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  1. The problem with these ultrafast lenses is that the T-stop tends to be significantly lower than the F stop....
  2. Beautiful piece! Lovely colours and the grain looks 'filmic' enough .
  3. Looks like a great monitor; the fact it doubles as a recorder at $700 is incredible. Will be great choice over the small hd focus!
  4. I've used the Aputure 120d and it was great, although I would have loved it to be slightly brighter! I believe they are shipping the mark 2 which should do the trick. For my final FMP piece at uni we also used Hedler lights, they were heavy and noisy but had a lovely output! Not used any cametv stuff but they seem to have decent output for the price... (Boltzen line)
  5. Nokishita on the X-T3... '4K / 60P 4: 2: 0 Compatible with 10-bit SD card recording in the camera. 4K / 60P 4: 2: 2 Also supports 10bit HDMI output.'
  6. I wonder if the Fujinon E/X-mount lenses (18-55 and 50-135) can be converted to the new Canon and Nikon mounts?
  7. I'd consider the new Canon if they'd sort the crop out, their autofocus is wonderful!! No perfect camera and all that ?
  8. Just a quick grade. I like a slightly low con look Right is with the 4k pocket lut and left is my grade. Loving the colour from the camera!
  9. Will Olympus been on board with this? What do people think?
  10. https://www.43rumors.com/ft4-new-panasonic-full-frame-camera-will-have-a-new-mount-not-leica-sl-mount-and-ship-in-march-2019/#disqus_thread Interesting! ?
  11. I couldn't agree more! Geoff Boyle's argument on resolution comes to mind... very true, if Blackmagic were to make an 8k broadcast cam I'd hope it would be in that price range ?
  12. This cam should be awesome with the new colour science! Slightly off topic, has anyone else been dissapointed with online footage from the terra 4k?
  13. Hi Andy, does the screen go blank while recording on the g7 or does it continue to display? Really would like this for uni (and can get a good deal on it).
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