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  1. On 1/15/2021 at 11:11 PM, Maccam said:

    Sorry for slow reply. Thanks everyone for their comments/thoughts. Much Appreciate.

    I went with the Flowtech and absolutely love it. Total next level. ✌️

    Good choice, enjoy!

    There are also some budget lights coming from Aputure and others, while a good head/tripod combo will last you almost half of your career, Flowtech is the innovation of the 21st century (for tripods) so you have the newest and coolest.

    Difficult to work with Ace and Benro and Manfrottos anymore.

    Have a good and productive year.

  2. Ι just can't justify leaving my NX kit to die. I have 2 NX1 and 1 NX500 and 1 NX3000 with multiple NX lenses, adapters, flash units (Metz/Samsung), extra batteries, chargers, almost everything.

    It is not the best overal anymore, but still is No1 for me in:

    A) ergonomics B) menu system and touch interface C) battery life (I still use the original batteries!)

    D) there are at least 3-4-5 ways to do things, even an Fn button on lenses, touch screen, top dials, small screen at top, excellent screen and viewfinder, amazing wheels, just everything

    E) never heats up! in the worst conditions, tested by me, in boats in the summer, in mid0-day weddings in tiny sun scorched islands, in 150min shows 

    F) the 16-50 2-2.8f zoom is still a unique selling point, I never bothered with the Sigma 18-35mm because of this lens (for almost the whole range of the Sigma is just 0.2-0.4f difference, AND stabilized, and probably better focusing)

    I even shoot multicam setups.

    For every 8bit project, or photo session, I am just covered. and they are so beautiful to hold, if anyone has hold one, just knows what I mean..

    I will move eventually, but until now nothing has moved me to the point of invest 10-15.000euros to make a similar setup. RF probably will be, I have EF glass too, but I am waiting to see how it will unfold. 

    Even the tiny NX500 is the camera I have used the most in my life, my everyday cam, B or C cam in different professional setups, the one I use now that I work as an assistant director, always in my main NX1 bag as a backup (or B cam), just so small and beatufil and (Sony do you hear?!) 2 wheels! 

  3. The last few days I had some conversations with people in the trade (for various reasons) and everyone is talking about the C70, most of them wait to see how the 2021 will develop though, it is not high time for "investements", but there is a lot of real hype about this camera.

    I remember similar hype with the C100 cameras, A7sII and the GH5. Just sayin'.

  4. On 12/2/2020 at 11:17 PM, EphraimP said:

    Sound like you need to wait for the C50. 

    As far as the C70 being the way forward, without a EVF, what about the dslr/mirrorless style body makes it better for you than a more traditional cine-style body? Holding the camera out in front of you with two hands, even with your elbows locked, is in my experience, a less stable shooting method than cradling the camera against your body to establish a third point of contact or shoulder mounting, both of which even a cine-style camera is more suited to.

    IF you need a traditional video camera then you may be looking at something else, for my perspective, C200 needed a lot more weird-tall building that was never very practical for me.

    Then you have the tripod shots, most of the shots I am using anyway, but if I have to save time from NOT adding the couple of things I needed on the C200, I am going to take it 100 times out of the 100!

    Also, I have a bigish monopod, that will fit the C70 quite nicely I believe.

    A lot less camera bag and weight to carry around.

    The "hybrid" body seems like a breakthrough, what I was expecting the Pocket4K/6K to be.

    Let's face it, the new generation are used to the mirrorless desing, something in between is the golden ratio for me.

    I can just use my original Ronin that I have for my mirrorless/dSLR (never used it, just bought it a year or so ago!) and do not need more expensive and bigger stabilizing systems.

    I was very pleased with the results I was getting holding the camera with my 2 arms when/if used a good I.S lens, I do not like IBIS much. Maybe it is just me.

    So for all these reasons, I would be very happy with this new Canon C camera.

    I am not sure what the C50 will be, maybe too cripled for my tasting, maybe 8 bit? the older sensor wasn't that amazing either.


  5. Never liked the original one - well documented in this forum and others!

    C70 seems like the way forward, I just hope every new release will lower the C70 price tag, until I can reach it. Lately I do more specific TV jobs (assistant director and whatnot), I do not need more cameras, but for a thousand less, I would definitely get the C70 just to look at it late at night when I come back from the episodic TV madness!

  6. 5 hours ago, Robert Collins said:

    I have to admit that I am a constant sucker for these control systems. I seem to have bought just about everything out there.

    In terms of recommendations the Elgato Stream Deck is simple but excellent and another oldie but goody is the .

