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  1. Ofcourse, if you remember back then I was a huge NX sympathizer, and what happened to all that tech?!

    Still have a full wardrobe of NX stuff I never use. Sales are an indication of company health and in our world money makes the world go round (not that I agree with that..).

    All in all, it is a very good release in my opinion. It does have most of the things that matter for most people, except maybe IBIS, which is a given these days, but if we talk absolutely money, this is the best cheap FF camera. Do you remember the first silly RF ones?!

    I have some of the cheap RF primes and lots of EF ones, do not underestimate the power of the EF stock around the planet!

  2. It's fine, it is going to sell myriads of those. With C log you can have a pretty good set with whatever RF camera.. for us with EF glass and the adapters is a great option. I never use IBIS anyway. This is not the Canon of 2016, it is a much better version of a company! Not the best, but still they are delivering in some aspects.

    Panasonic is desperate, OM is selling more cameras than them in Japan. Almost everyone is selling more cameras than them!

  3. 47 minutes ago, Django said:

    There are cost saving measures for sure and of course FF 4K60p will surely overheat under long shooting.

    But at least is has FF4K60p which neither S5II or even A7IV offer. DPAF2 will also be way superior to S5II AF.

    Another strong benefit is the fairly low RS (15.2ms in FF / 9.5ms in S35).

    So for $1500 its imo a great offering. Competition is healthy for us consumers no matter what system you're on.


    That is exactly the camera I need to pair with the R7! The R6mkII is still a dissappointing 3.200€..and I remind you I am not a camera man (I do other jobs in the industry), so I do not want to spend much for something that is not bringing that much money.

    I want to see more overheating tests, but I believe I can get by, but the worst bummer is the small battery, because it is small, and because it is different..

    I was considering the Panasonic with the lenses (it is 250€ less than the R6mkII body!), but now it makes perfect sense to go with RF!

    Thanks Canon for bringing back the flame..

  4. 20 hours ago, QuickHitRecord said:

    This was my main work camera for two years. I struggled with it. Coming from the C100, I thought that it would be a home run but I found myself missing the C100 a lot. The C100 was easier to handhold, had more reliable DPAF (even though it was center-weighted), and monitoring wasn't as confusing.

    I was unimpressed with the H264 and only used CRL, recorded to a Solidpod that I mounted externally. Other C200 shooters have told me that they are okay with the noise levels, but to me the CRL footage was noisier than I was comfortable for client work at ISO 400 or above. After almost every shoot I would run NeatVideo on all of my footage, apply a LUT (unless they wanted CLOG2), and export ProRes files before handing it off to my clients. The resulting footage was really nice, but it took a lot to get there.

    The day that I shipped the C200 out, I breathed a sigh of relief. I now have a C70, which addresses all of my problems with the C200.

    Wow man! You are 100% right! We just didn't have to do all the transcoding as it was expected to be that way. Total disappointment that camera, and one of the reasons Sony dominated the market back then, and until now..

  5. On 1/12/2023 at 3:46 AM, ade towell said:

    Just put my pre order in.

    To me the S5ii is the first mirrorless hybrid with no real weakness. Other than it doesn't have an upward path (which admittedly is enough of a turn off for some. But with the Sigma adaptor seeming to cope so well with EF lens AF, I can see it as a great mirrorless b camera to Canon cine cams)

    I think Panny have created an absolute powerhouse at a bargain price. Nothing else comes close for the money

    Is there a crop in 4K/50?

    I am not sure, but if that's true, that is a main disadvantage in 2023, even for such a cheap camera. Is something to be expected I guess..

    I am split for going Pana myself..It is very close to perfect, and I am sure there will be multi firmware updates..

  6. @Djangovery confused myself, the Sigma adapter seems to work well also..the X option especially is very tempting..

    The R6mkII is still 3.200€ here, the pricing is not competitive at all.

  7. After deciding going full Canon this summer, now this!

    I have already investing in RF (3 lenses, 3 adapters and an R7) and I am now split if I have to sell everything and move to Pana..

    R6mkII is still 3.200€ here, so is a no go for me for a middling hybrid, pricing of the Pana cameras seem just right and I am really impressed of what I have seen already. If the EF adapter works well, I seriously don't see why not most choose these cameras and slowly built their L lenses collection.

    That X camera seems like an amazing deal whatsoever..

    Well done Panny..

    GH6 and everything else seems a bit overpriced now.. don't they?

    Can anyone point me at any advantages the R6mkII have at this point?

    The camera is not out yet and we see just some marginal differences in IBIS and AF, I am positive they will be fixed in no time..

    The active cooling is incredible at this price point. It will damage Fuji sales as well I believe.

    I do love the color science so far. I haven't pixel peep or anything, really, but I just like what I am seeing..

    ..just..WOW Panny!

  8. 13 hours ago, Grimor said:

    Well, I agree with everything. At my last rock concert, we used 6 cameras, and only 2 shared the same time code. The sound mixer during rehearsals tested all three of my usb drives and none were recognized by the console (mackie), so no mp3 for me. At least I take my portable recorder (Marantz pmd 661) and adjust the level, since I couldn't keep an eye on it, I put it recording in auto gain mode. Big mistake, because at the start of the concert they turned up the volume and since they didn't have limiter it clipped for almost the entire track. I only had good sound from the rf feed that I took with the G2 and in post production, the synchronization was a nightmare because the clipping prevents the synchronization by wave.


    No! Never on auto! If you are not sure, better go lower, you can easily add some db in post..

