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  1. @herein2020

    All the Canon adapters are very expensive. I have ordered the MEIKE vND (plus Clear, plus 1/8 of Black Pro mist). Performed better in the reviews I have seen for almost half the price.

    The normal Canon supposedly is a gift with the camera (which I am not sure I am getting it, because I am still in "pre order" status), and I have heard the Viltrox ones are quite good also.

    Your equipment is the only thing you have in control in these circumstances! and it should be that way.

    From everything you have described, the less problematic is the use of a crop camera! In no way you have to change lenses all the time. When I was shooting photos I had 2 cameras left and right, and another smaller one with a fish eye or other unique/oddball lens somewhere near. I never changed anything.

    If you do everything alone, hire someone to help you and ease some of the burden. I read people's stories about doing video and photography and everything in between, but that is not my cup of tea. I prefer to give someone a chance for some work experience and money, and do me a favor to my self! 

    You can be specific about the use of your equipment, and that would make everything easier. e.g you can have the 50 RF on the R7 as a short portrait solution of 80mm equiv..Ultra light setup to have always on you..C70 with the 24-105mm (as you do) and your full frame camera, with whatever matches your needs. Probably a 24-70mm for photography? There must be a way to organize most things beforehand. Or just change one for the 70-200 (maybe for interview?) and that's it..

    By the way, the RF 24-105 is better than the EF in everything (something which isn't true in general about all RF lenses vs EF). It is smaller/lighter/faster AF and performing better IQ wise. Anyway, I was never a fun of the EF 24-105, I am not sure if I will be for the RF.

    Just some ideas. I am not trying to impose anything to you! Obviously we haven't been in someone's elses shoes. You know better your work flow.

  2. Yep, I was talking about the evolution of it, not the actual XC10!

    It had some serious disadvantages.



    As of the C70 and R7 situation, using EF lenses makes the most sense right now, and just a few RF or RF-S lenses in the future.

    Going 18-135mm EF-S for run and gun (that's what I was using on C100mkII) with the ND adapter is a solution. For tele I have the EF 70-200 4f (yes, 4f, mostly because of the lesser weight and size, and cheaper as a bonus). Then you can use some primes, the 16mm RF is my favourite focal length 24mm equiv..or a classic solution of an 24-105mm either way (RF or EF).

    I do not understand the crop agony..this is what it is, an X1.6 sensor, check your options and work with what you have. I wish there will be some pro level RF-S lenses on their way. I stayed with the NX system because of their amazing lenses, 16-50mm 2-2.8f almost 2f until 32mm (like having some 2f primes at the wide end), a ton of small pancakes (plus an amazing fish eye I use a lot).

    I hope they will feel the heat from Pana/Only/Fuji, even Sony is pushing APS-C lenses as of late and will release more RF-S lenses.

    After all these years, I feel that Sony has made for themselves the best situation. If some remember how much I disliked Sony for their sub par releases of the past (terrible ergonomics, menu system, lenses situation, overheating, spec warriors, terrible battery life), lately they seem to do all the right things I have to admit.

  3. 4 hours ago, FHDcrew said:

    Diverging off topic here. But if the fake, post-production DOF matures then an xc10 paired with that technique could be awesome. Davinci has a decent depth map but the edges always look fake, and there is only so far the technique can be pushed before it looks fake. But if some AI methods got good, I’d pick up an XC10 in a heartbeat 

    XC10 was a brilliant design, I was expecting an evolution of that design to be the must have run and gun camera of our age (something the C100 was). 

    Ofcourse C70 is that good, but a little bit weirder, I guess! And a bit more expensive than most of us would like.

  4. It depends of the use and the personal style. It doesn't have to be right for everyone. I do not use gimbals and I do not shoot out of trains, but I choose to shoot from chest/waist height or even lower (on the floor) or high up (in dance/music/other events).

    The NX500 I have you can use for Vloging as well (never do, but for family selfies it works) as it turns 180 degrees.

  5. I am for tilt up/down too. It is the way I shoot too, I am always behind the camera, not in the sides, and when not, or stationary I use a Focus. When you are completely behind the camera can have a proper body stance that is easy to keep for a long time without your arm/shoulders do all the heavy lifting. Also, you do not use more space than your body already occupies, and is difficult for someone to knock/push/touch your camera while shooting.

    The R7C will try to cut some of the GH6 and XH2S sales, and whatever other non full frame sensored camera will be outhere soon; as simple as that.

    I am still considering if I buy my pre-ordered R7, I wish there wasn't a rumour, and I am not sure why to have that information leaked, when you haven't even sell properly the R7 yet. I am puzzled.

    It seems that "smaller" sensors are trending again, and as a big fun of the convenience they bring, I am glad to see all these new options and solutions. E.g weight and size plays a big part in my decisions (lens's wise).

  6. I read a rumour today that Canon is planning an R7C for 2023!!

    That rumour made me pause. I have an R7 on pre order, but I am in no big hurry for another camera..but of course it's just a rumour..I am split at the moment.

    I can live with most of the cons, it is a middle priced camera after all, but the codec could be problematic, and I do not usually work with proxies.

