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    Francesco Spiezia got a reaction from TwoScoops in Sell my 1DC for GH5?   
    Wow did you receive a Oscar nod as well ... congrats buddy. 
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    Francesco Spiezia got a reaction from Canonnuser in "Canon killed 1D C after just 9 months"   
    I am still an avid 1DC user mainly because it hits my checklist of needs and I love the image science. The sad truth is Canon will continue to dance around in the market between DSLR and 'Video Cameras' never truly creating a reliable roadmap for the user. Canon is the kid in school with all the potential but never applies himself fully.
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    Francesco Spiezia got a reaction from thecouchguy in "Canon killed 1D C after just 9 months"   
    I am still an avid 1DC user mainly because it hits my checklist of needs and I love the image science. The sad truth is Canon will continue to dance around in the market between DSLR and 'Video Cameras' never truly creating a reliable roadmap for the user. Canon is the kid in school with all the potential but never applies himself fully.
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    Francesco Spiezia got a reaction from webrunner5 in "Canon killed 1D C after just 9 months"   
    I am still an avid 1DC user mainly because it hits my checklist of needs and I love the image science. The sad truth is Canon will continue to dance around in the market between DSLR and 'Video Cameras' never truly creating a reliable roadmap for the user. Canon is the kid in school with all the potential but never applies himself fully.
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    Francesco Spiezia reacted to Evolvnyc in I bought a Canon 1D C....   
    Hey Guys, A few things on several posts - I use the 1dc and smallhd 501with sidefinder as well (just added it to the mix and have been through 5x evf mounts to find the perfect one - it's not easy.
    In terms of focusing while shooting, like any focus assist, the smallhd is hard to rely on too much when you're wide open, it's among the best I've tried, but it still shows some areas in focus that aren't. While you can't punch in while you're shooting on the 1dc, you CAN autofocus while you're shooting. You can use the af button on the back, and yes, it will temporarily wreck your shot for the few seconds it focuses and hunts, but it is MUCH faster than stopping rolling, punching in and then slating again. Even if you don't slate it's way faster. Here's a guide to doing this: http://bit.ly/2l392zk (it's the same as 5dm2 - many other eos cameras allow this as well, ie: 5dm3, 1dx.)
    Also there's are a few tools which make it easier - I'm testing out the usefulness of this Bogen Sympla mvr911eccn wired remote that allows zoom and focus adjustments while shooting via the usb port - it's not perfect, it can be choppy, but it's tweak-able and is far less noticeable if you're wide and handheld. There are other more expensive tools which will also do this, maybe they're better? 
    All this said, I'd love for all of you to please also stop by contribute and help me out with my 1dc blog that's for all the intricacies of this camera (like the above) and how to maximize it's use because - that image quality, doe! And pease share your hits misses, gear loves and hates for accessories, share your work shot on the 1dc/1dx and help out everyone else when you can! i'm not monetizing it at all, this is a purely altruistic venture based on my constant frustration at there being very little info out there for the things I want to know: https://canon1dcuser.wordpress.com/
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    Francesco Spiezia got a reaction from DaveAltizer in Battle of the Canons! 1dc vs. C100 vs. C300mkii   
    Thank you for taking the time to film this this...
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    Francesco Spiezia reacted to DaveAltizer in Sell my 1DC for GH5?   
    I did a shoot yesterday with my 1DC and Contax Zeiss glass and loved the results. It was a nice reminder how great it is. Low light, color science, and full frame all great on it. Such a clean but beautiful image. Still gonna hold onto the 1DC until I do proper GH5 tests. 

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    Francesco Spiezia reacted to Evolvnyc in Sell my 1DC for GH5?   
    I'm  considering adding the GH5 as my second cam for slow mo, drone shots, etc - but they are very different tools. They both offer stunning images (and if you know how to light, compose, direct) you can make amazing work on either one. remember some of the most iconic images and films ever made were on equipment that is now worth nothing. I would say figure out which one best suits exactly the kind of work you do and hope to do and go with it. If you have an amazing reel, no one cares what you shot it on. And when your client insists on Red for some stupid reason - fine, just rent it. You need to have the best tool to allow you to realize your personal vision when you're not on someone else's dollar. And I disagree - the 1dxm2 is no competitor to the gh5, I have done several tests and the 4k footage from the 1dxm2 is junk compared to the 1dc - I will be buried with my 1dc. Never giving up the magic that camera spits out...
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    Francesco Spiezia got a reaction from DaveAltizer in Sell my 1DC for GH5?   
