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    Stathman reacted to androidlad in Fuji X-T4   
    Free download of F-log ACES IDT DCTL for use in Resolve:
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    Stathman reacted to dgvro in Fuji X-T4   
    Somewhat related, here's some of what I have been able to do so far with my XT4. Made this video for my ex who adopted our dog together with me and hasn't seen him in months. Just run & gun while out on a literal run with my dog in the morning.
    Excuse the overuse of VFR slowmo, I just haven't been able to bring myself to endure the lack of stabilisation in regular FPS with this camera yet and I chose this day as my shoot to just stick to that one setting.
    It's all 1080 10-bit h.265 200mbps upscaled to 4k just so youtube wouldn't shit on my mp4 file (too much more).
    All of these clips were with a dumb EF adaptor and a Tamron 28-75 wide open using vari ND. I haven't been able to decide on what electronic comm EF adaptor to get yet to have no iris control for now.
    Nearly all the clips were just IBIS only and whatever focal length I had zoomed to, I was quickly going into the setting of mount adaptor and setting a fake focal length of about x0.7 to mitigate IBIS jumps on the old firmware.
    F-log, just freestyled the grading (No LUT) to something I thought was kinda nice.

    LOTS of clips were stabilised to a small degree in Resolve (translation mode).
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    Stathman reacted to dgvro in Fuji X-T4   
    I've been obsessed with the IBIS problems since it came out.
    I did a quick test today on the new firmware. The long and short of it:
    - It no longer does that "One Giant Leap" thing when slowly panning/tilting etc
    Which seemed like it was caused by the sensor movement sort of being stabilised/smooth at the beginning of your movement but then hitting a wall and having to 'catch up' position to your panning. Now, the beginning of each pan or tilt almost immediately = quick responsive movement in the frame. I even found this a little jarring at first as if it had got more robotic, but I think I can just get used to it and initiate my movements gently. I was probably already conditioned to do my movements tailored to the old firmware IBIS or something. There's way less loose floaty feeling to the movement now, they just made it all feel ever so slightly tighter.
    - There's still a bunch of very Small Steps For Man. I think.
    Or, just still something I don't quite like about it. I think they've sort of broken down the stabilisation efforts into smaller chunks - there's STILL a small quantized, 'stepping' appearance when you look closely - it can be more obvious than normal in Slow-motion modes which almost (partially) defeats my purposes for slowmo, and I think it's there MORE of the time now, but to a less severe degree if you get my meaning, i.e. it never does the one Giant step in IBIS catch-up. But, man, it's still a bunch of v small steps. (maybe if you kneel and keep your arm strong you can mitigate the appearance in the result ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
    I just feel like Fuji's whole approach to IBIS seems to have some fundamentally, inherently 'quantizey' stepping nature to it at the smallest level, compared to like Pana or Olympus.
    For anyone who hasn't got a sense of it yet, the really poor performance happens  was happening when:
    A. tilting slowly while also moving on the up/down vertical (Z?) axis~
    B. panning slowly while also strafing side to side on the horizontal (X?) axis
    C. probably other combinations of 2 types of movement
    I do feel like the update finally makes it possible for me to try to use, for video, an actual medium length Fuji lens that electronically communicates the focal length. Up to now to get smooth video I was always throwing a manual dumb adapted EF lens (wider the better) and setting a smaller 'fake' focal length on the mount adaptor setting, and this toned down the IBIS jumps. In 4k regular FPS modes I think it seems like I might even be able to give x1.1 DIS another shot now and see if it's usable. I was shunning the DIS completely til now. 4k60p with nice OIS+DIS would be great.
    My tests so far haven't been at all rigourous or scientific, I was too eager to bother setting up any direct A/B comparison shoot before throwing on the new firmware, so, y'know. I really hope in real world practice I start to feel like the IBIS is cool now and then this really will be my perfect camera.
    Other good news is I've had really good results anyway stabilising the XT4 footage in Resolve, needing really minimal extra crop factor and almost no artefacts when doing so. I think the strong rolling shutter performance of the camera might help avoid the warpy jelly shit when you have to stabilise. Compared to what I remember with my GH5 anyway. Or maybe my newer version of Resolve these days just does it better. Either way I feel okay about a little stabilising in Post with the XT4.
    If anyone comes across any compelling footage of testing out the new firmware, comparisons etc, let me know!
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    Stathman reacted to frontfocus in Fuji X-T4   
    I have. Improved a lot. Panning is very smooth now, but at the start, if the camera is not moving, there is a small delay were the camera first tries to keep the composition. But transition to panning is now pretty good. I'd say for video shooters this is a big one, IBIS is now extremely good. 
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    Stathman reacted to gt3rs in 1D X III vs EOS R5 and R6   
    On  tracking/panning fast object at 1/50 24fps you will not see rolling shutter because the motion blur will hide the RS issue. I track mtb at  (200-400 +1.4) 560mm and I have zero problem with RS. Is really unstable platform or back and forth movements that shows up. I have more problem on a horse show jumping parkour as you move back and forth and  the obstacles as they are vertical they tend to be bended....
    Btw I did cover the 24h of Nürburgring for teams multiple years so I'm familiar with motorsport.