    There are cheaper Chinese speedboosters around. The Canon vND adapter is quite bad for 500€, so I have lost faith in their accessories.


  7. After my personal fiasco with the R7 (on the other thread) I explored a bit the Fuji option, mainly because of the versality of the new 18-120mm.

    At the moment, locally, the total cost of X-H2S+18-120+battery= 4.000euros

    Not too much, but not a bargain ofcourse.

  8. Thank you guys, if that guy shows up tomorrow though..I am going to be put on a really big list!

    I was lucky today go in there, seeing the box, asked specifically for that box at the back of the counter (big box also..), and I tried for the kill!.

    Hope have the same luck tomorrow!

  9. On 6/25/2022 at 11:01 PM, ntblowz said:



    I found a pre-ordered R7 that stayed 2 days in the shop and the owner seems reluctant to go get it (maybe he has Fuji glass!)..if that be the case for tomorrow, I may have it at the end of the week..

    The adapter is included as a gift from Canon, ordered the 16mm as well and an extra battery..

    The lenses are not an issue if someone has EF glass, and we all know what EF glass means for the industry, everyone has some, and I am certain there will be a lot of RF-S releases in the future and additional RF ones..

    I will be starting slowly with the system and I will see where it gets me. The thing is, Canon is now relevant, which wasn't 3-4 years ago..well done Canon!

  10. 20 hours ago, ntblowz said:

    Your 18-135 have the better motor indeed with nano USM so paired with ND adapter will be very useful for video, I probably gonna use 18-35 1.8 for video work and the 18-150 for travel. I got m6 ii with 18-150 which i plan to sell once I got the r7 with 18-150. R5 with 24-240 is just a tad big/heavy for casual outting/trips for me.

    R7 with IPB lite you can get away with v30 cards on 4k60p, just photos will be slower if shooting burst on uhs-1 cards. On normal IPB you do need v60 or more or camera will stop recording due to slow speed.

    I have the breakthrough X4 VND drop in filter which is a lot better than Canon one with no blue colour shift between min to max ND level, that is really nice with 1.4 lens in bright daylight. ( I have to stop down with canon VND or unless you shoot day for night scene lol)

    Both the 35mm and 85mm's focus speed is not as good as their EF counterpart due to their "macro" feature, but image quality is not bad. I used to have them but only have the RF 16 and 50mm left for much lighter setup. RF 16 will be nice on R7 as it becomes 25mm.  I m waiting for the RF 24mm 1.8 which is more useful for me focal length wise (becomes 38mm on R7), you can also go for the 24mm ef-s pancake for a more casual setup.

    Excellent suggestions..as the Breakthrough (sadly) are not officially available in Europe I can't purchase them, and there are taxes and cystom charges. Plus, I won't be able to put them as expanses on my business.

    I ordered the Meike one, plus a Black Pro Mist 1/8 filter they have. Seemed like a good idea..also a Sony E v60 card.

    I probably get the 16mm RF then, as it is my favourite focal length (24mm equiv), and will cover lengths I do not already own (except some Samyangs I already own, but they are too big for casual photography/videography). The 32mm with the added IS and "macro" capabilities is tempting though..it is only 100€ more here..

    My next purchase will be probably a Metabones kind of adapter, but only if there is a cheap alternative (Viltrox?).

    I will go to pre order next week.

    Still kind of enthusiastic after so many years without a Canon body. I was so critic of the brand, but only because it was my first love (AE-1, anyone?!). Still got a series of FD by the way..

  11. Sorry to stay on topic.

    I decided to go with the R7, is not available yet in my country but I will probably pre-order, as they offer the EF adapter for free if you do.

    I am not sure if I go with the bundle option though, R7 + the 18-150mm EF-S..I already own the 18-135mm EF-S with the nano motors (used once!), which is amazing, ultra silent and super fast (for what it is..).

    The RF-S says "lead screw type STM", which I translate "lesser technology" than the older EF-S.

    Does anyone have an opinion on this?

    I will try to find the Meike ND adapter also, seems like a nice addition and works a bit better than the Canon (on a more logical price range).

    If I do not get the bundle, I will probably get one of the cheap RF primes, currently between the 35 or the 85. Reading mixed reviews on both those lenses..

    Also, any suggestions for SD cards? What type do you think I will need?

  12. As you most know, using a normal mft lens(most Olympus/Panasonic)doesn't offer any software correction of the Len's limitations.

    Is the only solution to fix it in post?

    I am using the Oly 12-100 f4, but all the widest lengths are unusable, especially when most usable (for architectural establishing shots, big groups of people, and the such).

    Is there any good (and really cheap) mft wide I can use? Even something like a 24mm (35equiv.) which is usually my favourite length.

  13. I remember having some heated disputes here a few years ago about that specific camera (C200) and the first R ones.

    For me were wasted money, as obviously were on a middle ground just before Canon started all their modern releases and get back to the game, or not very competitive at that timeline with many limitations.

    Even Canon, usually very protective of their releases, just "ignored" these ones and are putting out there one camera after another.

