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Compact vlogging lens options for a7s3 - 18mm Batis vs 16-35mm F4 vs something else?


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Switching from Canon due to the recent EOS R5 debacle and looking at new gear to get.

I want one travel/vlogging lens that I can leave on the camera and use outside for video work. I am using the 16-35mm F4 IS from Canon and it's so hefty that I almost don't want to bring it. Sony has the 16-35mm TA F4 as well but the Batis 18mm looks reaaally nice, a bit more compact and lighter. (I'm a 50mm stills shooter so I don't care about the 35mm end).

IS is nice but with IBIS like on the a7sIII probably not so important, especially on wide angle. Zooming is nice to have, but I barely go over 19~20mm on my Canon.

Portability is the most important to me. I need a video lens at home as well that can be bigger but right now focus is run and fun with good autofocus. A big reason why I don't shoot as much travel stuff as I want to is because the 16-35L is just way too chunky. 

So I'm wondering about 16-35mm vs 18mm Batis for vlogging and traveling. Any other lenses I should be looking at that don't become glitchy with AF?

How hefty is the Batis? Is it light?

(Also considering a compacter APS-C setup, but if I can have everything on FE like with the a7c, that'd be sweet. So something that can stay compact on the a7c as well would be my dream lens)

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I'd check for how good the video AF is with the Batis, some are better than others. The Sony 20/1.8 G would be my choice over the Batis 18, its faster, has an aperture ring and AF is amazing. I've used the 16-35/4 extensively as my main travel lens for a couple years, I had a really sharp copy and it was great - plus is has OS so it should offer better stabilization over any other UWA option. I've since moved to the 12-24/4 to go wider, it was tough selling that lens since my copy was so good. Another to consider in that price bracket is the Tamron 17-35/2.8, from reviews its really great. I have the 28-75 and 70-180, both are great on the a7s3. Personally with UWA's I prefer zooms to primes as you're usually shooting in situations that don't allow you to take a few steps back or forward to get proper framing - but that's my preference. The great thing is every option you're considering is available used.



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