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  1. I have the Blackmagic 2.5k MFT and MFT->EF metabones speedbooster. I purchased a Rokinon 14mm 2.8. It says "Compatible w/ Full Frame & APS-C Cameras. Compatible Brand: Canon. Mount Type: Canon EF" But it won't fit on my speedbooster. What am I missing?
  2. I don't need 60fps right now, possibly in the future. But I can buy a Production 4k and good lens for the price of the body of the pocket 4k. My question is... is the production 4k camera worth it in 2018 compared to the Pocket 4k, Fuji XT-3, etc.? The last I read about the BM Production was when it had black sun issue, but I haven't read much about it sense those days so I'm not sure if it's fixed.. if it still has aliasing problems etc.
  3. The only reason I put Sony on the list was its low-light capabilities. I'm not seeing better video than the Fuji or GH5s. BMPC looks interesting, but you're right about the backorder. I enjoy the Blackmagic Raw files, but they seem to always have issues with their cameras when they are released. I do take video in low light areas, so that was a push with Sony but I'm also using the camera for photography. The Full Frame sensor is interesting, as I've never had a full frame camera. The GH4 was great, especially with green screen and no moire in video. That being said, the Fuji is looking interesting. I'm leading between the Fuji XT3 and GH5s... the negative to XT3 is the stabilization but the video specs are good, plus people say GH5s isn't the best at pictures and Fuji looks to be better at that.
  4. The Fuji looks interesting, especially the 10-bit internal video. Though now you're making me rethink about the Canon 5d mark iii with ML lol
  5. Just to give some background... My past cameras were: T2i, Canon 50d (magic lantern fun), BMCC EF, GH4. I sold all my equipment last year just because I needed the money and I was doing less video/photography work. It was mostly hobby fun, but I did create some video work for various clients and learned to color some log and raw. I am looking to start over ($2500-$3000 budget). The cameras I'm looking for (and the why) are: Sony A7 III (s-log fun, low light, and I've heard colors are fairly good though I've never used a Sony) GH5s (I know the price is almost my budget, so this may be too far unless I wait a few months to save) BMPC 4K (blackmagic raw is fun to mess with, though I also want to do photography... I figured you could just take a dng still like you would a still pic) Sony A7RIII (same as the a7iii, just better photography but not sure it's worth the extra cost) I know glass is a big part too, and it's just as much as the user than the tool but the tools are fun to use and have their advantages. Would you mind sharing your thoughts as to why I should choose which (and making some glass), and why? And why not the others.. I would appreciate any advice. I haven't really looked into camera details since I sold my GH4 stuff and just can't seem to make my mind up on those options.
  6. I am mostly a hobbyist, but my work does involve some video. I'm mostly a graphics guy that's beginning to get more involved in video. I started with the 50d Raw ML hack -> GH3 -> BMCC 2.5k EF -> GH4. I now have the BMCC 2.5 and GH4, but I may have to get rid of one due to financial issues. I am wanting to do short films, and even a feature film "straight to DVD or bluray" just for fun.. to put my ideas through film making. I do not plan on purchasing the 'external recorder' for the GH4 since it's a bit expensive for me at the moment. Thoughts?
  7. Yeah, I do video announcements for a church every week and sync audio every week.  I don't mind that task. I just wondered since I began using my gh3 more for video than my t2i, if it was worth ditching it for the 50d since its raw ml hack.
  8. No audio is not a big deal for me, as I simply use a field recorder with a separate microphone when I do any audio or need audio.  My recording is broad.  I do short films mostly that range from documentary, action, and drama.  I have yet to do much landscape stock footage but looking to do light shooting in the near future.
  9. I have a t2i and a gh3.  I'm wondering with the new hack going on for the 50d with raw video, should I trade out my t2i with the 50d?
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