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  1. 1 hour ago, SteveV4D said:

    A good reason to hold on.  I'm hoping for a GH6, but so far we have this and the fullframe S5.  Hard to see now where Panasonic is developing the future of the GH line now.  

    I expressed my feelings about the C70 on the other post, BUT my main jobs in the industry are different (sound, assistant director), so I have 4 mirrorless and the P4K for the moment for my personal video company, I am not willing to spend too much on a better camera, so I will be waiting a little bit more for other (e.g cheaper!) options in the market. 

    I am willing to go up to 3500euros, so no C70 for me. For my position, a videocentric m43 camera will be enough, maybe, and the R6 is too expensive for my hybrid needs (a couple of photography sessions, or 3, per year), and the R6 somehow limited, to go full in RF.

    No need for full frame for me.

    I am playing the waiting game for now! I am expecting a "huge" Fuji and Panasonic release in the 2021.

    Ofcourse, if image was my main trade, I would have already pre-ordered the C70, and probably sell everything to go Canon. The C70 is such a significant release for me.

  2. 9 hours ago, Geoff CB said:

    Um, no? It's a M43 mount camera with No ND, No XLR, and no monitor. Slightly different category than a EVA-1 follow up. 

    Obviously was a joke! 🙂 and a dissapointment 😞


  3. 33 minutes ago, SteveV4D said:

    I'm warming to this camera.  I wish it had internal ND and even just a small screen.  Yet I can see it working in my selection of cameras and would mean my MFT lenses would still have some relevance in the future.  If price drops a bit next year, that would be a bonus. 😄

    I am sure the next GH will be even better. Cold Cold!!

  4. 1 hour ago, MrSMW said:


    Yes, thank you, but where is it?!

    They have to act fast, most people in business I know will get a Canon from now, till Christmas. Canon will "dominate" the video market again.

    It has been at least 2 years since the XH1, it wasn't a huge success, I thought they learned by that release, "smaller" companies have to do a couple of right moves to put them ahead the curve, BM does alright, Fuji had a few nice releases lately, but they have to be pro active, and get ahead.

    Also, they need some better "video" lenses, less breathing, some kind of parfocalness, I.S on hybrid lenses (a better 16-70mm 4f, this one is a very expensive dissapointment), the excellent 10-24 on a newer version, e.t.c

    Their ecosystem is 95% photocentric right now, and do not tell me about their 2 manual MK lenses, they are nice, but not enough, and certainly not up to what we expect in 2020-2021.

  5. They should have made it a video centric camera. The ergonomics are more appropriate for video than classic X-T style.. and we need a C70 killer for a thousand (or two!) less with new video orientated hybrid lenses.

  6. 34 minutes ago, BTM_Pix said:

    For anyone looking to have this functionality (and a bit more) without having to buy a specific new gimbal (or any gimbal for that matter), our AFX module launches a week on Monday.

    I'm absolutely not going to give the game away before then and say that it also supports manual lenses.

    Absolutely not going to spoil that surprise.

    what about manual lenses then?!

    I hope it will be a great success. Well done.

  7. 13 hours ago, EphraimP said:

    AngloSaxonic?! That's a new one. Actually, I'm Anglo Norman... A history joke for all you fans of William the Conqueror out there.

    I live in the Pacific Northwest of 'Merica, land of the (nothing is for) free, home of the brave (shopper who goes to the store on Black Friday). 

    In America, anything you can think of is for sale on Black Friday. People have literally gotten killed in stampedes to get into stores the second they open. It's insanity. Of course, I wouldn't think of going into a store on that day. But everything is for sale online anyway. I think I found the tripod at B&H.

    True, then you may find a good deal then. 


  8. 48 minutes ago, EphraimP said:


    I don't know. I did get some good film making deals year. Couple hundo off a Manfrotto Nitrotech fluidhead and sticks. Some other stuff too, probably. Maybe.

    Depending the country I guess, here BF is only for home appliances, TVs, phones and the occasional Playstation/Xbox.

