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  1. yeah, I was hoping for around $1000 if I'm being honest. For the spec tho, it's reasonable in comparison! Hopefully we see a few more companies releasing evfs that aren't ZACTUO expensive.
  2. The EVF is now available for preorder. https://suikui.myshopify.com/collections/monitor-on-camera-field/products/oeye-3g-led-evf-3g-sdi-4k-hdmi-support-for-red-blackmagic-z-cam-e2-sony-canon-panasonic?fbclid=IwAR3ty-yJes1mrr1GLMdmtbajVmCFkI-teNscFVJWeYDAxK45ZEGobVNH8RI
  3. Looks like they'll be releasing it in MFT mount! Have to commend their approach; especially in regards to taking consumer feedback onboard! Fair play to Z Cam ?
  4. Messaged portkeys yesterday; the price is slightly higher than I expected, though still considerably cheaper than Zacuto's offerings... (price is officially annnounced next week) Zacuto have just announced their rebranded JTZ Khameleon EVF and it has a retail of 1950 USD.
  5. Great stuff @BTM_Pix love both the 85 and 135 from Samyang! So underrated!
  6. We will introduce a 0.7” 1080p #oled EVF#, portkeys OEYE-3G in NAB, with 4KHDMI in and out, 3GSDi in and out, brightness waveform, 3DLUT..., all-aluminum body, diopter. NAB also publishes price . ?
  7. Portkeys will be announcing an EVF at NAB! Oled 0.7 inch with sdi and hdmi... Hopefully at a reasonable price
  8. Hopefully ?! In the UK, the Ursa mini Pro is £5k with the viewfinder from certain retailers! Such a good deal!
  9. Will be available via their Shopify site and Amazon late April
  10. Well I think this new portkeys monitor is what many people (including me) have been asking for. Nice price for all the features.
  11. I think this lens was made for you @kaylee? https://www.43rumors.com/new-redcat-250mm-f-4-9-lens-from-william-optics-also-for-mft/?fbclid=IwAR04T5Ef-0eCSvbdWTZLbbynG89wqbmwtpH5mkODWTGMGbjVVZtNrDVabQY
  12. Redshark preview https://www.redsharknews.com/production/item/6142-fran-8k-cinema-camera-here-s-a-long-awaited-hands-on-preview-of-cinemartin-s-large-format-device?fbclid=IwAR3FuJkfHMnQWmswSN3feq21R9Q2iSNOKeVyTisXRuHfjLEsjPNbZy8XW4A they conclude with In short, Fran is not finished, which, again, the company accepts. Other camera manufacturers have probably taken orders for cameras which were less finished than this one. Even so, it's rather unusual to have started talking about reviews at this very early stage. It's fine for manufacturers to send out early versions of products with known issues highlighted as a work in progress. That's done all the time, and should continue. Fran, though, is really in a very elementary condition, with some serious issues, such as the very slow user interface. There is no XLR audio, no timecode, no SDI, no EF lens control, no LUTs, no genlock, no full-rate playback of high resolution material. There's much that's right about the camera-as-a-platform model, especially running a popular OS with good development tools, but, to be charitable, Fran is a lot of work away from realising the benefits of that approach.
  13. Yeah, should do the trick. Could power both the monitor & camera that way.
  14. looks like a decent solution @Anaconda_ I wonder if the tilta npf baseplate would do the job? If only they could release the bloody thing haha!
  15. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07L8BYLT1/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A2VQ8T9VUGOKVX&psc=1 Anyone used this? Looks pretty good!
  16. I wouldn't recommend using a monitor to power your p4k, it could potentially burn out your monitor and camera. Tom Antos killed two monitors trying to power the pocket 4k via dummy battery from dc out...
  17. I should've said that the monitor could become popular with pocket 4k owners. ?
  18. If you want a proxy then sure it would be a great fit... but how many users want that? The video assist is still great but I think a lot of users would take the 1000 nits and smaller profile of the Atomos over the assist!
  19. I guess they've gone after people that would want the ninja v with the pocket 4k... (obviously don't need the recorder). Really in terms of price; I think under £350 would have been great but it still is unbeatable a this price! couldn't agree more, seriously. People would be hot on a great evf, with less than zacuto prices ?
  20. https://www.cinema5d.com/atomos-shinobi-priced-ninja-recorder/ https://cvp.com/product/atomos-ao-atomshbh01-shinobi-hdmi-5in-monitor looks decent. Cheaper body but very similar features for around £400 (no recorder) 1000nits, 427 ppi 5 inch. Monitoring FeaturesLuma Waveform, RGB parade, RGB Overlay, Vectorscope, Vectorscope Zoom, Histogram, RGB Histogram, Anlaysis mode (Multiview scopes: Waveform, Histogram, Vectorscope), Focus Peaking, Zebra, False Colour, Blue Only Exposure, Zoom (1:1, 2:1, 4:1), SMPTE Safe Areas, Cinema Guides, Anamorphic Desqueeze The new multi tool 'analysis' seems like a great feature. It simultaneously shows the image, plus waveform, histogram, vectorscope and audio-level meters. In addition, there are multiple options inside each of these tools. This gives the operator a complete picture of what is going on within the image, at any time
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