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Let's talk vlogging - EOS M5 vs M6 vs G7XII


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I am currently using a 80D and like it but it is a little bulky and something smaller would be nice. Let's look at the best ones out there.

EOS M5: This is a 80D in a smaller mirrorless body. I absolutely love the specs, the size, the looks - but the problem: The screen flips downwards. Mounting the camera on a carry around tripod would obstruct the screen and make framing difficult.

EOS M6: Canons 'mirrorless answer to vloggers', or something like that. At least that's what people called it. The touchscreen is on the top which is better than on the bottom, but now mounting a microphone on top blocks the screen again. The second camera that would be perfect for vlogging, again with screen position problems

GX7II: The normal model. Obvious caveats are no mic-in and and no dual pixel AF. Also lens is not wide enough for my taste.

Are there for example tripod options that would make the screen of the M5 usable?

I saw people using a bracket to mount a microphone to the M6 but this again makes the setup a lot bulkier.

Any opinions on these?

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I have been going all in on the "vlogging" thing and have been doing a lot of research. I have used the M6 and really like it and solved the mic issue by using a flash bracket. I made a video about the M6 for Vlogging and the audio solution here:

BUT.....After testing the M6 I really decided that its not right for me. The 80D is a much better and much more reliable workhorse for vlogging. The screen that flips to the side, the battery life and placement of SD card door are a few of the things I love and prefer about the 80D. I made a video about that here: 


I really love the 80D but sometimes (like you said at the beginning of this thread) the camera can be a bit big and in the way....for that I use my G7X II and love it as a specialty pocket camera. I solved the wide angle issue by using a wide angle lens adapter that works amazingly well. I made a video about that here: 




I hope all this helps. :grin:

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Thanks a lot for the input!

I've never heard about a wide angle adapter for the g7xII so this is definitely interesting. How does it handle corner sharpness though? I know from my iPhone that the only lenses I can attach without getting ridiculous softness are the Momentlens and the Zeiss ones but they are very expensive. 

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Honestly without the all-i MOV files, none of these cameras are a mini 80D. The M series wins for size, lens adaptability and focus peaking. With DPAF, there isn't as much need for focus peaking but it's definitely nice to have when you want to use a vintage lens. 

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