    In the pro world maybe there is an SD card thrown here or there, but not much else.

    The camera hasn't released yet, so I am not expecting any sales, maybe after a year or so, when everyone has released their own "cheap" cine/video camera.

    In the AngloSaxonic world, I remember BF was a huge deal though. Where do you live?

  9. 41 minutes ago, EphraimP said:

    Trigger finger is itching. I keep telling myself to wait for Black Friday/Cyber Monday madness to see if a C70 deal materializes. Besides, the camera won't be shipping until then anyway.

    So, here's the big question... Will the pre-order list be so big that these are hard to get for a period of time after release, or will Canon release enough so that there will be availability in early Dec?

    Noone knows of course, but all I hear around me (in our trade circles) is people talking about buying this camera. It is going to be a super huge success, whatever other manufacturers release from now until Christmas.

    What BlackFriday? This ain't a phone?!

  10. Everytime I read about the "full frame" look, I literally turn green!

    It is a blasthemy to just ignore that 99% of the total planet output, maybe more, was shot on a smaller format for so many decades, and noone ever complained.

    It is the new trend, I get it, but do not pretend it is a problem or there are not options/solutions.

    In run n gun/verite style we usually use Canon C and FS cameras, and I know shows using even smaller sensored cameras (even main news channels, DW, Reuters and the such, I have seen them using camcorder styled cameras).

    We get it, some are so young that 5DmkII is all they knew, but don't try to oversell it, it is just a hybris to our trade.

    Surprisingly the C70 is heavier than the C100mkII. This is a dense camera!

  11. 4 hours ago, Ty Harper said:

    @Kisaha sorry to bug but you have spoken fairly highly about the Audix SCX1-HC. I have the opportunity to pick up the micro version of that model, the M1250BHC for a pretty good price used, about $175US. I would be using it primarily for indoor talking head interviews along with a Rode NTG3. I'm assuming the biggest issue will be getting it mounted properly on a stand or with a boom pole that's close enough to the talent for it to actually be effective. But wondering if there are any other issues I'm not considering (like does handling noise increase the smaller the mic is? etc) and basically whether this unit is even a worthwhile investment when weighing the price with what I'll be using it for? Thx...

    Unfortunately I do not know anything about the micro version!

    I guess if you can put it close to the subject it will work. The other version is boom-able, the characteristics must be pretty similar.

    There are straightforward solutions from Rycote and others to put on a boom the classic one, I am not sure what one can do with this. Maybe it is more appropriate as a hide-in microphone.

    The smaller the mic, the more difficult is to put it on a boom because then there are other issues (very small mass needs very delicate solutions), so maybe it will be more expensive to buy accessories for the micro.

    For me, shotguns is a NO NO for indoor dialogue or interviews. 

    Maybe best of both worlds is the Sanken CS-M1, very happy with this, coupled with the Cinema Cosi, but it is overkill for your needs. Just find a good cheap used Audix, they are build like tanks. 

  12. 38 minutes ago, SteveV4D said:

    Thats a solution.. but frankly the discussion is more about not feeling disappointed if IBIS isn't included, rather than a call not to include it.  

    100%. If it is for "free", or everything else equal, I would like to have it, when we are talking about cine cameras that noone has it, then I do not care!

  13. 55 minutes ago, EphraimP said:

    I am 100 percent with you here! It was a matter of miscommunication, because you mentioned a small video camera on this thread about a dinky hybrid. I so agree with what you're looking for, especially because Meike has just a great set of cheep cine lenses, both in X-mount and in EF for those like me who have the Metabones speedbooster and can get "that full frame look" on a crop sensor.

