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  1. I always ETTR on the BMCC/BMPCC but not on the new BMPCC4K. I used the native ISOs and tried to get as close to the final exposure as I could in camera. With the new color science it's been a winning concept for me. I still have never been able to create any type of "blue sky macro blocking", and I've owned two separate units.
  2. It shoots 4:2:2 but won't blow you away. There are some ok looking samples online. But if you mainly want to shoot video.. maybe not a good idea imo. For stills, Leica all day, every day
  3. Might depend on the size of battery? This I don't want to have to do to be honest. I could probably live with it. But the point for the C-fast over the ssd for me is easy access and quick turn around. This is very good to know. First straight answer Ive gotten and I have asked a lot of reviewers. Thanks I know. But it so far doesn't have it in all frame rates, which are the main attraction over the BMPCC4K for my usage. But since I recently sold my second BMPCC4K last week its main competition is now a Fuji for 120p. And then it might win
  4. Its interesting to me that when the Youtube hype train was in full motion for the A7iii and GH5 everybody was on board, but not this time. My only guess its because this camera is not meant for the audience of this forum. And I seem to recall about 10,001 posts on this forum screaming for a mic jack in these types of cameras. But jut like always, when we get it we immediately move the goal post. Ive started shooting Polaroid again. Its liberating
  5. Seems great. Personally Im in the process of finding a decent deal on a used RX100v-a. This announcement might make that easier to find.
  6. Luckily there are many business men and women in your age that does not roll over and give up. Instead they see the potential for something different, which unlike what many believe, isn't the same as worse. Will be fun to follow which camera companies that gets it and doesn't die. Trying to make the this century a copy paste of the last is a first class ticket to marginalization.
  7. Seems like a really cool camera and I've come close to buying it sometimes. Whats holding me back are weird design choices like for example the HDMI making a battery swap almost impossible without disconnecting the screen. And that the C-Fast door is difficult to reach in a cage or with a handle. But most of all I just hate h.265, with a passion. The image seems nice, just wished there where more clips floating around so one could evaluate it better in an NLE. Also the crop factors in different codecs/speeds are still a bit of a mystery. Even when asking straight up to the reviewers onl
  8. Usually when people argue about camera sale statistics from Japan they show lists that is excluding crop sensor cameras and DSLRs (in order to make the Z6, EOS-R, A7iii look better, because DSLRs still outsell them all). And when one looks at a list that at least shows all the mirrorless cameras, crop sensors included, It is an EOS-M model at the top. Pretty interesting imo. Goes to show that our "old" views doesn't apply to the generation that will run the world in 10-15 years. My tip from a business stand point is to stop brushing "millennial", "vloggers" and "kids" under the rug. Bec
  9. Not surprising, its very much up to personal preference and what one is looking for in an image. For me and how I like it slog2 and 3 has less usable DR than C-log.
  10. Its always tricky since we look for different things and manufactures put different numbers on different DRs. For me Ive decided that 13 stops from Blackmagic is my base since it rings true next to the 12 stops from Canon. The two companies seems to be in sync with each other. That means that I according to my own tests put Sony S-Log in for example the A7sii at 11 stops and Panasonic Cine-D at 10. But if one decides for one self that Sonys 15 stops or what ever they claim is true, the scale will be different.
  11. It's 12 stops in log. Side by side with a 13 stop Blackmagic it can handle it self pretty well.
  12. This is the last sentence I will ever read from you. Life is too short. Lol, you even try to convince people that I've only tried AF on a Lumix camera, when it's pretty obvious I use Canon DPAF, instead of just accepting that some prefer MF. Im putting you on the ignore list now
  13. IMO, It's not as accurate as MF, doesn't understand when you want to track something else, can't change speed without digging into the menu, doesn't work on manual lenses, messes up your grip, the list goes on. Again, no excuses, just don't care about it working or not. My workhorse is equiped with the best video AF there is. Never use it. I haven't seen anybody make such excuses. I know perfectly well how it works thank you. Btw, you don't get to dictate why others reason the way they do. No one said you weren't allowed to wish for good AF in the Panasonic. You can wish it
  14. Don't see it. Sounds like you aren't watching in full screen, that sometimes introduces false moire.
  15. It probably will. Because it is easy on all Sony's imo. Just time consuming like you describe (minor desaturation of colors × 1000 images per day = gray hair).
  16. I remember James Miller making a tutorial about that but now I couldn't find it. Sometimes I actually miss grading Raw video using After Effects just for the controls of Adobe Camera Raw. But I can't say the same about the time it usually took to export.
  17. Many of us never use AF in video. So it's not "excuses". More like "not caring".
  18. I always return to it and am equally blown away every time. The BMPCC4K however is a tricky one. I'm on my second and already have it up for sale. But every day I contemplate taking it down and keeping it.
  19. I only ever use AF for macro. If I was interested in a camera that turned out to be MF only in video I wouldn't care even a little. In my mind, "automatic focus" is still no yet invented.
  20. No they don't compare. They are way more suitable for 97% of the situations that the average pro photographer encounters.
  21. I was talking to a local photographer who also flips cameras as much as I do (we meat every time one buys something of the other). We remenissed about cameras we had used, sold, loved and hated. But we both agreed on one thing, no matter what you buy or sell, you always keep a GR in your kit. It's the only thing that's constant.
  22. Thanks, And I'm assuming that goes for HD as well since it's the only thing available higher than 60p? Bummer. The slowmo is what could have justified it for me. It's the only thing I wished my stills camera had. Found a S1 with a free lens at a good price but I guess it's not meant to be
  23. @Geoff_L totally get it, I to see the glass as half full Would you mind clarifying how the slowmotion works? Google only serves me people who guess or start their sentence with "to my understanding".. What is the highest frame rate in HD, without crop, where you can still manually expose your image? This is something that actually could tip the scale for me.
  24. Sony, Nikon, Canon and Fuji also include free Log in their cameras. These two are gorgeous.
  25. Personally, the A7riv is the first interesting model since the original A7. So I'm not hating on it. I actually wish I could justify the cost.. ..But... Hilarious irony for someone who has been told a million times that I'm an idiot for shooting a camera with 2016 video specs.. only to see Philip Bloom of all people point out that the Sony flagship is using 2015 video specs.. I spilled my coffee laughing. (And to be fare to Canon, it at least has 400mbit and 10-bit out with it's 2016 specs.)
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