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    dvcrn got a reaction from Santiago de la Rosa in For Sale: Voigtlander 17.5mm F/0.95   
    Marking this as sold. Lens is going to its new owner
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    dvcrn got a reaction from Georgios in For Sale: Voigtlander 17.5mm F/0.95   
    Hey, I didn't receive anything. Sent you one instead 
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    dvcrn reacted to DaveAltizer in Let's talk vlogging - EOS M5 vs M6 vs G7XII   
    I have been going all in on the "vlogging" thing and have been doing a lot of research. I have used the M6 and really like it and solved the mic issue by using a flash bracket. I made a video about the M6 for Vlogging and the audio solution here:
    BUT.....After testing the M6 I really decided that its not right for me. The 80D is a much better and much more reliable workhorse for vlogging. The screen that flips to the side, the battery life and placement of SD card door are a few of the things I love and prefer about the 80D. I made a video about that here: 
    I really love the 80D but sometimes (like you said at the beginning of this thread) the camera can be a bit big and in the way....for that I use my G7X II and love it as a specialty pocket camera. I solved the wide angle issue by using a wide angle lens adapter that works amazingly well. I made a video about that here: 
    I hope all this helps. 
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    dvcrn got a reaction from sgreszcz in Olympus E-M1 II and Rode Stereo VideoMic X first impressions   
    How are the pre-amps? I heard very mixed things. Some say they are as bad as the em5II, some say they are good. 
    Did you notice an awful audio hiss like on the em5II on the production model?
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    dvcrn got a reaction from Michael Coffee in Diffusing Aputure Amaran hr672 lights? Umbrella? Octobox?   
    I did some more research yesterday and saw that the HR672 included mount comes with a drilled hole for umbrellas! How did I never see this?
    Now I'm wondering if a umbrella for some indoor lighting setup (with limited space) might actually be a viable option. I did my homework on umbrella differences but quickly found myself in shoot-through vs silver reflective vs white reflective battles and am more confused now than I was in the beginning. Most resources available focus on photography where the shoot-through umbrella for example is very very close to the source which is most of the time not possible on videos. 
    Reflective silver umbrellas seem to make sense. A good amount of light is reflected because of the surface, and more directional than shoot-through.
    Anyone here experienced with umbrellas for videos? Would love to hear your thoughts!
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    dvcrn reacted to ozmorphasis in Diffusing Aputure Amaran hr672 lights? Umbrella? Octobox?   
    The D-Fuse softboxes are great.  I own a 672s and the D-Fuse.  It will help, but it won't be a truly wraparound kind of softness since the size of the softbox is really not that big.  If your subject can handle the light getting in real close, then it will be better.
    In general, I don't find the power of the 672s to be enough for a key in a lot of situations once you diffuse/soften it.  It makes for a fantastic hair light, great for background, and in some situations a good key.  
    I am thinking that I need an LS1s or something similar to be able to soften enough (need to light up enough surface area of a larger source...softbox, diffusion panel/scrim, etc) and still have enough punch to deal with a variety of situations, backgrounds, practicals, and/or distance needed from subject to avoid making them feel uncomfortable and still get foreground/background ratios to sit right.
    But yes, the D-Fuse are great, and crazy inexpensive.  Portability and speed to set up is also really great.  
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    dvcrn reacted to iamoui in Diffusing Aputure Amaran hr672 lights? Umbrella? Octobox?   
    Look up the D-Fuse softbox solution. I believe they make an aputure-specific softbox
    edit: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1258826-REG/d_fuse_df_amaran_d_fuse_collapsable_softbox_for.html
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    dvcrn got a reaction from Michael Ma in Any Vloggers? The Canon M5   
    I think if vlogging is your focus, you need a flippy screen to see what's in frame. The M5 does not have that. Just get the 80D instead.
    Edit: oh it has a down-flipping screen apparently. I would prefer a sideways though. Can't even put it on a surface/tripod and monitor at the same time?
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    dvcrn got a reaction from Cinegain in Any Vloggers? The Canon M5   
    I think if vlogging is your focus, you need a flippy screen to see what's in frame. The M5 does not have that. Just get the 80D instead.
    Edit: oh it has a down-flipping screen apparently. I would prefer a sideways though. Can't even put it on a surface/tripod and monitor at the same time?
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    dvcrn got a reaction from Jimbo in Dual Pixel AF - Is there anything that comes close?   
    I agree with you on this. 1DXII footage is glorious! I wouldn't mind going in on Canon if it wasn't for that price tag. $6000 USD. I could get 2 A7RIIs with that money, or one and some amazing lenses. If they had a version without the stills capabilities but all of that video goodies for half the price, I would consider it. But that would have been the 5DIV before it got announced. 
    This is exactly the pain I'm feeling. Glad to hear I am not alone with this
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    dvcrn reacted to Jimbo in Dual Pixel AF - Is there anything that comes close?   
    Nice post, @Cinegain. Very true. It's very tough in this consumer world where we are all gearheads-cum-filmmakers not to get pushed and pulled by marketing at every turn (especially these last 5 crazy years), researching until our eyes are bleeding, when we could be jotting down some ideas for a short film or practising our lighting/camera work/grading etc. instead.
    I am constantly having to slap myself out of it, remind myself to stay on target, and ask myself these questions when I've been scrolling and refreshing all day and working out how I can possibly afford something:
    - What's my long term goal with this work?
    - Will this time/money spent on researching/changing gear help my long term goal?
    Now, if you are just here for fun and have no money problems then hell, enjoy the ride! If you are like me, making a small living with my work and trying to carve as much time as possible for speculative, creative work then I have to keep a keen eye on my time/money.
    Therefore, getting around to the OP. @dvcrn, I would suggest stick to your Canon for now, especially if DPAF either gives you great enjoyment or helps you achieve the results you want the fastest. There is nothing comparable to this tech yet. However, given you mentioned the EM5II, I think medium term you should keep your eyes on the EM1 Mark II, because you know full well someone will do a comparison (probably against the 80D specifically) regarding autofocus. If you like what you see, then in your position I would be super tempted to hop fully into the Olympus world and have 2 cameras that hopefully play well together in terms of colour/usability/lenses if two camera setup is useful to you.
    Top priorities for me when choosing cameras 5 years ago when I started my business were small, reliable cameras with lots of features so it's been GH series all the way. They've never let me down, incredible battery life and I can adapt pretty much any lens on the planet on them meaning I can prioritise investment in lenses. Also, I know Panasonic are really in touch with users so the upgrade path has been fantastic! This has given me more confidence to invest in m43 lenses and suitable rigging for these size cameras and have really enjoyed the progress through GH2-3-4 and undoubtedly 5. I feel sorry for Canon users who really love the DSLR form factor and have invested in loads of Canon glass. DPAF aside, they have not been looked after well from my perspective.
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    dvcrn reacted to Ivanhurba in Advice wanted. Which camera fits my needs?   
    Fuzzynormal have you tried the FLAT profile in your videos? I still have to see a good real use of it as the interwebs are clean of any footage from this camera lately, It looks it came too late to save the EM5II from oblivion, even though I still think it's the best all around Olympus camera.
    It's funny the 80D is starting to be mentioned a lot now. I thought I was set on the a6300 but the overheating could kill me in events and the touchscreen and variangle would be greatly missed; I would consider the G7, but Dual pixel AF still has an advantage over it. At the end it's what I always thought about Canon; too little, too late, they take away features like log, peaking and zebra but damn if their things keep working. I hate them for that but probably I'll end up buying 80D too.  Let's hope it peaks some interest in the ML developers to hack it.  
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    dvcrn reacted to Lance Thorn in Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera   
    Maybe the Zacuto EVF without the loop might work?
    It would be closer to what you'd like, albeit expensive.

