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  1. Hello everyone, I'm selling my video gear! Unfortunately, I thought I would be shooting more video and it looks like that's not the case–more photo gigs than video. Well, I've been shooting with my D800 and made the jump to Blackmagic. All the equipment is in excellent condition. I've owned them for six months, except the Zoom, Zacuto and edelkrone which I've had for years. The edel, Zacuto and Zoom are old so maybe disregard it for sale unless you really want a well-used piece of gear. Items for sale: BMMCC $950 USD with Cage & Battery Metabones Nikon Speedbooster ($390). It's a little tight on the Micro Sigma 18-35 1.8 F Mount ($725) Wooden Camera Cage Small HD 501 with hot shoe adapter, screen guard with two LP-E6 Batteries ($850 USD) Rode NTG-2 Shotgun (Comes with XLR Cable) ($250) edelkrone Pocket Rig (V1) ($150) Zoom H4n ($90) Watson Compact Charger Zacuto Z Finder 3x used with my Nikon D800 ($200) I've only shipped in the US but I could look into international. Paypal preferred. I'd like for them to find a good home where they are used A LOT. Thanks!
  2. Yes, it doesn't output 60p on the EVF. 60p is fine on a TV. I was happy because the setup is light with a pistol grip. There could be a firmware upgrade or maybe it's the signal from the Micro? In any case, it doesn't work. Poo. edit: Ah, I see, so a no-go on the Zacuto.
  3. Hiya, it's the Snap version. I haven't tried shooting 60p yet. Well, I switched it on to 60 and got an error on the screen Unsupported Format (1080p). Guess not. Darn! And it says in the FAQ section. I probably should have checked that out first. I guess the Zacuto is gonna have to be swapped with the Assist. But hey, if you have a big HDTV with a car battery attached, it works just fine! It's the Nikon F speedbooster. It was tight on my Pocket Cam and worse on the Micro. I'm assuming I got a bad one.
  4. Maybe the Zacuto EVF without the loop might work? It would be closer to what you'd like, albeit expensive.
  5. Hi Squig, Ahhhhh, I see. Like you said, I don't see much of a noise difference in the wide room. Definitely not a deal breaker at all since I'll have lit/bright shots. Just wanted to make sure. Nervous about being an early adopter with the history of kinks. I picked up both the Pocket and Micro (with Zacuto EVF) to decide which one I like. I do like the option of a screen on the bmpcc, awful as it is, but I find it good enough to gauge focus and check exposure. Plus it makes it easier for on-the-go shooting with a small lens. The Micro does feel nice traveling light as Andrew mentioned. I plan on rigging my setup either way. I do wish there was a tiny screen add on when traveling light. The Zacuto feels a little odd for that purpose. As mentioned menus output to through HDMI just fine. It feels weird navigating–I did adjust. I don't see myself doing quick on-the-fly adjustments. For my shooting, I'd just set the ISO to 800 and adjust exposure via ND or aperture. Here is a shot of the menu on a Zacuto EVF
  6. Hi there, I've been a lurker for a looooong time but decided to join up. I'm a newbie so learning as I go. I recently received the BMMCC camera and did a very rough test between the BMPCC, same settings in a lowly lit room. I wanted to see if the dark areas showed dead pixels. Instead I saw this vertical banding going on. If it was broad daylight, something like this wouldn't be common/noticeable, correct? I am aware these are not lowlight cameras and I'll be using lights with them. I wanted to be discreet because I didn't tell my partner I purchased new toys...I will soon! :P If you want more proper tests, I can do it tomorrow when I have some alone time. I did some contrast adjustments to the stills to show the difference. Vimeo file.
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