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    bamigoreng reacted to Bioskop.Inc in Canon 1D X Mark II review part 1 - why superior colour means it's game over for my Sony A7S II   
    Exactly this & only this.
    Doesn't matter if you're a professional or an amateur, buy a Canon or a Sony, want a hybid or a dedicated camera. The reason you're interested in all this lovely, and sometimes not so lovely, tech is that you want to create/produce something - regardless of whether you make money out of it or not.
    However, there does seem to be a rise in people who don't want to sit down for 5mins and learn how to use what they've bought. Yes, you're not going to be an amazing photographer/filmmaker over night, it takes time & a lot of practice. So, don't ever blame the tools, because that isn't the problem. If you've used enough cameras, you can spend a few days with something new, do your tests (these are YOUR tests, not someone elses & should fit YOUR chosen style), then know where you stand (limitations etc.) & away you go.
    So, now I've re-thought Andrew's post & examples: firstly, he has the guts to put stuff on line for the whole world to see, and that takes courage; secondly, the Canon vs. Sony picture comparison might need re-thinking or re-interpreting. Now i'm not defending anyone, but having thought about it for a while, this is the conclusion I've come to. The Sony pic is just an average sterile thing, no complaints, looks fine, but is boring as hell - it has ZERO character! The Canon pic made me laugh at first and then the more I looked at it the more I realised that it wasn't this bland sterile, boring thing - it has character, it isn't perfect & that's why it stands out compared to the Sony pic. We all looked at the Sony pic & thought perfect, but who really wants to sit there and produce the same thing that everyone else is producing? How are you ever going to be your own person, with your own tastes and vision if you just tag along with the rest of the sheep?
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    bamigoreng reacted to DPC in Canon 1D X Mark II review part 1 - why superior colour means it's game over for my Sony A7S II   
    Richard Bugg, I asked because I'm interested to know who's opinions I'm reading. It's getting a bit weird having so many of them and so little work to show. Apparently Andrew owns the camera and says "What a shame the 1D X Mark II is a pros-only affair." That made me ask. It can't be very hard to answer. It is relevant in that professionals have a skill set that clients are willing to pay for and the most to lose if their judgement turns out to be wrong. 
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    bamigoreng reacted to Flaaandeeers in Nikon Customers   
    I've said something similar in another post: I've switched to Nikon after being a Lumix (GH2/4) user for 5 years (and having tested as well Canon, Olympus and Blackmagic cameras along the road). I've had the D750 for less than a year and I couldn't be happier with the image I can get with it, specially thanks to the delightful colors, wide dynamic range, reduced RS and unique DOF.
    Of course I miss some resolution, focus peaking (easily fixable with an external monitor), anamorphic modes, HFR and some other cool features but in the end, for the types of projects that I do (mostly low budget short films & web series), nice and clean 1080p, beautiful colors without to much hassle and that subject separation that FF easily provides is what ends up being most appreciated.
    With so many camera announcements it's easy to be tempted to switch systems every 6 months, but even when I consider the Fuji XT2, Oly EM1 II and Sony A6500 very desirable pieces of tech, I think that I'll stick to my D750 at least until Nikon releases its successor and/or 4k delivery becomes standard.
    And amen to that. I've been suffering from this disease for years and it's been my most unproductive season ever. Too much time spent on looking how gorgeous my footage could be if I had this new cool camera instead of learning how to get the most out of the one I currently have. 
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    bamigoreng got a reaction from Chris Oh in I'm thinking of getting the Fuji X-T2 for stills and a bit of video - advice?   
    EOS M5: 
    1920 x 1080 @ 60p / 35 Mbps, MP4, H.264, AAC
    1920 x 1080 @ 30p / 24 Mbps, MP4, H.264, AAC
    1920 x 1080 @ 24p / 24 Mbps, MP4, H.264, AAC
    1280 x 720 @ 60p / 16 Mbps, MP4, H.264, AAC
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    bamigoreng reacted to Inazuma in I'm thinking of getting the Fuji X-T2 for stills and a bit of video - advice?   
    I have had the 23mm f1.4 for about two months now (using it on the X-T10). Really beautiful images from it. I've yet to actually process any raws on my computer - the jpegs are that good. I did have the XT2 briefly before that but decided to return it until it became cheaper. I was hoping for better AF performance/usability in video. 
    Before the 23mm I used the 35mm f1.4. The image from this lens is also really nice and it produces a wonderful rainbow flare. But the AF on it is very poor by today's standards. 
    The 18-55mm f2.8-4 is also a nice lens. Good images, AF, stabilisation. 
    Having said all that im currently eyeing up an EOS M5. You might want to consider it as well since you have lots of EF lenses. No 4k and even the 1080p is mediocre but seems like the usability will be much better that the XT2 due to the body shape and touch screen. Also it has digital stabilisation like the NX1 did. Not ideal but better than nothing (maybe).  
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    bamigoreng reacted to mercer in Nikon Flat Profile Question...   