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    dvcrn reacted to shijan in Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera   
    if you miss BMPCC crappy screen you always can get something like US $20 5 inch High Resolution HD 800X480 Car TFT LCD Monitor Screen  and connect it to analog video out. also it helps if you have very limited budget or shoot in dangerous situations where lcd can be damaged. 
    2.5" inch LCD WRIST CAMERA CCTV TESTER Resolution: PAL 500(W) X 300(H), NTSC 510(W) X 290(H) 
    4.3" TFT LCD Monitor CCTV Security Surveillance Camera Video Tester Monitor

    3.5" Digital TFT LCD Screen Rear View Monitor For Car Reverse Camera DVD VCD 320 * 240 resolution
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    dvcrn reacted to Cinegain in Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera   
    Sure... this is probably your best bet as ideal companion:

    ~ https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/blackmagicvideoassist
    -- Or did you mean like GoPro LCD BacPac, in which case I'm afraid not.

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    dvcrn reacted to DevonChris in Advice wanted. Which camera fits my needs?   
    Panasonic GX8. The stabilisation is good with Panny lenses, particularly in 1080.  The audio is very good and the continuous autofocus and face detection is excellent. This camera continues to surprise me with its versatilty and excellent image quality.
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    dvcrn reacted to TheRenaissanceMan in Advice wanted. Which camera fits my needs?   
    The two that spring to mind are the Panasonic G7 and Samsung NX1. Good preamps, decent autofocus (the NX1 excels here), articulating screens, focus peaking, relatively lightweight, and excellent image quality. You might also look at the NX500, which has a big crop in 4K but all the other advantages of the NX1 and is smaller/cheaper.
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    dvcrn got a reaction from TheRenaissanceMan in SLR Magic 25mm vs Voigtlander 25mm   
    Thanks for all the replies!
    That is exactly how I feel with mine right now. Something in there is definitely grinding. That and all the outside things together clearly tell me that something fishy is going on with this one.  
    I read that one too when I initially went for the lens. I really like the results but I guess I am just a bit worried that the replacement might have some flaw inside that I can't spot that easily like the outside notches. Especially for a non-professional. I don't want my lens to randomly break in the future because quality control took a day off on my unit. 
    But then again, I think you are right and I would probably love the Voigtlander the same if I went with it instead. 
    I guess it comes down to Image quality and not so good build vs high quality build and handling but a little less quality.
    I think I'll give the SLR Magic another chance but if the replacement comes in a similar condition than my current one, I will try to avoid that company from that point on and jump ship to the Voigtlander. Fingers crossed!
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    dvcrn got a reaction from Zach Goodwin in EM5 II for videos? Am I about to make a mistake?   
    Thanks for the comments guys! Glad to hear that at least some people like it for video. The thing that makes me hesitate of course is that for the same price, I can get already cameras that are more sufficient for video but well, without IBIS. 
    Maybe to re-phrase my questions: Do you think the EM5II is a camera that could help me with the transition from hobbyist to more serious? I value the IBIS very high because I don't want to buy more and more equipment or anytime soon. When I shot with my RX100III I hated the micro-shakes especially taking a step. 
    Is the IBIS something that makes my enthusiast life easier or am I valuing it a bit too high? 
    Is the image quality something that needs professional hands to look good or is it something that hobbyists / enthusiasts can get around too? 
    I want to of course avoid buying another camera in a few months
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