  14. As I said in my first post, Canon is relevant back again, it took them few weird years and some uninspiring first mirrorless releases to come to today and offer all these great cameras. At least they try new things and even dare with new concepts such as the C70 and the R5C.

    If I had to choose my favourite camera for video right now, that would be the C70, for all the reasons we know and you have mentioned, and considering my personal preferences. I am not so keen on the 5RC, seems like the equivalent of the PHEV cars, it seems like a good matching of two worlds, but eventually it will be surpassed by more specialized ones missing the middle point.

    Right now I have a few cameras anyway, and my main job in the industry is sound, so I am not willing to spend that much. I was considering a 2.500€ budget for a hybrid shooter, slightly more to the video side.

    I have a myriad of sound solutions/mics and gadgets), and I have EF and some mFT glass, but I live and work on a very hot country so I care for overheating, and I would like to edit natively on a very expensive PC I have.

    Things I worry about the R7 are the video files workability, the ISO performance for video (not A7Siii style, just to be better than my 2015 other hybrids). 

    I believe I will have to choose between the R7 or the GH6.

    How's that Meike ND adapter performing? I have read terrible things for the original Canon, not usable after 4 stops, or something..

  15. I found locally the EF to RF ND adapter for 430€, are there any other brands offering something similar? Isn't that too much?!

    I have decided I will go to RF soon, maybe crop (sweet spot for me), maybe full frame (I am not a huge fun). I have a lot of EF glass too, and maybe a couple of the cheap primes will do for now..

  16. This seems like an interesting release, and in my opinion Canon is back at the top right now, covering most needs of most people, like they used to do.

    Does anyone have an opinion about ISO performance?

    Also, do you believe you can zoom in while shooting video to check focus?

    I like the GH6 release too, but I would like to re-introduce myself to Canon, after so many years.

    Also, what is the EF - RF adapters situation?

    Sorry for the too many questions, I was a bit out of the video equipment game for a little while as I was working on sound, and mainly as an assistant director for a TV series this last couple of years (so, many pens and stabilos!).

    The Pocket 4K did well for the few projects I needed a camera, but I do not feel the same for the Pocket 6K, and I have to replace the myriad Samsungs I have with something more modern! (Still producing when needed though!).

  17. There are too many m43 lenses around to let the format just die..I doubt Panasonic will make more money from their full frame mount, which until now semi-fails to make a stronghold in the market.

    Also, Olympus is not quite dead yet, there have been some recent releases on lenses (?) I believe and some plans for a camera release.

    When the tiny sensors are OK for most people in the world (phones/, I see that there is potential for the much bigger m43 one.

    A video workhorse GH-6 with less mass and weight for 1.999€ maybe is what most people need at the moment. I still see people using professionally their GH5 around.

    I can see a future for m43, a pro level camera every 5 years and a new cheap model every 2and a half (and keep just 3 product lines, very cheap - 599$ new, 999$ middle level, and 1599$ - 1.999$ pro level, depending the extras such e-ND, audio ports, e.t.c).

    It is a good platform and unlimited cheap lenses around.

  18. On 1/15/2021 at 11:11 PM, Maccam said:

    Sorry for slow reply. Thanks everyone for their comments/thoughts. Much Appreciate.

    I went with the Flowtech and absolutely love it. Total next level. ✌️

    Good choice, enjoy!

    There are also some budget lights coming from Aputure and others, while a good head/tripod combo will last you almost half of your career, Flowtech is the innovation of the 21st century (for tripods) so you have the newest and coolest.

    Difficult to work with Ace and Benro and Manfrottos anymore.

    Have a good and productive year.

  19. Ι just can't justify leaving my NX kit to die. I have 2 NX1 and 1 NX500 and 1 NX3000 with multiple NX lenses, adapters, flash units (Metz/Samsung), extra batteries, chargers, almost everything.

    It is not the best overal anymore, but still is No1 for me in:

    A) ergonomics B) menu system and touch interface C) battery life (I still use the original batteries!)

    D) there are at least 3-4-5 ways to do things, even an Fn button on lenses, touch screen, top dials, small screen at top, excellent screen and viewfinder, amazing wheels, just everything

    E) never heats up! in the worst conditions, tested by me, in boats in the summer, in mid0-day weddings in tiny sun scorched islands, in 150min shows 

    F) the 16-50 2-2.8f zoom is still a unique selling point, I never bothered with the Sigma 18-35mm because of this lens (for almost the whole range of the Sigma is just 0.2-0.4f difference, AND stabilized, and probably better focusing)

    I even shoot multicam setups.

    For every 8bit project, or photo session, I am just covered. and they are so beautiful to hold, if anyone has hold one, just knows what I mean..

    I will move eventually, but until now nothing has moved me to the point of invest 10-15.000euros to make a similar setup. RF probably will be, I have EF glass too, but I am waiting to see how it will unfold. 

    Even the tiny NX500 is the camera I have used the most in my life, my everyday cam, B or C cam in different professional setups, the one I use now that I work as an assistant director, always in my main NX1 bag as a backup (or B cam), just so small and beatufil and (Sony do you hear?!) 2 wheels! 

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