    Just messing around with some clips...

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    bamigoreng reacted to Cinegain in Nikon Flat Profile Question...   
    Hear ye, hear ye! I love the sensoric results of the D5300... but man, I come from an interchangeable lens background that started with the GH2. I just don't get OVFs and I like to work in liveview. That makes the D5300 just a horrid experience to be quite honest. That slapping around of the mirror. Geez. I mean, especially when shooting stills in liveview; I like the spirit, applauding yourself and all, but just 'no'... atleast the higher-end bodies have some tripod mode or something, that only uses contrast based AF detection and keep the mirror from slapping around.
    And indeed, with EVFs and liveview you get that what-you-see-is-what-you-get experience and all the aids that we're used to from all these mirrorless cameras making shooting a breeze. Why can't they include that? Why do DSLRs remain to be so traditional? Ideally, I'd be shooting a mirrorless D5500, because that 24MP APS-C sensor and those colors right off the bat... ooh la la. That's where it's at. I don't need fullframe. Big bodies, big lenses. No chance of keeping things small and light. But APS-C... a great combination of compact and performance (& price). And closest to S35. Yet, when needed with mirrorless systems, you could boost it towards fullframe if so desired. With a mirrorless APS-C Nikon, finally people would give fighting over the Samsung NX1 a rest already.
    I've been wanting to go mirrorless APS-C from the M4/3 system now... but Sony's not going to be it. Fujifilm is kinda close, but things like no vari-angle display and no sensor stabilization, still put some of the M4/3 cameras in front for me personally. Samsung NX1 and EOS M5 are not going to work for me. It would just be great if Nikon made some efforts there. Tell you what, they could give Sony and Panasonic a real challenge, 'cause I'd be all over it like *finger snap* that. But you know... it is what it is. Purely based on quality of the results... it's pretty spectacular; I guess that's why we just put up with quirks like that...
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    bamigoreng got a reaction from Dimitris Stasinos in Sony a6500 limited record time   
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    bamigoreng reacted to Cinegain in Sony Will Announce the A6500   
    Yeah, I was so stoked for the A6300 when it was announced. Went and got the conversion kit to E-mount for the Veydras. And then... Sony happened. They always deliver on paper... and then in practice... grmpf. Between the overheating, rolling shutter, color channel clipping and out of camera colors and lack of fully articulated touchscreen and headphone jack... maybe meh-ish batterylife... Why don't they indeed take the A7-body style and just throw in an APS-C sensor?
    The thing that's really going to make the difference is the lenses you're going to throw in front anyways, so why not up the body in terms of ergonomics, features and have solid heat disappation, room for a bigger battery, proper audio interface, maybe even dual card slot, vari-angle touchscreen... yeah, basically more like an APS-C Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II what I'm concerned! Actually, exactly that! If it wasn't for the up in sensor performance (mostly noise profile), better selection of wide angle lenses/easier to get shallow depth of field (and being close to S35 right of the bat) and the possibility to boost towards fullframe... I would've happily kept true to the M4/3 format. But I would like to dial in 3200 ISO without worrying too much, use lenses and have less of a crop factor and the ability to boost towards fullframe (that is why I don't need fullframe cameras, which are chunky and expensive cameras (some with 4K crop!) and the beauty of APS-C is that you can also use some more compact APS-C lenses, although Sony hasn't done enough with that themselves I think).
    Neways. Probably not a good idea to get your hopes up for this one... but maybe, just maybe, they've learned something over the course of this year? I'll stay tuned!
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    bamigoreng reacted to Lintelfilm in Canon XC10 4K camcorder   
    No doubt. The C100 image is beautiful. But the extra sharpness, cleanness and higher bit rate of the 80D - combined with shallow DOF, a log-like profile and some nice glass - is going to look a great deal closer to a pro image than a Rebel ever could. Personally I still like the 5DIII's native H264 image quite a bit (esp for shooting people). The 80D is arguably better in some regards. I'd be interested to know what kind of DR can be coaxed from video on an 80D with the EOSHD c-log profile, as the sensor is rated at over 13 stops for RAW stills (much better than the 5D3).
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    bamigoreng got a reaction from Герман Полозов in Shortfilm thriller 5DMKIII (ML RAW)   
    Really well done.
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    bamigoreng reacted to IronFilm in Life vs Film   
    His dentistry friends who he tagged:
    Amused somewhat by his latest FB update:
    Oh FFS, he recently got a PS4:
    Yet cries he is too broke and poor to repay those who he robbed??? 
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    bamigoreng got a reaction from Ed_David in Life vs Film   
    Canon Rumors forum is his playground. August 26, http://www.canonrumors.com/forum/index.php?topic=30595.msg618057#msg618057 
    @Ebrahim Saadawi, somebody might inform dean and stuff at Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine of Delta University http://deltauniv.edu.eg/new/dentistry/?page_id=1593 and Hospital Manager http://deltauniv.edu.eg/new/dentistry/?page_id=1163 
    Be rational. I'm sure you don't want to get kicked out of school. 
