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  1. 59 minutes ago, BTM_Pix said:

    Size and weight wise, its a bit less than the Olympus.


    Its not without its faults (it isn't particularly sharp at the very long end but the speed booster does alleviate that somewhat) but as a run and gun all rounder it is a decent alternative.

    How strange a humble Tamron to perform like this! 

    The 12-60 is a bit better than the Olympus in the wide end, but the big issue in general is the 12-17mm. The 18mm Canon's I tried were a lot better.

    Thank you very much for the recommendation.

  2. 13 minutes ago, Anaconda_ said:

    Copy - paste the effect to all you clips at any given focal length. I agree, it's less than ideal, but doesn't stop it being a run-and-gun lens. You can shoot fast with it, and then fix it up later... isn't post work what this camera's all about anyway? 

    If you need a corrected lens and have no time for editing/grading, perhaps there's a different camera out there that's more suitable to your needs.

    Maybe a firmware update with lens profiles for the most popular lenses will add that angle to the camera and make more people happy than less people.

    I am 100% sure that I am not alone on that.


  3. 3 hours ago, Anaconda_ said:

    Well, if you're shooting stuff that can't be reshot and you need flexibility on location, but you have more time in post. 

    Or what about then you need very wide and tele shots within 10 seconds of each other? What other option is there for MFT users?

    Sure it's not ideal, but I'm fairly sure 12-100 is the only option, and the downside is 45 seconds of extra time in post.

    45 seconds for how many shots? And what about 12-13-14-15-16-...100mm?

  4. 5 hours ago, plucas said:

    There's some reviews in on YouTube:


    Very good negative points in the end. What if you do not need the ND? Where do you put it? What do you do about the huge hole very near your sensor?

    Legitimate questions and worries.

    I am trying to decide between the new Hoya HD nano/B&W or the Polarpro at the moment, but if I owned the Canon, having it internally is a game changer,

    BUT, what do you do when you use a native lens? and I always have some native lenses, whatever the mount. That is another thing to consider, spending top money for the newer and most advanced Canon lenses, and still you need a vND in front of your lens.

  5. 2 hours ago, shooter said:

    Great one...


    Youngsters think they can live outside.

    The guy talking is older than me!

    Most youngsters just order online and consume, that's it. Some of them just consume recycled stuff and renewables.

    If the world has to go on and do the right thing, it's us, the 30-50 demographics that design/build/research/work/lead/do right now, or else won't be a planet for anyone else.

  6. There is definitely an issue here with the native m43 lenses. We pay top money for the best zooms, and the performance is not adequate not even for prosumer use.

    on another note, I tested the 70-200mm 4f just now with the Viltrox M1 (I have the 2 also) and the camera doesn't communicate with the lens (so no AF or aperture change), but the image seems good enough!

    I have a couple EF-S also I could test, that are wider, but I will update the Viltroxes first.


    EF-M1/EF-M2II Version 3.3
    Updated Date: 2019-03-21

    Update as follows:
    1. Fixed the BUG which cannot control the aperture in BMPCC 4K. 

    EDIT 2:

    Tried a lot of things, 3 adapters (the 2 Viltroxes and the Lens Regain) no EF(-S) AF on any of them. Iris works fine.

    Camera has 6.2.1 installed.

  7. 1 minute ago, TurboRat said:

    Why is the 12-100 disappointing? I've also been thinking of getting one for run & gun and lessen the time to switch lenses for travels

    it doesn't have the correcting profiles that most cameras do have for their respective lenses now days. There is not a straight line until you go tele!

    I own the lens for GH5 use (which I do not own, but use a lot of times per year) and I was disappointed that I can not really use it with the P4K which is the only m43 camera I own. It was a very expensive lens with excellent run and gun characteristics when used natively, but if you have to correct it in post after shooting, then there is no point..

    I am wondering if Olympus and Panasonic are sharing profiles between them, and if it is possible for BlackMagic to do that as well. Is this the case with most m43 lenses, or is it just this?

    The Samyangs seem alright, I will try the 70-200mm the next couple of days to see what's the deal with it. I guess that being a tele, it won't have any real issues, and it must be optically superior to the Olympus, but the Olympus is a VERY EXPENSIVE lens, it is not a 500$ lens, I paid 1349euros for it and I was expecting a better performance even without corrections.

