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  1. I am still an avid 1DC user mainly because it hits my checklist of needs and I love the image science. The sad truth is Canon will continue to dance around in the market between DSLR and 'Video Cameras' never truly creating a reliable roadmap for the user. Canon is the kid in school with all the potential but never applies himself fully.
  2. Has anyone had a overheat issues with the 1DC... got my first white temp icon this week. I was filming high ISO 4K for maybe 40-50min off and on in chunks of 7min clips.
  3. Thank you for taking the time to film this this...
  4. Wow did you receive a Oscar nod as well ... congrats buddy.
  5. GH5 on paper looks great, but until you film with it who knows. The 1DC is special and has a look that makes any owner ignore the lack of features. I was questioning the move to Panasonic as well, but I need low light and personally not sold on the 4/3s ... I was a huge DVX100 fan and loved Panasonic color science back in the early days. Until the GH5 is given the Phillip Bloom field test I would be happy hanging onto my 1DC or rent the GH5 and take it for a spin.
  6. I was waiting patiently for the 5D IV to be met with major disappointment ... Just grabbed two 1DCs for work and I am very happy. I worked with the 1DXii but honestly we dont record in 60 and have no need for auto focus. I prefer to have the Clog and also really love being able to change the crop in 1080 when needed. I also like the 'look' of the 1DC as it just says film to me over some of the other options total personal preference. Its a large codec but when you go in and pull a 4K frame you will see why. I have worked with the Sony A7 line and in low light the images pulled look blah... Andrew has offered us an excellent Clog alternative which we are using on the 1DCs so we can match our 5Ds when needed. I think the 1DXii is awesome but for me I really love the 1DC.
  7. Any word on low light performance compared to the GH4 .. I know it is early in the game. Im a Canon guy so its an important benchmark
  8. Just got my hands on this camera and excited to see what it can do. I mean aside from a stabilization system and Flog it feels like a great 4K camera for the price along with an excellent still camera. Flog is always possible down the road through a firmware upgrade if Fuji is kind to us all. I can post something next week once I get the time to shoot some 4K footage.
  9. Not to get off topic but Andrew are you happy with ProRes LT ... just asking as I am about to batch out a large number of 1DXii 4K footage using EditReady
  10. No way its the card. I used the san disk class 10 sdxc u3 extreme pro and had nothing but issues on 4 different bodies.... Its a great camera for photographers who want to mess about with video. If you get paid for video stay far away from this camera.....
  11. Camera lost clips for me and was a nightmare and I was well warned prior so not surprised ........
  12. Looks great on paper just like the the A7Rii did over the summer but I just shot a full day with five bodies between 3 people on a live event and we had nothing but overheat issues in 4K. We lost two clips when the camera went to cool off. So until someone runs a heat test on this body it all sounds nice.
  13. Thanks Antonis Yes overall I am super unhappy with the situation DBounce and in no way am I defending Sony here. I haven't owned a Sony camera since my VX2000 days so I have zero brand loyalty. Xavier that was my discussion with a friend today on how much this heat will effect the sensor overtime. Sounds like a mid to long term issue. Don I get mixed reads on forums about battery, for me personally swapping worked. For others I hear it does not matter. If you happen to put your eggs in the A7Rii basket and don't plan on leaving there here are some options to get more run out of the camera. As far as two bodies as a work around your still below the 1DC and have two 1080p bodies when needed, really it depends on if you need 4K on a budget. Personally mine is heading back to the store since I have a 30day return and I will be waiting on the A7Sii or 5D4 and rent the 1DC when needed.
  14. First thanks for the kind words TapTap. Yes it's frustrating DBounce I get it trust me. My iPhone1 used to drain power. My D90 looked like Jello mold. My 7D would randomly corrupt clips and the same for three of my friends. The 1DC has crashed on me. Reds software would freeze up mid shoot..... Early adopting any product comes with the landscape of stress. I don't like it but I'm interested in this camera for the same reason everyone else is. The 1DC is priced out and you want a dslr solution in 4K. I'm not saying in anyway Sony gets a free pass, all I wanted to say is that if your committed to the A7Rii as your main camera there are some work arounds if needed in a jam. Otherwise return it and go back to your camera that works for how you make a living. For me it's to volatile in 4K so I have to pass for now on using it for gigs.