    The only problem, in my case at least, is that if they bring something like this to market in 6-8 months, it will be too late. The fires in the American Pacific Northwest have created a HUGE documentary opportunity. I'm sitting here in the middle of the fires scrambling to put projects together. I've already filmed in the fire zones for more than three days and interviewed residents who were burned out, or partially burned, including a very respected, well known author. I'm negotiating with a producer right now on a multi-year project and I need a C70 cam, if not a C300, asap! If the producer won't directly buy me one but puts enough in the budget to cover my needs, I will likely look to buy a C70 around Black Friday/Cyber Monday if there are good deals. 

    I'm reasonably happy with the image out of my T3 and T4, especially using a Ninja to record ProRes. But having pro specs like VND and included XLR would be so helpful to my filming workflow. And I can't wait to start filming until something better Fuji comes along. 

    exactly, if you can afford it, go the C70 route, no way you will ever regret it, add the 2 adaptors and another battery and you are set. seriously, no need to wait. C300 is a lot bigger camera and needs more building up, I wouldn't recomend it for this kind of work. 

    But seriously, if you "have" the subject, even the X-H1 is enough!! Subject is always the boss, but as a tool, I am expecting the C70 to be the best "cheap" option around.

  14. Certainly on the right direction, I wasn't so fond of the Fuji ergonomics, very pretty but not the best in the field. The more boring design has its virtues, that is why has survived for so many decades!

  15. 20 minutes ago, EphraimP said:

    That sounds like a great camera. I'd buy one. I've been wanting something like it for a while.

    HOWEVER... how is any of this going to make a camera SMALLER than the T3? Since this is a thread about the sure to be dinky X-S10, I naturally thought that's what you were talking about. A C70 equivalent X-series camera would surely be bigger than the X-T series. It'd have to be to get the feature you (and I) want. The C70 is a chunky monkey for hybrid style camera. Which is fine. I think some folks go waaaay overboard on camera size.  

    Ι am not searching for the smaller camera, I have the NX500 and NX3000(Samsung cameras!) that are very small for what I use them for. For pro work the NX1 has the best ergonomics ever in my opinion. The X-T bodies never were convinient for me. I believe we have plenty of good hybrids, the next market war will be in cheap-ish, and "good enough" small video cameras, Fuji HAS to compete in this and they certainly have NOTHING to loose, or a bigger and more expensive cinema series to protect.

    If you put everything the X-T4 has, into a bigger body with all the "pro" features we need for video, it will be enough to cut sales from C70 and FS cameras, but we need reliable and non overheated bodies, unlimited video recording, with ND, XLR and other I/O (I am not sure if SDI is needed here, definitely some sort of TC) and a better grip with a big battery. A reliable video tool, a workhorse without any compromises in ergonomics and codecs (no, raw it is not a neccessity here!).

    There is obviously a market here, dominated by Canon/Sony for very long, I believe Fuji can, and should undercut them in price and improve their ecosystem.

    Obviously they are fighting with Panasonic for the top-bottom of the market (if that makes any sense!), and they both had 4% sales last year, Fuji with just a few bodies and Panasonic with a lot more and all over the place, with a couple of careful body releases and a few more specialized video lenses (even a specialized 16-70mm 4f PZ, one) can easily dominate the dedicated video camera low end market, which is quite big. 

    We still searching for the new C100, the C70 can be it, but still a bit expensive, Canon seems to do all the right things lately, they even offer their own speedboosters (I would never expect that Canon even cares for such things, and suddenly they offer vND adapter, and speedboosters!), there is still a market at the 3 - 5000euros up for grabs, I believe Fuji can delived one even as little as 3.500euros, and then we are talking!

  16. 6 hours ago, EphraimP said:

    How much smaller than an X-T3 do you need?

    Video camera, C70/XC style. ND/XLR, grip, battery life, unlimited recording, no overheating e.t.c

  17. 2 minutes ago, Kisaha said:

    Greece. G3/G4 technology is just too, 00's..Sony are true diversity for an unbelievably cheap price, and true diversity is what the big boys do.

    Very popular here are the Wisycom solutions. A few bigger production companies are using them, definitely a couple of tiers up of what we are discussing here, but cheaper than other companies and they usually have some sort of offer going on.

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