    How about the 12-60mm Panasonic, or the 12-35mm, or the 12-40 Olympus? Does anyone have any hard facts? I guess the only issue is with zoom lenses, but that's a huge problem which I wish knew about it a few months ago.

  8. 1 minute ago, BTM_Pix said:


    The Lens Regain does smart things but remains a dumb adapter at the camera end as all of its electronics are external.

    If you look at the rear of it, you will see a void where the lens contacts wold be on an MFT lens so there is no connection at all with the camera electronics.


    There are 2 cables included in the Aputure case, one for GH cameras, and another one for older BM cameras, is there a way to connect the P4K with such a cable? (micro USB to usb C maybe?).

    It doesn't seem to change focus without it, or am I wrong? I can only change the aperture.

  9. Maybe a Masters is too much, more appropriate for a career in education, but film making is a very complex field, including both technical and artistic concepts. The old mantra was "education, education, education", the new one is "just look at it from youtube". Both are wrong in my opinion. 

    I am in between, starting working in the field when I was 19 years old, and the same time did sound engineering, multimedia computing and programming, BofA in Film and Video (directing) and other unrelated studies. Still have the need to study some more, maybe I will do a course in European Culture and Civilization (4 years BA degree) next year, still thinking about it because it is rather expensive, but education is a huge part of evolution, a proper academic education can make you a better person, not strictly a better professional, but being a more complete person and citizen will help you with your work in unimaginable ways.

    Just a few good professionals do youtube videos, most of the youtube crowds, especially the popular ones, are just "some kids".


  10. So, yes, I got it in the end. Have no time for tests right now, but I used a CFast card, the Hawk-Woods NFP adapter and the Lens Regain and everything seemed ok.

    First of all, can the Lens Regain be connected electronically to the Pocket 4K camera?

    The 12-100mm is a disappointment. Wanted it to be my run and gun lens but it is unusable. Very disappointing, wish BM could offer some kind of profile for popular m43 lenses.  I am not sure about other lenses, but with a performance like that this is definitely NOT an m43 camera. 

    I will try Canon EF and Viltrox adapters in the next few days.




  11. 34 minutes ago, BTM_Pix said:

    The advantage of modern fridges for run and gun film making are that many of them do actually have e-ND built in to them.


    Don't remind me of those kind of solutions!

    B+W or PolarPro for vND? Or something else? What do you guys think?

  12. 34 minutes ago, mercer said:

    But if you were planning on shooting with the Olympus 12-100mm anyway, then what’s the difference? You were happy to have a 1.89x crop. 

    With the P6K, you can still shoot 4K, you have more native lens options, with no adapters, and a smaller crop.

    Just an alternate point of view.

    I have 5 Samyang primes, and a few more EF lenses (the newer 70-200mm 4f among them), and the 12-100mm for run and gun. The lens is very small and light for the range with great stabilization. I already own Lens Regain and Viltrox adapters.

    I would never shoot on 6K and I wouldn't buy the Italian speedbooster, so what is the point to spend double the money - 1420euros the P4K and 2799euros the P6K, for things I wouldn't use or need?

    If the camera ain't here in a couple of weeks I will just invest on something else, it is a pity to spend the money on a rented camera, while I can buy a new one, even if it ain't the one I really needed, it is an opportunity I can not miss. I may even consider the newer EF-M if it is really worth it! How worst it is against the C200 8bit codec?

    My point here is that is really disappointing that BM may loose a customer, and I am sure I am not the only one.

  13. 4 minutes ago, nathlas said:

    Completely all over the place.

    In case you go for XT3 you need completely new lenses, same for Z7.

    I propose BMPCC6K because you asked alternative for EF lenses ( I assumed you allready have?)

    Anyway affordable camera with use of EF lenses and RAW is only BMPCC6K this period.

    I unerstand what you mean, I just not going to shoot on 6K anytime soon, and the Pocket 4K can be used with 0.64/0.71/0.75/2X adapters, a lot more versatile.


  14. 4 hours ago, nathlas said:

    The local BM distributor doesn't have BMPCC6k ? 

    Do not care for P6K, didn't ask.

    I am considering the X-T3 now, or the Z7. All over the place, I know..

    Just hope it is going to be here before then. It is going to be 2 full months.

    Very disappointing that people want to buy the P4K and can't.

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