    Really the two biggest disappointments were the products I had most hope for. First, palettegear - constant connection issues and really not that user friendly (although I will probably be stupid enough to give their monogrammcc offering a go (if they can get their website to work.) Biggest disappointment for me (and collecting dust at the back of some cupboard) was 'loupedeck' that on the face it seems 'perfect' but in reality was a huge disappointment...

    This guys review of the Loupedeck is so spot on....

    And just like him - I so wanted this control deck to good - it was just so disappointing....,


    so, you reccomend Εlgato Stream Deck (the XL?) and ShuttleXpress? 

    I wanted the Shuttle before, but after using the wheel of my Kensington as a jog wheel, I left it behind in my priorities, do you think the Elgato's will be a better option for me?

    Do they work ok with Premiere and Resolve (I believe you work FinalCut, more?). 

    Is it convinient to buy both brands, or an exaggeration? 

    Thank you if you have the time to reply.





  7. Kensington trackballs are amazing, the wheel can be used as a jog wheel. I am so psyched about them that I have 2 big ones and a smaller one to take with me when/if edit with my laptop.

    That and a good mechanical keyboard are enough for me.

    Get well soon!

  8. I can't believe that they offer us what we wanted. I am sure after a couple of jobs you will be reaching for the Canon a lot more than the Sony.

    Go get some cheap nano lenses (18-135mm), I am sure they will be amazing for AF and ultra silent, and good all around (never liked the Sigma, sorry, too short, not too wide).

  9. I tried to use Resolve full time last year and I couldn't for various reasons.

    Now I work almost 98% at the pre and production phases, so I do not pay Premier but I will need to edit at early 2021, so I hope this new Resolve will be the one..

    I got a full copy with my P4K.

  10. 1 hour ago, zerocool22 said:

    Oh and if possible make editing h265 smooth like butter. Then I might get a r5.

    Ι am editing H265 since 2015 and with no exotic solutions, no way you still can't handle H265..

  11. Los Angeles10am PST9 November 2020

    New York1pm EST9 November 2020

    London6pm GMT9 November 2020

    Singapore2am SGT10 November 2020

    Tokyo3am JST10 November 2020

    Sydney5am AEDT10 November 2020

  12. Yes, use EF glass for now, and buy 1-2 "cheap" primes RF to play natively.

    Even the 18-135 nano is great for a workhorse all around C70 lens (I got one just to use with c100/C200 cameras I was renting), do not bother with the 24-105, I always had it with me, I rarely use it, it is not very convinient on a S35 video sensor.

    Even a 16-50(55)mm will be very convinient with the few extra mm on the wide end, this is where the 18-135mm dissapoints and kept my NX system with the amazing 16-50mm 2-2.8f relevant until this day (of course that lens was almost double the price), but there are cheap (or very expensive!) Solutions to go ultra wide on a S35 C camera, even the dead cheap 11-22 EF-S or just an ultra wide prime.

    The other EF lens I LOVE is the the 70-200 4f, small and light, definitely as good as the big and heavy White, but the 70-300 (nano? i think) is a best buy also and you have covered everything tele.

    So, 1 expensive EF (can buy used) and a couple of EF-S and you are set. Then can have something in between with a cheap-ish prime RF for playing natively from time to time (35mm IS macro? The new cheap 50mm? You choose!).

    After so many years, it is the first time I wholeheartedly suggest Canon! That is incredible!

  13. 1 hour ago, SteveV4D said:

    A good reason to hold on.  I'm hoping for a GH6, but so far we have this and the fullframe S5.  Hard to see now where Panasonic is developing the future of the GH line now.  

    I expressed my feelings about the C70 on the other post, BUT my main jobs in the industry are different (sound, assistant director), so I have 4 mirrorless and the P4K for the moment for my personal video company, I am not willing to spend too much on a better camera, so I will be waiting a little bit more for other (e.g cheaper!) options in the market. 

    I am willing to go up to 3500euros, so no C70 for me. For my position, a videocentric m43 camera will be enough, maybe, and the R6 is too expensive for my hybrid needs (a couple of photography sessions, or 3, per year), and the R6 somehow limited, to go full in RF.

    No need for full frame for me.

    I am playing the waiting game for now! I am expecting a "huge" Fuji and Panasonic release in the 2021.

    Ofcourse, if image was my main trade, I would have already pre-ordered the C70, and probably sell everything to go Canon. The C70 is such a significant release for me.

  14. 33 minutes ago, SteveV4D said:

    I'm warming to this camera.  I wish it had internal ND and even just a small screen.  Yet I can see it working in my selection of cameras and would mean my MFT lenses would still have some relevance in the future.  If price drops a bit next year, that would be a bonus. 😄

    I am sure the next GH will be even better. Cold Cold!!

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