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    Stathman reacted to matthere in GH5 test footage - Post it here!   
    Another shot in Natural..
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    Stathman reacted to tonysss in GH5 test footage - Post it here!   
    Test Panasonic LUMIX GH5 180fps
    Profile 709L , ISO 800 , cloudy (low light)
    Sigma 18-35, handheld
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    Stathman reacted to 64mulford in GH5 test footage - Post it here!   
    Sorry for starting up another GH5 thread but figured this could focus on test footage/your first go with the camera. Here's mine - got it today, had 10mins of light left after work so took the kids to the park.
    A mix of 4K 50p and 180fps VFR, daylight WB, iso 200, Sigma 50mm on Speedbooster XL, Natural profile. Shot mainly wide open. No ND filter so controlled exposure with high shutter speed.
    PRO's so far: Options galore, amazing build, EVF/LCD= amazing. Picture looks GOOD! IBIS = incredible!
    CON's so far: Annoying sensor that flicks from EVF to LCD (can this be turned off?). Biggest con for me is not being able to flick to 180fps quickly. Had to dig into the menu every time. Really hope this can be assigned to a Function button but doesn't look like it so far. Grrr.
    I'm a GH4 and A7Sii user so looking forward to comparing. Be hard to beat a7sii but this beast might just do it!
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    Stathman got a reaction from Juxx989 in Sony A9 - announcement live stream   
    Maybe there will be "R" and "S" version like on A7 series?
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    Stathman reacted to tomsemiterrific in GH5, EF lenses and adaptors   
    Glad this was of help to you. Once I got it straight I thought I'd provide something other than what has been rudely thrown at me here and on FB: "Did you read the manual?" "Just shoot green?"--no explanation beyond that; "Do you have google on your computer? If so, use it."
    I ask myself, "Why the Hell do we have sites like EOSHD?"
    I always thought it was to share information and save time and to provide clearer, less convoluted information than we get from these TERRIBLE web sites and user's manuals.
    But apparently I was wrong. Go figure! 
    Apparently, by the words and actions of some I get the sense they believe it is for them to be rude and snooty and to try to make people feel inferior and inept---that is, as long it is not they who are trying to get good and pertinent information.
    Anyway, I thought I'd take advantage of my 35 years of communicating and teaching to actually lay out the needed information in a clear, orderly fashion. Because that's what I thought EOSHD was about--for all of us to courteously help each other.

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    Stathman reacted to Cassius McGowan in Win a GH5...   
    Don't know if this has been posted but there's a chance to win a GH5 bundle on www.premiumbeat.com. You don't have to do anything just email address and that's it. Worldwide contest also. Good luck if anyone wins from here. 
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    Stathman got a reaction from jonpais in The 4K Fuji X-T2 is here   
    First of all, thanks for taking the time to do the comparison between the lenses and for posting the results here!
    This is what about the forum exists. 
    Don't be discouraged or disappointed by the different point of view of other people.
    Some others do really appreciate what is kindly offering here.
    PS. Sorry for my terrible english, i hope you can get the point. 
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    Stathman reacted to DBounce in Lumix GH5 Downloadable Footage   
    Color grading is supposed to be an art-form...  not an equation. Grade to suite your story. To that point, everything that is done in the creation is there to support the story. From color grading, camera angles/movement, lens selection, background music, lighting, costume to selection of location and talent. All of it. Story telling is not science it is art. When your choices fail to support the story, that is when you fail as a filmmaker. I can say while many choose to grade these scenes as light hearted, and technically correct (read boring) I as did other choose to see them as a canvas to make something much more stylized (read interesting). I would be curious to see other attempts at grading these scenes for different genres: "SciFi", "Horror", "Drama". Because believe me they can't all look exactly the same. 