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    bamigoreng reacted to Hans Punk in Sony A7SII colors suck!!!   
    Here's one way to get the camera close to a realistic skin tone.

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    bamigoreng got a reaction from mercer in An adventure into the Panasonic GX85/80 begins - and a look at the Leica Nocticron for Micro Four Thirds   
    Olympus LS-5: https://www.audiotranskription.de/Olympus-LS-5
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    bamigoreng got a reaction from jase in An adventure into the Panasonic GX85/80 begins - and a look at the Leica Nocticron for Micro Four Thirds   
    Olympus LS-5: https://www.audiotranskription.de/Olympus-LS-5
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    bamigoreng reacted to sanveer in Cannot post. Ebrahim Saadawi.   
    You're making it amusing. I believe that is unfair to the victims as well as encouraging an international con artist.
    Also this is definitely not a One Off. He is a pathological liar and fraud. 
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    bamigoreng reacted to tweak in 5DIV full spec and full image leak   
    I also have GH4 and compared to 7D raw I notice a big difference in motion as well. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but all I can say is it looks kind of fake and electronic (if that makes any sense), like using a super high frame and shutter rate and then playing at 100% speed.
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    bamigoreng reacted to mercer in 5DIV full spec and full image leak   
    I think the best hope for Canon stills cameras to have the video features that everyone wants will be with their mirrorless line. Think about it, their consumer eos-m3 has focus peaking, but their flag ship full frame model does not... that has to tell you something. Canon's DSLR market is primarily for stills. With the rumored, but practically confirmed, release of a Canon FF mirrorless coming out in late Fall, I believe a lot of these desired features will be included in that camera.
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    bamigoreng reacted to hmcindie in 5DIV full spec and full image leak   
    I remember going through the negatives several times of all the sony cams I've ever owned (a7s, rx10 ii, nex7 and now the a6300) and for someone to claim they are great cams that destroy the competition... that's just a load of rubbish.
    Works well when used in the right way? Ehmm, what kind of using is that? Shooting b-roll of ones own garden? A one-minute music video? The a6300 is basically as good as the a6000 which was as good as the nex-5/7 for video. Absolutely no progress except worse rolling shutter and 4k for tripod shots (yay?). I had a gig for a client, three hours of shooting in a studio, they had a lowish budget but in the end I decided to use the 5d mark III instead of the "stunning quality" a6300 and I have no regrets. The a6300 would've most likely jammed up with overheating. Also as I did not do any color correction, the 5dIII shots already looked good without all the damn tinkering.
    Maybe the new firmware has upgraded the 4k to usable temperature wise but the rolling shutter on that thing is such that ... no thanks. Also the usability of the allmighty Sonys is piss poor.
    The only Sony I'd recommend is the FS7 and up (maybe the FS5 too, depending). A7sII is usable and the A7s used is a good bargain. But man those Sony consumer cams will break on you, sooner or later. Sony cams are as "crippled" as Nikon or Canon. Those people who claim the Sony codecs are "better than mjpeg from Canon 4k" are people who have never used Canon 4k mjpeg files. They are gorgeous. Sony 100mbit codecs are completely full of macroblocks and destroyed detail when the camera moves even a little.
    Canon tends to lag Nikon for dynamic range and iso 100 shadows, but, for example, the a6300 is not a better camera than the 5d3, no matter how much you look at the sensor results.
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    bamigoreng got a reaction from feanorfinwe in Sony A6300 review (rolling) - Striking image but nagging issues   
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    bamigoreng reacted to Nikkor in 5DIV full spec and full image leak   
    There are also external recorders. Internal codecs have this tendency to give crappy motion cadence (nikon's codec for example).I believe MJPEG doesn't have this problem.
    Anyway, if canon made this camera in less bulky mirrorless body I wouldn't hesitate.
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    bamigoreng reacted to Ed_David in My wife was almost scammed seling a camera for $1500 on ebay   
    Ha I didn't wire him anything
    I was just seeing how much ES thought he was smarter than everyone and the extent of lack of morality.  For a second I did think he was a confused lost soul who wanted friendship from me, but even then I doubted it.
    He's just another young kid who's read too much Dostoyevsky and thinks he's smarter than everyone else. 
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    bamigoreng got a reaction from IronFilm in My wife was almost scammed seling a camera for $1500 on ebay   
    Ebrahim is active on http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?348423-BE-CAREFUL-Sadly-Ebrahim-Saadawi-or-another-people-using-his-account-is-a-scammer/page3
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    bamigoreng reacted to KrisAK in Has anyone seen this... It could quite possibly be the best indie film ever made...   
    Thanks for the thread. I'd been meaning to dig up and watch the following film, the tone of which is fascinating. (It made the rounds as an Internet meme a few years back, which I somehow missed.)
    Anyway, if you ever forget the title, just Google "cardboard MRI..."
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