    GH5 on paper looks great, but until you film with it who knows. The 1DC is special and has a look that makes any owner ignore the lack of features. I was questioning the move to Panasonic as well, but I need low light and personally not sold on the 4/3s ... I was a huge DVX100 fan and loved Panasonic color science back in the early days. Until the GH5 is given the Phillip Bloom field test I would be happy hanging onto my 1DC or rent the GH5 and take it for a spin.
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    Francesco Spiezia reacted to DBounce in Sell my 1DC for GH5?   
    Not sure I would part with a 1DC for a GH5. The image from the 1DC looks great.  But I would certainly consider it as a B-cam.
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    Francesco Spiezia got a reaction from Dunjoye in MJPEG (5DMK4 VS 1DC)   
    I was waiting patiently for the 5D IV to be met with major disappointment ... Just grabbed two 1DCs for work and I am very happy. I worked with the 1DXii but honestly we dont record in 60 and have no need for auto focus. I prefer to have the Clog and also really love being able to change the crop in 1080 when needed. I also like the 'look' of the 1DC as it just says film to me over some of the other options total personal preference. Its a large codec but when you go in and pull a 4K frame you will see why. I have worked with the Sony A7 line and in low light the images pulled look blah... Andrew has offered us an excellent Clog alternative which we are using on the 1DCs so we can match our 5Ds when needed. I think the 1DXii is awesome but for me I really love the 1DC.
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    Francesco Spiezia reacted to Andrew Reid in A7s 2 vs. 1DC - Must choose one TOMORROW Please Help   
    Yes the image can match in terms of colour in post... A7S II just takes more expertise.
    The A7S II gives you almost everything on a plate but yet doesn't fully feel satisfying sometimes. I cannot quite put my finger on it.
    Maybe it is the way certain scenes like S-LOG exposed a certain way for best results and you really don't get a lot of help from the camera in knowing when to expose which way.
    It has to be spot on.
    Then the footage off the card looks thin, green-tinted grey and you have to work hard in post or find the right LUT... and even then sometimes after many hours I am still tinkering over the mouse and keyboard not quite fully satisfied.
    The standard pic profiles are C.R.A.P.
    S-LOG 3 can't do skies and walls.
    Canon LOG is far superior and the MJPEG codec at 500Mbit/s is 5x the bitrate of the A7S II's 4K codec so it feels thicker with a finer more film like noise grain, it is also 4:2:2. Colour really is outstanding on it, it seems the debayer on the Canon body has some secret recipe to reign in green, boost reds and blues. Green photosites on a bayer sensor outnumber the red and blue ones. I don't feel Sony have a handle on this yet like Canon or Fuji do, and a Foveon sensor beats a bayer sensor for colour and tonality hands-down. You really notice when you see the difference.
    The 1D C is certainly the better built body and feels more pro, the A7S II has a charmless feel and cheap feel to the dials and buttons.
    Overall I think the image on the 1D C is more cinematic and the grain is finer, with 12,800 being perfectly usable. The A7S II is a smoother more digital look.
    Sony's menus are complex and the camera has a busy feel sometimes on a shoot. On the 1D C there are hardly any options on the camera to think about.
    Shame the files are enormous on the 1D C and it has no EVF or articulated screen. Also you can't punch in for focus during a shot.
    Battery grip helps the A7S II, bulking up the handling whilst doubling the battery life in-between swapping cells.
    IBIS on the A7S II works like IS on Canon lenses, it isn't a revelation like the Olympus system but it's a nice bonus.
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    Francesco Spiezia reacted to DBounce in 1dx II vs a7r2 - Dave Dugdale responds   
    Comparing NX1, A7R2 and 1DXMkII... 
    I rank them as follows: 
    Canon... Sony... Samsung.
    They are all great camera, but I prefer low light on the Canon. The noise is more organic. The Sony rules for resolution. The Samsung had the best UI. 
    Video performance: the Sony always felt a bit videoish to me. Regardless what processing I would do. The image was also more fragile than the Canon in post. The NX1 seemed to lack DR. The Canon files are the most flexible. 
    I would have loved to see a NX1MkII... I think a lot of potential was there. The 16-50s lens was wonderful. I loved my Sony, but the Canon is in another league. I can not recall a time where I looked at an image coming out of my 1DXMkII and thought it didn't look great. By right any one of these cameras are good enough for the work most people will do. If you have the means the Canon is an attractive choice. The A7R3 will likely be out soon, so if Sony is your poison... you might want to wait. The Samsung only makes sense if you can find a really good deal. 
    I don't see myself parting with my Canon any time soon... It's an epic camera. 
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    Francesco Spiezia reacted to Davey in Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!   
    Reading just now that it's excellent. 
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    Francesco Spiezia reacted to Cassius McGowan in Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!   
