor exceeds all expectations, as does the stabilizer. The camera has 3 types of high res shoots. What really pleases me is that finally the charging via 15 V USB port works. Then I can finally charge my Powerbanks via solar cells while hiking in Nepal and then connect them to the camera. But the best will be the extremely high data transfer rate when transferring live data to a server over the air. The charger charges the battery extremely fast, thanks for the investment of an additional $4.80 in development. for those who have waited a long time, the mc-20 also comes. So, look forward to the launch of the camera at the end of january 2019 and 2 more “small cameras” next year. You will smile when you see them.' $3000, damn that's a hard sell.
  19. I'm pretty sure its the IBIS, the current EM has up to 6.5? The extra stop would be for the new handheld high res mode? Just had a quick look on their website... looks like it mean IBIS! (EM1 MK2)
  20. 7.5 stops of stabilisation? Bloody hell that's crazy!
  21. @webrunner5 congrats on getting your own personal EOSHD affiliate link ?
  22. So even the £25k model doesn't have SDI? I want whatever he's smoking
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