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  1. It makes me so sad to hear that Canon might give in to the conservatives that demand IBIS instead of innovation. Even though its an old, clunky and obsolete technology.
  2. The EF 35mm sucks absolute balls compared to the RF 35mm which is one of the best affordable entry level lenses I've seen on any system. I so wish Sony, Fuji and the others try to make something similar, because right now they are getting their ass handed to them in that department.
  3. Please don't try and drag me into your sad little fanboy rants. The only thing I care less about than specs are trolls like you.
  4. I guess Im alone in shooting everything in 25p then. No production house or TV station Ive ever encountered would want me to shoot 24p. I still don't get why this happen. As soon as a company, be it Canon or anyone else releases a product not aimed at "me".. the hole forum goes apeshit. Are we really that bored or do we honestly believe that we are the only person left alive and that everything being made must be just for us and never for others.. Its just so weird to be upset imo. Just buy the camera that IS made for you instead of being upset that one never intended for you isn't. And then we instead get the ooooold cryings "they don't inovate" etc. I guess not, I mean first 4K, first 4K 60p, first decent log, first decent AF, first proper ND adapter, first decent EIS plus a whole shit load of other really nice features that works for the people that don't care about some lame 6K pseudo codec or having the camera do everything in auto. Instead they get feature that can actually hep them in their work and are happy with that. I have no intention of buying the M6ii, it simply isn't for me. But Im not crying about it, because Im sure it will suite others very well. Awesome, to bad its a Samsung (had too many bad experiences with their quality). My TV is still a Samsung (had it for 10 years or so). When it finally dies my house will be Samsung free. But Im sure 8K washing machines will be "standard" in two years, just like people say about 4K broadcast (for the last 5-6 years..)
  5. I guess it's time to restart the hyperbolic pretend it's a pro video camera only to rip on it machine again. But honestly, it's getting old. BTW, I just installed a new washing machine yesterday. It didn't even have 4K via HDMI.. it's like 1998 all over again.
  6. I've been using them on the Pentax Q and Samsung NX mini. Very fun. Starts around 07:25 Starts around 04:25
  7. I think he asked about the original BMPCC which didn't include Resolve. The BMPCC4K did, just like the BMCC which I firmly believe is the camera the former truly is replacing. My guess is they changed the name. I see clues in the design, buttons, Resolve, screen and that the P6K follows the P4K just like the BMPC did the BMCC.
  8. Lol, Of course not. But it would be a very strange decision to move there if I didn't.
  9. Ha ha ha, what an epic clown you are... I guess if I told you I've lived in the US you would deny it just like all the other lies you tell as soon as your wrong. I thought you would wake up yesterday when no one answered in your favor when you and I asked the forum if they agreed with you.. but I guess that's just further confirmation of your troll status. (And I think it's sweet that you still try with personal attacks even though it only makes us laugh ) Yup, I won't mention any names but I've had a prime suspect for a while on "Skip The Judder 77" true identity
  10. Same thing for me. I had that troll on ignore but some how he resurfaces. Because you are trolling and deserve it?
  11. On Canon bodies they are of course snappy and accurate without any hunting. On the BMPCC4K I enjoyed the push AF very much with the Panasonic 12-35, specially since it's such a crappy MF. A shame if we can't get the same snappiness with native EF on the P6K.
  12. @drm would be very interested to hear if a native EF lens performs better. Keep us posted.
  13. Quite well. Pretty smooth and after the background render it was as smooth as anything really.
  14. Ok then, let's ask them. Hey everyone, Skipp here says that all of you believe that Sony and Canon shoots Raw that is natively supported in FCPX. In other words, you can drag n drop ML Raw files from a 5D or raw footage from a Sony straight from the card in camera onto a FCPX timeline and access the raw settings tab, just like with RedCode. Personally I know for a fact it's 100% bullshit. But I'm curious about his comment about you all. If anyone reading actually does believe that, let us know.
  15. Stutter and judder. Canon and Sony raw works natively in FCPX. The RED plugin doesn't exist. The P6K can only shoot videoish. The P6K can not shoot videoish. He has said so much weird stuff it's impossible to keep track. Plus he always puts naive flame baits and personal attacks in the posts to try and derail them and shift focus when he knows he is wrong. Classic troll behavior or that of a juvenile.
  16. It's in the inspector under clip information. But keep it to yourself. @Skip77 will attack you if you find it useful.
  17. Ive had both and compared them side by side. The Viltrox is sharper on all apertures accept for wide open, has an adjustable back focus (no tools required) and its like a third of the price. The only Metabones I would ever buy is the dedicated BMPCC version (which I currently own), used. Otherwise I would go Viltrox (I sold my Metabones XL).
  18. Definitely! Would love to see how many nautical realms of silkyshuddercodeshuttermojo they have.
  19. Sad but probably true BTW, I had to update the Plugin to get the Raven sample to work but after that it worked perfectly and the Raw settings are available. (That Raven has some serious DR, too bad about the price. The Scarlet is definitely more within my comfort zone.)
  20. RED supplies sample files from several of their cameras. You made me curious since I haven't used the plug-in for a couple of years. So I'm downloading a Raven sample as we speak
  21. Yes there is. I think I show it briefly in my video on the R1MX. Yes its free and works as a plugin, no need for a camera, downloaded samples works just fine. And it works in FCPX which is my preferred NLE ever since ditching Premiere some years ago. Resolve is great and I use it a ton. But FCPX is just so smooth for the stuff I do. If FC got Braw support or that Z6 finally started spitting out PoresRaw then things would obviously change. But as of today, Redcode is by far the smoothest raw codec within my workflow. This is why I hope for an affordable alternative from RED. A fully kittet Scarlet is sub €5000 and the old R1MX is less than €3000 (but huge). If the Komodo helps push it down to €2000 I would be all over it, despite the lawsuits and what not.
  22. Thats exactly what I said, very lame troll attempt from you.. And you still don't read posts. Not mine nor your own. I just told you that you don't need to put in the flame baits and yet you try again. Its starting to become rather sad.
  23. Don't know why anyone would think the P6K captures vidoish footage. That's just crazy. It's a cinema camera for crying out loud.
  24. Fingers crossed. So you are saying that both Canon and Sony have affordable cameras on the market today that shoot Raw. And that the raw files are fluently editable in FCPX with access to the raw settings in a separate tab? If so, please, tell us all the names of those cameras and make a tutorial on where your secret buttons in FCPX is located. Because I'm sure many of us are dying to know (And you can stop with the endless flame baiting. If you think I'm gonna get sucked in by someone that argues about the difference of "stutter and judder" then you are just naive. Life is to short.)
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