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  1. Do you know if they shot this in clog or not? cine lenses or normal ef glass? thanks for sharing - amazing!
  2. I think mine may have a problem - when I shoot 4k for a while I see what look like dead pixels. Can I get this fixed? will firmware update it? I bought it used so i don't know how old it is. Thanks! It really is - it has a special something in 1080 ff mode (and in 4k) that is just amazing and cannot even need color in post if you shoot it right. everyone gets obsessed with 8 bit 20 bit, but like we know, a 4k camera on a cell phone is not 4k from a Red, what maters is what you get in the end. the 1dc (and original 1dx) have amazing ff images, and they're incredible in low light - grain looks like film. Rent one for a day and see! the 1dc 4k footage (and ff 1080) are superior (and sharper) than the 1dxm2, not to mention c-log.
  3. Hey Guys, A few things on several posts - I use the 1dc and smallhd 501with sidefinder as well (just added it to the mix and have been through 5x evf mounts to find the perfect one - it's not easy. In terms of focusing while shooting, like any focus assist, the smallhd is hard to rely on too much when you're wide open, it's among the best I've tried, but it still shows some areas in focus that aren't. While you can't punch in while you're shooting on the 1dc, you CAN autofocus while you're shooting. You can use the af button on the back, and yes, it will temporarily wreck your shot for the few seconds it focuses and hunts, but it is MUCH faster than stopping rolling, punching in and then slating again. Even if you don't slate it's way faster. Here's a guide to doing this: http://bit.ly/2l392zk (it's the same as 5dm2 - many other eos cameras allow this as well, ie: 5dm3, 1dx.) Also there's are a few tools which make it easier - I'm testing out the usefulness of this Bogen Sympla mvr911eccn wired remote that allows zoom and focus adjustments while shooting via the usb port - it's not perfect, it can be choppy, but it's tweak-able and is far less noticeable if you're wide and handheld. There are other more expensive tools which will also do this, maybe they're better? All this said, I'd love for all of you to please also stop by contribute and help me out with my 1dc blog that's for all the intricacies of this camera (like the above) and how to maximize it's use because - that image quality, doe! And pease share your hits misses, gear loves and hates for accessories, share your work shot on the 1dc/1dx and help out everyone else when you can! i'm not monetizing it at all, this is a purely altruistic venture based on my constant frustration at there being very little info out there for the things I want to know: https://canon1dcuser.wordpress.com/
  4. That's insane as canon doesn't care about the 1dc since it was a bomb - no one supports it including them, that's too bad... come on to my blog and maybe we can convince someone to take it on, ha! The 1dxm2 4k footage is crap compared to the 1dc, and now that the price has dropped, it's a truly amazing image for the price, but there are many many impediments to overcome to make it user friendly... it's brand new but please come and contribute your experience and knowledge: https://canon1dcuser.wordpress.com/
  5. Hey Guys, as a diehard 1dc shooter, I wonder why ML won't make a hack to open up the 1dc to raw capture (like the 5dm3, etc?) Does anyone know of anything like this? Why we all love this camera is it's stunning images out of the box, but of course it would be great to have raw... Also, I have started a blog for 1dc/1dx/1dxm2 users to share tips tricks footage and whatnot as it presents such a unique set of challenges operating this camera. I just finally got the Tilta cage and it's a game changer, but of course you need workarounds, so I invite you all to please come join us and share your rigs and solutions and frustrations. DM me for a link to the blog, we would love to have you guys there as well! Any other hacks/improvements for 1dc that you guys are aware of? Thanks for your time!
  6. I'm considering adding the GH5 as my second cam for slow mo, drone shots, etc - but they are very different tools. They both offer stunning images (and if you know how to light, compose, direct) you can make amazing work on either one. remember some of the most iconic images and films ever made were on equipment that is now worth nothing. I would say figure out which one best suits exactly the kind of work you do and hope to do and go with it. If you have an amazing reel, no one cares what you shot it on. And when your client insists on Red for some stupid reason - fine, just rent it. You need to have the best tool to allow you to realize your personal vision when you're not on someone else's dollar. And I disagree - the 1dxm2 is no competitor to the gh5, I have done several tests and the 4k footage from the 1dxm2 is junk compared to the 1dc - I will be buried with my 1dc. Never giving up the magic that camera spits out...
  7. Dude, check out the used Dracast led lights on ebay - amazing bargains for workhorse lights with high cri. I have 8 of them now (fresnels, panels, on-cam's) and they are amazing output fore the price... dm me for deets (and no, I'm not working for them...)
  8. Some of the worst movies I have seen were shot on Alexa and Red - and I have seen some incredibly moving shorts shot on an iPhone 5 / so step back and think about what really matters... Your skills.
  9. Hey guys, I'm new to the forum, but as a newly minted 1dc owner, I wanted to revive the thread. The price has dropped dramatically, making this camera far more accessible to the masses. No 2 people will have the same 2 opinions about what is "best," but at evey class, every seminar, every phone call with a friend asking "what camera should I buy?" I have the same reply: the camera doesn't matter, learn lighting, composition and psychology to take good photos, the rest you can catch up on. Obviously as pros, the details matter to us, but choose the cam that works the best for what you need - the a7s and 1dc are like a banana and a pickle. In the dark maybe they resemble one another, but not really. They both have strengths, and they're both great at those strengths, so decide what you need and get that one. But 1dc ownership is surging And I would love to start resources for these new owners to get the best and most out of this unique Frankenstein-dslr. I LOVE the image out of the box, not "better," just beautiful. So let's start talking about how to maximize that and leave the comparisons to the aspiring amateurs on Amazon!!!
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