  15. So first off I come from Live Events so my testing of the A7Rii falls into the pocket of shooting all day 1-8min clips and not getting a second chance. For that reason I am going to say upfront I would never walk into live event without a second body strapped to my hip especially with this hot 4K little monster. Now I shoot 1-8min takes because I lived through the 7D days of clips deleting at random so honestly I shoot smaller sized clips based out of habit. Even for toasts etc, we have multi cameras running so its no biggie. So I decided to run the new camera until I got the notorious temp icon of dread..... My take on that moment is what if I was on a shoot how would I adapt aside from dipping the camera in ice or holding a cold beer to the of the back screen. Shooting 4K 100mbs FF 3200ISO Image Stabilizer On I received the temp icon at roughly the 25min mark shooting 3-5min clips back to back. I quickly switched the battery out and than decided to use just use the viewfinder(not as heat heavy on the camera). I was able to from that moment shoot 3-5min clips for 40minutes without a single warning. I also switched over to S35 somewhere in the middle just to see if it would heat things up. Total Runtime was 65minutes without having to shut down /cool down. If my card did not fill up I would have liked to go even further. I know its not ideal, but if the moment presents itself swapping a battery and switching viewfinders is a whole lot better than waiting for the camera to cool off. This also does give me hope on the A7Sii body re design to fix the issue as its lurking around the screen more than the sensor. -F
  16. Thanks for the info on color Ed, I just keyed in these settings for a some time out today with the A7Rii to test heat issues but so far everything looks great. I agree on the reds produced from Sgamut to Pro. If I shoot anything worth a watch I will post.
  17. I really don't hate the idea of two bodies. It still is cheaper than the 1DC (including cards) and really you can rent this camera when you know it's a 4K shoot and you have long record times. Not a terrible idea at all....
  18. I think overall Sony is being super aggressive and hopefully forcing Canon and others to choose better combinations of ability and camera model. The 1DC in this form factor is awesome but not only is the body more expensive you have to buy a decent amount of high speed cards. I think overall any camera that overheats easily is a major problem if you make money with your gear. If you don't get paid to shoot than the A7Rii is a great option.
  19. I totally agree. No one is looking to find fault in the new camera just for the fun of it. It shuts off that's a problem....... I mean how can you justify that, by your shooting habits? Sorry but regardless of your shooting intervals we have enough to worry about when working who needs a camera that shuts off.
  20. Andrew really great review to kick things off with the new camera that we are all super excited for. I lived through the 7D dark days when using a Sandisk Ultra card would actually kill clips. So I can't stomach a camera that out of the gate over heats and shuts off. I don't care if you are a hobbiest or a pro handicapping the main event feature is absolutely ridiculous. Sony should have waited and made it work to the level of true stability. I assume it's not software but I will ask anyway .... has anyone shot 10-12min clips in a row getting the same result as shooting the full 29min. Heat is heat so I'm sure it's overheating either way you slice up your shooting. Im so wanting to love this camera but I may just go back to the 1DC and sadly wait for canon to throw a 5D Clog 4K bone out someday. I prefer the dslr form factor so it's bittersweet. ha! That's such a ego loaded comment it makes me hope you really just work for Sony and are attempting to make light of a ridiculous situation of a camera that shuts off after 29minutes. I mean if your really a pro where is your Arri ....who would even touch a FS7.
  21. Need someone with a grip to test the 4K heat issue out... I don't get mine until the 12th
  22. Wonder if the grip would make a difference... move that battery out and reduce heat. Used to happen to my old 7D all the time and a fresh battery cures the temp issue.
  23. Super disappointing to hear about this overheat issue... I mean just not even close to acceptable. I have shot on the 1DC for a long time and never had a heat issue at 5x the mbs so I would almost feel like its more the IBIS working hard along with the 4K....who knows but if 4K is limited to heat issues than why not just go back to a A7S.
  24. The overheat issue has got me extremely concerned... considering this was the run and gun canon dslr 4K killer, if it overheats on a doc or live shoot it is essentially a flop of a camera, but thats just me. Reliability honestly is the top feature for me.
  25. Overheating and shutting down is not a good thing by any stretch.... What happened to the clip, did it close itself out and also how long did it take to cool down?
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