    Funny how some of you guys have something to cry about when they're giving you a camera that's doing everything other video cameras are doing at thousands of dollars less. 
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    Francesco Spiezia reacted to DBounce in To Buy, Or Not To Buy: The Canon 1DX mk II   
    It's a no brainer... You've been on the fence with the 1DXMk2 for quite some time. The 1DXMk2 is not a camera you need to second guess. It is 100% professional and will get the job done. DJI cameras are still a work in progress. Granted I do like the potential of the X5S, but I would wait until the smoke settles before committing to that. Also, flagship Canons do not become obsolete evey six months like Sonys do. So you can be assured of decent resale within the next few years. Plus you already own Canon glass. Trust me, having used the A7RMk2 and A7Mk2 with the Metabones, I can tell you with absolute confidence that Canon glass performs best on a native Canon body. 
    Take the plunge, you will be happy you did.
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    Francesco Spiezia reacted to Ed_David in The mainstream media needs to be destroyed, and we need to do it.   
    The media created Trump. The Apprentice. A top ten show in America. Where every week Trump is a smart hero to everyone who wants to make it in America. A successful billionaire to those who don't better. The man who can fire you. A man in his Trump airplane, with his fancy suits and beautiful woman and a vision of success, of the American dream, to those who know nothing better.
    The media gave him coverage during the primaries. Nonstop coverage. Waited on him to speak. "Did you hear what he said?" "Did you hear what he tweeted?" Put on the screen his rallies even before he got on the stage. While they gave a third of that coverage to Hillary Clinton, the best choice in defeating the monster.
    Trump the monster. They made this monster. Because - he was GREAT for RATINGS. Because he was a carnival backer. Entertaining as hell. It was a fun reality show for everyone! He knew what to say - what soundbytes work. He was a natural extension of our TV culture's endless reality-show culture that has been going on since the 90's.
    Leslie Moonves, CEO of CBS was quoted as saying in reference to Trump: "It May Not Be Good for America, but It's Damn Good for CBS."
    The man who will most likely appoint supreme court judges to destroy Roe vs Wade, the Paris Climate talks, the marriage equality act, and any sort of green energy reform.
    So what do we do?
    Take away the one thing the mainstream media cares about: their RATINGS.
    To sink the news divisions of any mainstream media service that potentially destroyed the planet in exchange for a quick billion dollars.
    THIS IS REVENGE for them destroying our future.
    It's time to get angry. To not be reserved. These fuckers just took away female reproductive rights because they wanted to buy a new private jet. Why couldn't they get their ratings from their entertainment division? You greedy little fucks.
    I am calling on all of you to work on and create alternative new sources and docs and FB videos that steals away their eyeballs. Media that is more engaging and more thoughtful and ethical enough to not resort to ratings grabs above all else. Above human lives.
    There are so many causes that need videos - that need larger audiences to get behind - green energy movement, human rights movements, international policy movements, college education movements, b-corporations, local politicians and efforts. Critical looks at the world's major banks and international powers - so much stuff.
    We can do this. We have the talent and skillset from our 10,000+ hours of learning and learning and learning to use our powers for good.
    Let's get organized. Let's all talk about this.
    Let's figure out how to divide up our limited time to do this all.
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    Francesco Spiezia reacted to Inazuma in The 4K Fuji X-T2 is here   
    I just did a series of tests for rolling shutter and noise. Uploading now. Will take a good couple hours. I will say the results look very good IMO. Cinema5d said in their preliminary review that the rolling shutter in 4k looks about average, which I agree with. So probably between 22 and 27ms.  In 1080p the rolling shutter is among the best. And the image is very detailed. Not as good as downscaled 4k but still very good.
    As for the usability of this camera. There are a few problems beyond what I mentioned in my last post. First is that autoexposure is actually dogshit. The exposure changes very slowly and in steps rather than smoothly like Sony's and Nikon's. Second is that the colour profiles like to crush the blacks very quickly, so DR is limited. Although you can bring up shadows very cleanly in post. Third is that you can't change ISO while recording. All these things basically mean that you have to be quite mindful when recording.
    If your style is run n gun you might have a bit of trouble with this camera but if you can deal with some of the quirks youll have one of the best images in a DSLR form factor for the price and size. 
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    Francesco Spiezia reacted to Lothar in The 4K Fuji X-T2 is here   
    Exactly. But coming back to the Fuji topic. Fuji and Olympus have something in common. Olympus has such a great stabilisation system. Everybody said, "If they could do proper video."
    Fuji has such great colours, "If they could do proper video".
    Now, Fuji did a huge step into the right direction. To me, this is good enough, because I also need very good stills. Of course, I would also be interested in slow motion, but every camera has it's downsides. For instance, I wouldn't shoot stills with an URSA mini.
