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  1. It still seems like you haven't fully understood. The Netflix 4K requirement is for productions made by Netflix. I can use whatever I want and if it's good enough they will accept. To this day almost half of all the movies at the Oscars etc are shot on film or HD. And they all go on Netflix. Netflix even still pick up TV shows shot on s16. This has been talked about to death on this forum in the past. So let's get back to the real subject.
  2. Never transcoded or used any Canon software. I just imported and edited. And since it's low compression my old computer had no issues playing it smoothly.
  3. Sadly that is true. Mr Trump and the easily offended right wingers spread so much fake news that the truth gets lost. Total zombies indeed. Yup, when cameras lol BMD, Ricoh and Sigma are released fake news spread quickly on forums. We have seen it many times here in the past.
  4. Marketing and movie making have one major thing in common which is why I enjoy it so much. It's all about human emotions. At the end of the day it's the only thing that's truly important. Budget, advertising space, cameras, actors, etc.. it's all just small cogs in a machine with one simple purpose. Affect human emotions in order to change a behavior or opinion. That's the reason for my fascination and why I early on jumped from crew to the production office and later Psyops, PR and marketing.
  5. Yup. Even the included Resolve is a BMCC thing from the beginning. And just like the BMCC and BMPC4K had the same body but MFT and EF mount we now get the BMPCC4K and BMPCC6K with the same differentiators. Other than that there is of course the similar the design, touch, dual rec buttons and so on.
  6. Regarding the "pocket", Im still convinced the BMPCC4K was intended to be the BMCCii. They share much more similarities.
  7. The original BMCC with an EF mount was announced at the same time as the patent for the EF mount expired. We will have to wait a few years before the same happens with the RF or Sony E mount. m4/3 has been open from the start.
  8. I guess the difference is that even though no man is free from sinn, the orange dude is a confessed aspring rapist, a criminal and a diagnosed compulsive liar. Which, good or bad policies aside, makes him pretty unfit for the job and there for a more legitimate target. Agreed, even though Im part of the problem. Its just one of those days On topic, The new sensor size and mount is a god send. The BMPCC4K should have had a smaller sensor or EF mount to make it less of a PITA. To bad about the 6K though, since its totally unnecessary imo and the price of it is too rich for my p
  9. Sure.. Same thing in the states. Manhattan and New Orleans is exactly the same. People look the same, eat the exakt same food, listen to the exact same music, its the exact same climate, exactly the same dialect.. oh wait..
  10. Marketing as a whole, not just social media
  11. No. The speedbooster works on the 4K Production Camera as well, which doesn't have a removable mount.
  12. Very interesting. My thoughts. 1. Boy am I glad I sold my second BMPCC4K before this was announced. 2. I don't care one bit about 6K. 3. But I care a lot about the bigger sensor and EF mount. Getting a good combo of lenses and/or adapters on the BMPCC4K that didn't vingette and didn't have massive barrel distortion was a PITA. I'm already kitted for EF. The Tamron 17-50/2.8 VC will probably live on it.
  13. Few professions doesn't come with a pile of boring extra work For me it's the idea, planning, producing and marketing that's the fun part. The actual shooting is just a necessary evil.
  14. Never tried it, just read about it. But given Sony's laggy compression I probably would use it.
  15. I see it every single evening and morning, all year, but more pronounced in the winter.
  16. It was merely a comment on the way to common notion that a colored shadow isn't "real" or is in fact "wrong". When in fact, a grey or black shadow is more incorrect than a colored one. Orange/teal isn't an unnatural grade made up by computers, its how the world actually looks in certain hours of the day.
  17. Im sorry if our discussion made it sound as if we where putting down the work you do. That was never my (and I suspect anyone else) intention. It was merely a side discussion about how I have huge respect for you guys shooting weddings but that Im at the same time very glad I don't have/need to make them. Because they are simply not my cup of tea to watch and/or make.
  18. I would hold of on Youtube until I no longer could make money of it from other streams. Youtube adds doesn't pay as much as people think. Its nickles and dimes.
  19. Also very solid idea. That or to some international animal help organization.
  20. A shadow is always the color opposite of the light on the color wheel. Late in the day when the sunlight is orange the shadow is blue. That's not a grade, it's real life determined by the laws of physics.
  21. From what I saw your posts are a lot about film festivals and popcorn. Something your target audience care very little about. They care about one thing only, dogs being rescued. I would start targeting dog owners, dog related groups and communities. On Instagram you can use up to 30 hashtags per post, use at least 10, if not 30. #dogsofinstagram #dogrescue etc. When you search hashtags on Instagram you see how popular they are, try different combinations and pick the once with +50k or something. There are a million forums, FB groups and so on about dog, cat and other rescuing. J
  22. I get that, but even if it was my own wedding I would never have a video made
  23. I've never been able to sit through a wedding video. Total respect for people that make them, but I'm really glad I've stayed away from that business..
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