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    Stathman reacted to heart0less in I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!   
    Weather today was awful and I didn't have much to do, so I grabbed a slider, designed and 3D printed by my friend, put a X-T3 on top, attached a projection lens to it and then took a couple of shots.
    I sat down to review them and thought: why not add some sound to it, play with it just a little while and actually publish the finished result?
    So here it is, really short mock-up opening credits I made.
    Not one of the most elegant timelines, but this have to do for now:

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    Stathman reacted to gt3rs in 1D X III vs EOS R5 and R6   
    So if you don't need RAW or 5.5k but you want FF, AF and 10 bit, good for you as there are many more alternatives (exactly 3 🙂 ):
    - FX9 11'000 USD, 21 ms RS
    - C500 II 16'000 USD, 16 ms RS
    - C700FF 33'000 USD
    Suddenly 6500 USD camera is almost a bargain ..... but yeah RS in FF with AF is bad, no ND, no XLR, etc....
    You don't need AF then you have a few more choices below 6'500 usd (exactly 1)
    - SH1 (at 6k the rolling shutter is not great either, 29.7!!, and at 4k 24.2). If you don't need AF the SH1 is a better camera for video for sure...

    The reality on this forum is that people expect any camera vendor to offer C500 II spec + 4k 120fps of the C300 III but on FF + the image quality and DR of an Alexa with some kind of lossless fantasy RAW compression 20:1 on really cheap SD cards in a Sigma Fp fan less submergible body with an on body battery that last 12h and a 10'' inch screen and should be below < 2000 USD 🤣😂 and with a coupon with a guarantee to win the Oscar.
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    Stathman got a reaction from gt3rs in 1D X III vs EOS R5 and R6   
    No problem here.
    It plays smoothly with a lut applied and some basic adjustments (4K DCI timeline).
    macOS 10.13.6 - i7 8700K - 1080Ti
    Resolve 16.2.2
    Maybe bad hackintosh configuration? Resolve version?
    *edit: - This is true when using metal GPU processing mode. 
    I tried with OpenCL and I get 8-11fps maximum. 