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    Francesco Spiezia reacted to joema in A7Rii Overheat attempt//band aid   
    This is clearly documented in the manual, page 95 under "Notes on continuous movie recording". There is a table of ambient temp vs recording mode, showing possible recording time limited by internal sensor temperature.
    I just shot a 1 hr (two contiguous 29:59 segments) outside video at 4k using Super 35 mode on my A7RII, and it had no problems. Ambient temp was about 65 F. I did have the LCD panel pulled away from the body, which I needed to frame the shot. That took about 90% of the single internal battery. For longer shooting I'd use the battery grip or an external power source.
    Last weekend I shot 4k documentary material all day and never had any problems. In general most real world professional material is shot in fairly short clips. E.g, every feature film from the dawn of cinema until 2002 typically used 1000 ft maximum film magazines, which limits a continuous take to 11 minutes at 24 frames/sec.  After that they'd have to stop and change magazines.
    With digital video we have become accustomed to the ability to shoot longer takes, but it is usually not needed except for recording an entire stage play, etc. For long form recording of a lecture, etc. you normally wouldn't use 4k, as it burdens post production with a huge amount of material for little practical benefit.
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    Francesco Spiezia reacted to Emanuel in A7Rii Overheat attempt//band aid   
    Funny, if they would crap their product... and some group of geeks would develop some crazy hack to lift their limits, then would be a terrific steal...?  : D
    C'mon, where do you find the best tech in the smallest 8K/4K package (yes, price included) ??!
    Let's get a fair perspective on here, give a break to your (d)efective nonsense : ) With or without they had somehow clippled their hot stove in form of mirrorless camera only for SELLING their higher price range, they've offered the best they can in a REALLY portable capture device -- add external recording and stop whining about your VIRTUAL sex life with a girl you're not even thinking to date, go figure to live with! : D
    (BTW, I didn't buy it yet, I had just placed a pre-order so to comply now, this camera will stand by me and letting run 'n gun no matters how many quirks we're still reading in these pages...
    ...only because you'd actually and merely love to pay it for a perfect angel just like heaven!)
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    Francesco Spiezia got a reaction from Don Kotlos in A7Rii Overheat attempt//band aid   
    So first off I come from Live Events so my testing of the A7Rii falls into the pocket of shooting all day 1-8min clips and not getting a second chance. For that reason I am going to say upfront I would never walk into live event without a second body strapped to my hip especially with this hot 4K little monster. Now I shoot 1-8min takes because I lived through the 7D days of clips deleting at random so honestly I shoot smaller sized clips based out of habit. Even for toasts etc, we have multi cameras running so its no biggie. 
    So I decided to run the new camera until I got the notorious temp icon of dread..... My take on that moment is what if I was on a  shoot how would I adapt aside from dipping the camera in ice or holding a cold beer to the of the back screen. 
    Shooting 4K 100mbs FF 3200ISO Image Stabilizer On
     I received the temp icon at roughly the 25min mark shooting 3-5min clips back to back. I quickly switched the battery out and than decided to use just use the viewfinder(not as heat heavy on the camera). I was able to from that moment shoot 3-5min clips for 40minutes without a single warning. I also switched over to S35 somewhere in the middle just to see if it would heat things up. Total Runtime was 65minutes without having to shut down /cool down. If my card did not fill up I would have liked to go even further.
    I know its not ideal, but if the moment presents itself swapping a battery and switching viewfinders is a whole lot better than waiting for the camera to cool off. This also does give me hope on the A7Sii body re design to fix the issue as its lurking around the screen more than the sensor.
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    Francesco Spiezia reacted to Antonis in A7Rii Overheat attempt//band aid   
    Thanks for the info and first had experience Francesco Spiezia.
    It's information like this that keep me coming back to this forum.
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    Francesco Spiezia got a reaction from dafreaking in A7Rii Overheat attempt//band aid   
    First thanks for the kind words TapTap.
    Yes it's frustrating DBounce I get it trust me.  My iPhone1 used to drain power. My D90 looked like Jello mold. My 7D would randomly corrupt clips and the same for three of my friends. The 1DC has crashed on me. Reds software would freeze up mid shoot..... Early adopting any product comes with the landscape of stress. I don't like it but I'm interested in this camera for the same reason everyone else is. The 1DC is priced out and you want a dslr solution in 4K. 
    I'm not saying in anyway Sony gets a free pass, all I wanted to say is that if your committed to the A7Rii as your main camera there are some work arounds  if needed in a jam. Otherwise return it and go back to your camera that works for how you make a living. For me it's to volatile in 4K so I have to pass for now on using it for gigs. 
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