    Maybe you have to format them ON the digital console, or have them Mac ready (Mackie works with everything usually, but they favour Apple stuff), a simple fat32 stick could be useful also..

    For so big projects, usually they hire a van, which is a control room as well and have a different approach with an included sound man inside the van.

  9. I still believe Tentacles are the way to go for "cheap", they have a slightly better version for 2022 anyway, and they seem like the cheap golden standard!

    I am no fun of any Deity produced as of now.

    As of your other question, I usually was given to the sound man a portable stereo recorder (Tascam DR100mkII or III are excellent for small tasks and with good preamplifiers - if you can't afford MixPre) and started recording 5-10 minutes before the start of the show (usually performances of some kind).

    Nowdays, almost 10 times out of 10, I have pre- schedule with the producer, or even the sound man directly, and after he copies the performance to a USB drive and that's all (later on, I am mixing the recording with on camera shotgun mics or stereo mics and it works even better, than having just one or the other).

    Whatever wireless method you use to transfer sound, have a shotgun to your main camera because you never know what's going to happen to your wireless signal.

    After 24 years to the job, I will never trust more a wireless connection to a wired one!

  10. 9 hours ago, SMGJohn said:

    Sorry if I am forum necroing, but I did not feel like making a new topic. 

    Does anyone know if the rolling shutter issues on the Canon R7 is reduced with the line skipped 4k mode? 
    According to a very poorly done video on the Canon R7 from DPReview, Jordan said the rolling shutter was 14,5ms in 4k60p, anyone who owns a R7 can attest to the rolling shutter being lower in line skipped and does it also stay true for 4k30 line skipped? 

    Seems to be very poor information, there also appears to be like no sample video of 4k FINE and 4k line skipped out there, really curious how the line skipped 4k is like when you downsample to 1080p.


    Check at 10:20, 4K standard seems alright, fine..not so..


  11. 19 hours ago, herein2020 said:

    That is really strange, I only use mechanical shutter, have never even tried electronic shutter and my R7 doesn't have that problem. If it is not too late to return it I would try that route vs dealing with a repair.

    Same here..the shutter sound is a bit silly and very tin like, but the images are good. 

  12. As I said before, it is a "fast turn around" camera, with a weak codec, but that's the beauty of it, the simplicity. Stick an 18-135 or an 24-105 and shoot all day..it was a workhorse camera of the "plain"  professional. Ready on its bag, ready to shoot in 7 seconds and for a full working day 

    If you take care of the basics, the camera does the rest of the magic mixing and produces an image that punches much above its weight.

    I am still waiting for a similar workhorse camera. Just put some modern internals on the same body Canon, that's so easy..

    I wish they C70 was that camera, but unfortunately it doesn't feel the same.

  13. 2 hours ago, Django said:

    OK so once again armchair expertise. You tend to make a lot of strong assumptions and present opinions as facts on subjects you really have zero experience with. Googling photos, watching a video on YT.. then arguing online against people with actual hands-on experience on the subject matter. Its a recurring theme I've noticed..

    Again you lumped the C100 & C300 in the same category. Anybody that has used those two cams knows they are day & night in form factor, weight, operation despite them looking similar on internet pictures.

    As for context, OP uses a Z6 plus an Atomos. Fully rigged that's already bulkier and heavier than a stripped down C100. To use your analogy its more like a sedan.. with a camping trailer attached to its rear!


    ..and again the C100 has built-in NDs, fan, all day battery life, WFM assist tools etc. even when stripped down.

    Rigging the equivalent on a large sensor mirrorless will not be smaller or lighter, hence my point withstands. 

    ..and for exactly those reasons (form factor, weight, operation) a C100mkII is a better option than a C300 these days!

    The C100mkII is absolutely my favorite camera for run and gun video work. I have done literally hundreds of travel and music doc episodes good enough for Greek TV and corporate and others. My previous favorite was, sadly(!yes, it was a Sony, do not judge me!), an EX1, another workhorse of that previous era.

    If you want a super easy system to shoot most of your "basic" stuff with super fast turn around times and you do not mind the "weak" codec, even now is an excellent option..For extremely fast run and gun the 18-135 was ace, if you had more time one could use the whole EF selection. My ultra fast and portable kit was the 18-135, an 70-200mm 4f and a nifty-fifty used for some interviews. My most enjoyable set up of all time..great times!

    ..I didn't like the C300 (and C200) ergonomics, but they were also standard on most of my business back then.

    oh my.. I want one now..

  14. I was using 3 cameras when I was doing weddings photography, 2 NX1 and an NX500 with a speciality (oddball lens) on it. All these cameras were on me at all times, but never both video AND photo. Still can't comprehend how you do it. I always have a partner/assistant with me, even for the easiest of jobs..

    Sometimes we were 3-4 people for video and 2-3 for photography..

    An 24-70 as a workhorse was the most used lens usually, 24mm is good for small group photos, and 70mm is an alright focal length for portraits. The oddball lens on the NX500 could be the amazing NX fisheye or the pancake 16mm..the workhorse lens was the 16-50mm (24-75mm equiv) and 2-2.8f. unique lens and always negated the need for the Sigma 18-35, as at those mm (at 32-33mm to be precise) the NX is 2f, with an incredible I.S, both wider and longer. With the other NX I was usually using the amazingly small 45mm 1.8f for more "artistic" portraits. This lens has a ton of character, especially for the silly price..

    Just a different way of doing similar things, I guess!

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