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    Stathman reacted to gt3rs in 1D X III vs EOS R5 and R6   
    Is not mine at really high iso but should work for a quick test https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Q7qp8dX3vFemiiw9h-S0DpWPg8KkxGKs/view
    I would need to shoot 10 sec and upload but the link should work
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    Stathman reacted to Andrew Reid in Sigma 17-70 F2.8 on Fuji X-T4   
    The Pro version (Gen 1) with the aperture ring.
    I have not yet figured out how to transfer control of the aperture to the camera body jog dials instead though. To be honest I'd prefer it there than on an aperture ring that is too close to the body and has no markings or hard stops.
    The other thing I like about the Sigma 17-70mm F2.8-4 is the overall rendering. It is pretty spectacular for such an affordable zoom. Really nice bokeh and focus roll off. Amazing resolution and contrast in the middle.
    I have both the old and new versions of this lens... will see what the difference is.
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    Stathman reacted to Andrew Reid in LEICA SL2 - showstopper of a battery problem   
    Leica haven't responded to anybody about it. Tons of users with the same issue
    It's disgraceful.
    I want a refund! Or a working camera. Whichever comes first.
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    Stathman reacted to gt3rs in Canon EOS R6   
    Hard to judge from the rumors....
    4k 60 is it FF or not is 10 bit and or RAW with or without DPAF?
    If it is FF 4k 60 supersampled 10bit with DPAF then imo is not underwhelming at all.
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    Stathman reacted to Deadcode in EOSHD YouTube channel and Photokina/CineGear style shows online   
    Please do a Sigma FP video review.
    I would love to see 4-5 minutes shorts, each show different aspects of the camera. 5 min about DR in different bith depth modes, 5 min low light against A7 III / S1 / etc, 5 min about color comparison.
    My favourite videos from you are the comparison shots between cameras.
    Or one big 20min+ long review, but it's a really big project 
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    Stathman reacted to Andrew Reid in EOSHD YouTube channel and Photokina/CineGear style shows online   
    Just throwing this out there...
    So the plan is - I will be putting some future blog posts out in Mattias Burling style, with the voice over, the artistic shots and camera gear reviews in video form. I really like this format and Mattias did it brilliantly.
    The other thought is around some kind of live streaming and online camera 'festivals' with a good atmosphere and lots of guests. Like CineGear but online.
    I'm open to advice and what you guys want from EOSHD on YouTube.
    It is actually going ahead this time in a big way and won't be a one off podcast or interview.
    Suggestions welcome and ideas even more so
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    Stathman reacted to Andrew Reid in Sigma Fp x Canon Dream Lens 50mm F0.95   
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    Stathman reacted to Attila Bakos in I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!   
    A simple LUT smoothing fixes it, it's easy to do in Matlab, but I couldn't create an online version yet. It's on the todo list
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    Stathman reacted to MrSMW in Fuji X-H2 - They can't decide whether to cancel it... Or?   
    Dear Fuji
    If you are reading, please do make a dedicated video camera, but keep the XH2 as a hybrid.
    A lot of folks
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    Stathman reacted to Andrew Reid in Fuji X-H2 - They can't decide whether to cancel it... Or?   
    The X-H1 seems to be £699 brand new at the moment and I don't see how Fuji make any money at that price. It's such a well built and high-spec camera. The shutter mechanism alone is one of the most advanced mechanical designs in any modern camera on the market. If I were them, I'd have released the X-H2 already and bumped the price back up, getting shot of the old one. I thought it might have been discontinued at one stage, but I think they are still making them and sales seem ok?
    I'd argue with Fuji that the difference in design and operability alone does allow it to coexist quite happily!
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    Stathman reacted to Andrew Reid in Fuji X-H2 - They can't decide whether to cancel it... Or?   
    The X-H1 was nigh on perfect, Fuji should just put the X-T3 sensor & 10bit in it and get it out the door. I don't see the need for any complete re-imagining to be honest, although some sort of electronically variable ND glass over the sensor would be nice.
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    Stathman reacted to BTM_Pix in Panasonic S1 V-LOG -- New image quality king of the hill   
    To be honest, I think we've had our fun with that type of stuff and Panasonic have tightened it up but on the off chance I'd start with examining what modes that the S1H has that the S1 doesn't and take it from there.
    FYI, though, I had a brief look at the S1H that @Andrew Reid had with him in Barcelona and the authorisation routine has changed so that will need working around as well.
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    Stathman reacted to ImagineArt in Sigma FP - 4k RAW Dynamic Range   
    So far I am enjoying RAW 4K on the FP minus the fact I still can't see what I shot in camera. What are your experiences with Sigma's RAW performance and what are your thoughts on the dynamic range recovered in RAW? Below is a little stress test I shot in Boston a few months ago.
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    Stathman reacted to IronFilm in Fuji X-T4   
    From keeping up with the thread myself, I'd say:
    1) IBIS, but this is controversial... some are just saying the testers are being unrealistic
    2) overheating? (although like the latest video said which raised this "issue", if you flip out the screen then that releases the heat. But he didn't go into how much longer the camera can go if you flip it out always?)

    Remember, the X-T4 is still only pre order, wait until it ships and gets into more hands before judging it!
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    Stathman reacted to Andrew Reid in Fuji GFX 100 - an F1 first shot for ya!   
    A peek for you of the first shot from the GFX 100 shoot with @BTM_Pix
    Edit is ongoing!
    This isn't "perfectly" in focus but it'll give you an idea of the kind of creamy 10bit tones from this "medium format Alexa".
    The dynamic range is extreme.
    This was shot in classic chrome. I shot a lot of F-LOG and the files are deeper than Oscar Wilde.

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    Stathman got a reaction from keessie65 in Is this the Fuji X-H2 sensor with 12bit 8K?   
    I hope it's the same source that told you about 6K 60p and anamorphic modes on X-T4! 😛
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