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  1. Yeah unlike PanaSony, Fuji, Nikon etc which are all philanthropy driven NGOs who never cripple the gear they release.. PS. I wonder how many business and economic analyzers who take karma into consideration. I know politicians, included but not limited to the US president, sometimes name drop spagetti monsters and other ghost type creatures when justifying a decision. But I suspect its not as common among science and data driven people.
  2. So far I haven't found any reports confirming your theory. In fact the opposite. Leica wasn't even hit very hard during the 2008 crisis. And none of the Leica shooters I know is "rich" in the sense I suspect you where going for.
  3. Leica is still selling them faster than they can make them. Luxury is still selling well. The Swiss luxury watch industry just had their best year ever.
  4. So did Panasonic, Sony, Olympus, Fuji and Canon. An Atomos rep told me years ago when demonstrating the Shogun that they could do Raw to prores and later raw to raw over HDMI. He told me all the camera manufacturers where informed and they just needed to say "go". So I naturally assumed the A7sii, which wasn't announced at the time, would be first. But no, they all decided to drag their feet for a couple of years first. Thank god for black magic.
  5. To create and export it yes, but not to work with it. Atomos and the others aren't putting Prores in their machines just for Apple users. So on a PC (at least the once I've used) I just import and edit Prores like I would on a Mac. When its time to export I use DNxHD or similar that a PC can create. Unless the project is fine with h.264. PS. To install Prores on to a PC I remember installing and uninstalling Quicktime Player. Might not be needed today. EDIT: wasn't needed when testing it just now. EDIT: Just tested a clip from a BMPCC4K on my Office PC at work. A real piece of H
  6. Why would you need to convert on a PC? All the PCs Ive ever used edits Prores just fine.
  7. It depends on preferred workflow etc. Personally, at this point I would still choose the Z6+Ninja over the s1 because its Prores and it has lenses.
  8. Im good with f1.8 for the most part. The upside of extreme apertures like f1.2 for me is of course light but also being able to isolate subjects (the whole person, not just the eye) and still have the context in which they appear.
  9. Not as such, but Ive compared it to the BMPCC version in my review of the Viltrox and both was in my latest camera blind test.
  10. Sold my Metabones XL for the sharper, adjustable and cheaper Viltrox. The EF-BMPCC from Metabones is great but the once for MFT are overpriced imo.
  11. I love Peter Greggs channel and it was pretty interesting (even though expected) so I thought I would share it. Its good to know that a couple of clouds was enough to save the Sonys. Finding shelter won't be doable for what I do in the summer but for some it of course is. I wonder if an umbrella would be enough.
  12. There is one huge difference between Sony and Panasonic, lenses. That Sigma is going to release their lenses is not enough. They need to have already done it before people will even start to care. There is a used S1 + kitzoom that's been sitting a few weeks on a shelf in a camera store in Stockholm at a very reasonable price. Every time I see it I go, "hmm maybe I should buy it". But then I remember it will mostly sit on my shelf, waiting for lenses. If you find out that they do, please let me know so I can get some free cameras
  13. Ah, Ok then I have already responded. Yup.
  14. Cleaning out some excess gear. This is a Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera with pretty much everything you need. PM if interested. We can start at €950 and see if we have any takers. I can ship with ease within the EU but also Canada/USA even though that might be expensive. The kit contains: BMMCC body Metabones BMPCC-EF Speedbooster iKan VL35 Monitor URSA-mini handle One Little Remote v4 Sandisk Extreme 512GB Smallrig Cage Rosette mount URSA-mini handle Radioproektor Breakout Box HDMI-clamp HDMI-kabel LANC-kabel As well as some extra bits and pieces
  15. Just because you don't understand my point doesn't mean that others live in a dream world. Sony has lost so much money on their camera business over the last year's that it's gonna take a long time to recover. You are talking about Sony as a whole and yes they make a lot of money. So do Panasonic. But it's not from cameras. Same with Fuji whos reports show its basically Instax film making the money in the photo segment, not the XT3. But we have been down this boring road before where we argue about the same thing. A few talk about camera sales and others about cameras + water heaters
  16. Not near the magnitude of Sony who does it on a monthly basis. New release or not, they are getting on that plain.
  17. Imagine the crisis at the competitors that barley was profitable before (except Leica of course, who always done very well).
  18. Not exactly sure what you are trying to say, could you try to rephrase it? I don't see it in Prores nor Braw. All is well in both the units I had. I didn't ETTR on the BMPCC4K to get more punch and contrast and to combat the Sony-like colors
  19. Don't flush money down the toilet because of a couple of turds. Always buy used. Used A7 in store with six months warranty surfaces for sub $300 here at least once a month.
  20. There was a Hydrogen going for very cheap on a classified a few months back. Kinda wish I would have bought it
  21. Pentax have more options, more function and more buttons, but their menus is way more intuitive. My smartphone has way more options, +100,000 apps and accesses millions of web pages. None of them are that unintuitive. I have no problem using the Sony menus, I of course know them after years of use. But the original design, from an objective perspective, compared to other cameras and devices, is absolutely awful. In a world where UI and user experience is a key element when designing products the Sony menu is a joke. @Robert Collins makes a good point about how reviewers is
  22. I wonder why it's no issue for you but others claim it is. Maybe it's the cable, what HDMI cable do you use?
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