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    Stathman got a reaction from Zak Forsman in Lumix GH5 Downloadable Footage   
    I'm lucky to report that i have no problem to play all of the files without a glitch. (Premiere CC 2017)  
    Both windows and mac.
    On windows computer the graphics card is a gtx1080 and on mac a gtx780ti.
    Both computers run the latest version of adobe premiere. 
    On the other side DaVinci won't recognise  the 10bit files.
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    Stathman reacted to cojocaru27 in NX1/NX500 Hack Test Footage   
    hey guys, please find below my first serious attempt of shooting with samsung nx1. It's just a travel film but i wanted to be more like a manifesto for the people in Nepal that stood straight before a cruel fate. Did my best to put the edit together and to grade the footage the way i saw it. Comments are much welcome :
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    Stathman reacted to Lothar in Original camera files - download and share!   
    As requested: Fujifilm X-T2 (UHD 24p, Pro Neg Std, Highlight & Shadow -2, Color & Sharpness -4)
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    Stathman reacted to Герман Полозов in Shortfilm thriller 5DMKIII (ML RAW)   
    A story without words about the demobilized soldier watching with drone for the neighbors

    Inspired by Fargo (TV series)
    Budget: 15$

    All work in Davinci Resolve Studio 12
    Shot on Canon 5D Mark III with Magic Lantern (ML RAW) and DJI Phantom 3
    Thank you for watching
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    Stathman reacted to John Parker in Samsung NX1 Film Convert is out!   
    Hi all, FilmConvert here. We've just released a v2 of the NX1 camera profile which corrects some of the color issues you may have experienced. Download from www.filmconvert.com/download/camera-profile
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    Stathman reacted to funkyou86 in GH4 and Canon EF Speed Booster question - which lens?   
    Hey! I think this one will give you some answers  http://suggestionofmotion.com/blog/metabones-speed-booster-comparison-mft/
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    Stathman reacted to Mattias Burling in 5D Mark 3 Raw in 2016?   
    Made one of these today.
    It really is a compact little Raw Cinema Camera that also works as a great stills camera.
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    Stathman got a reaction from kaylee in Original camera files - download and share!   
    Thank you all for kindly sharing your footage.
    Very helpful.
    I thing i'm in love with the old fat 5d3's raw image...
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    Stathman got a reaction from BrorSvensson in Original camera files - download and share!   
    Thank you all for kindly sharing your footage.
    Very helpful.
    I thing i'm in love with the old fat 5d3's raw image...
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    Stathman reacted to Andrew Reid in Petition for Samsung NX1 hack   
    Things are moving fast guys.
    I've created a sub-forum for any subjects which might require a separate thread.
    Regarding compression on uploads or attachments, let me know if this is a problem and I will look into it.
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    Stathman reacted to Otto K in Petition for Samsung NX1 hack   
    Interesting tool in firmware (at least on NX500): https://github.com/ottokiksmaler/nx500_nx1_modding/blob/master/Prefman_tool.md
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    Stathman got a reaction from Mattias Burling in Original camera files - download and share!   
    Thank you all for kindly sharing your footage.
    Very helpful.
    I thing i'm in love with the old fat 5d3's raw image...
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    Stathman reacted to hirsti in Petition for Samsung NX1 hack   
    Here is a quick video showing the NX1 and NX500 SD Card Hack for Focus Buttons.
    This program allows you to record up to 6 focal points, these are stored on the SD card and will work after a camera restart.
    This works for photography, especially good for storing infinity focal point to re-use when it is dark for Astro Photography.
    Works in video allows you to do focus pulling from one focal point to another.
    Thanks again to Otto for all the hard work, All details can be found on https://github.com/ottokiksmaler/nx500
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    Stathman reacted to Chant in Petition for Samsung NX1 hack   
    I believe I have found the sdk for the srp. And quite a few examples of the c scripting style used before it is parsed into the machine state and binary. Working backwards it should be possible to figure out how it is compiled and explore what lies inside the system. It seems similar to an fpga so it shouldnt be very hard to dissect. Things that can be added over just changing the config files. Will update as I go. Keeping these updates short as I have a lot to do with making sure I fully understand the inner workings of this system.
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