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  1. Yes, it doesn't output 60p on the EVF. 60p is fine on a TV. I was happy because the setup is light with a pistol grip. There could be a firmware upgrade or maybe it's the signal from the Micro? In any case, it doesn't work. Poo. edit: Ah, I see, so a no-go on the Zacuto.
  2. Hiya, it's the Snap version. I haven't tried shooting 60p yet. Well, I switched it on to 60 and got an error on the screen Unsupported Format (1080p). Guess not. Darn! And it says in the FAQ section. I probably should have checked that out first. I guess the Zacuto is gonna have to be swapped with the Assist. But hey, if you have a big HDTV with a car battery attached, it works just fine! It's the Nikon F speedbooster. It was tight on my Pocket Cam and worse on the Micro. I'm assuming I got a bad one.
  3. Maybe the Zacuto EVF without the loop might work? It would be closer to what you'd like, albeit expensive.
  4. Hi Squig, Ahhhhh, I see. Like you said, I don't see much of a noise difference in the wide room. Definitely not a deal breaker at all since I'll have lit/bright shots. Just wanted to make sure. Nervous about being an early adopter with the history of kinks. I picked up both the Pocket and Micro (with Zacuto EVF) to decide which one I like. I do like the option of a screen on the bmpcc, awful as it is, but I find it good enough to gauge focus and check exposure. Plus it makes it easier for on-the-go shooting with a small lens. The Micro does feel nice traveling light as Andrew mentioned. I plan on rigging my setup either way. I do wish there was a tiny screen add on when traveling light. The Zacuto feels a little odd for that purpose. As mentioned menus output to through HDMI just fine. It feels weird navigating–I did adjust. I don't see myself doing quick on-the-fly adjustments. For my shooting, I'd just set the ISO to 800 and adjust exposure via ND or aperture. Here is a shot of the menu on a Zacuto EVF
  5. Hi there, I've been a lurker for a looooong time but decided to join up. I'm a newbie so learning as I go. I recently received the BMMCC camera and did a very rough test between the BMPCC, same settings in a lowly lit room. I wanted to see if the dark areas showed dead pixels. Instead I saw this vertical banding going on. If it was broad daylight, something like this wouldn't be common/noticeable, correct? I am aware these are not lowlight cameras and I'll be using lights with them. I wanted to be discreet because I didn't tell my partner I purchased new toys...I will soon! :P If you want more proper tests, I can do it tomorrow when I have some alone time. I did some contrast adjustments to the stills to show the difference. Vimeo file.
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