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  1. Don't forget to take the speedbooster into account. What you see might not be the lens.
  2. Counting up all the blind tests and shootout videos I've made we must be talking at least 50 cameras, probably closer to 100. The results are always the same. It doesn't matter.. If you can get hold of an R to try it out it could very well be worth the time. Personally I enjoy it. I don't own it but when buying new gear for my employer it was an easy choice. There are always "ifs" and "buts" to tests. And conclusions are about as subjective as color
  3. The results are in. Some are a little funny, others kinda expected but still interesting. When I counted the first time a few days ago the funny part was that J wasn't to far behind I. But I didn't expect this. (BTW, this morning J was still in the lead between the two.)
  4. Since Ive so far never seen the "pixelation blue sky issue", can someone tell me what it is I have to do to provoke it? Could be good to see it first hand and how it came about in order to avoid it. Format, type of exposure etc?
  5. Amen, hopefully the $200 challenge will prove that even further.
  6. Counted all the votes so far. The results are interesting and partly funny
  7. I would definitely had preferred the 400mbit Canon way or Panasonics lovely 200mbit HD. I will pre-order the FF Sigma Foveon as soon as it's announced. And then a used S1 could make sense as a b-cam. Or I will get another SD Quattro and snag some SD lenses which should drop when the system is more or less dead. They can be used on Sony as well so they aren't too bad to hold on to. The Last mount might actually turn them into the most affordable lenses around for Sony.
  8. The votes have started to slow down now so if I find time to edit tomorrow. Otherwise it might have to wait until the weekend.
  9. That link only made me more certain that it's a made up problem. Don't you have a link to anything showing that it is a "well known" or at least "known" issue with cDNG in the BMCC and original BMPCC? That thread is about Braw so it's not a good example, since none of the cameras shoot it. Also if it's well known there should be plenty of threads and videos.
  10. The sun kept going in and out of the cloud which affected the strength of the ND, which can really mess up colors in my experience. Not to mention IR.
  11. This is a blind test comparing videos from a couple of different cameras, lenses and filters. I have not tried to match the images since that would take away the point of the test. Im looking at quick turnaround, color science as well as the effect different types of lenses and filters have on the final image. As you can see the light changed quite a bit between shots but it doesn't matter.
  12. I don't, but it's not because I forget. The reason you don't get sdof is because it's a 6mm lens. You get the exact same dof you would on a medium format with a 6mm from the same distance. Aperture is set for the exposure, so applying crop factor to it is simply weird imo.
  13. I would think that peoples skill and creativity will be way more of a deciding factor that the negligible "improvement" 4K gives in a sub $200 camera. Post something online and it will. Same as everything else. Use what ever you like but it might be taken into consideration by people. If it feels ok, it probably is. Anyone ridiculing another persons work in a learning exercise is either jealous, an idiot or a bot. You only need to ever care about constructive criticism and there is never any ridiculing in that.
  14. Yeah, thats actually a smart way to get people to keep it reasonable. One can do everything imaginable to get that BMCC under $200 or slightly above. But if it comes of as "cheating" it might be last and "bye bye camera". Ive always had my trusty old GM1 as my backup incase I don't have time to find something else. But when thinking about it.. I don't want to loose it
  15. In my mind you can do whatever you want and then state your case afterwards. If it feels ok it probably is. The goal is a sub €200 camera and if it's €220 that will be taken into consideration. So if it's neck and neck between two videos and one was under budget it will win. I really don't think we need to have the rules in such detail for a friendly competition. Personally I'm not trying everything to max the budget, instead I will try to go as low as possible. I mean a store here has a used GH4 in the sub €300 so a G6 or GX80 is probably doable. But what's the fun in that
  16. Kipon with Close Focus is always my go-to for MFT. Takes care of the long focus distance inherited by the Leica mount.
  17. Just browsed a little in the sub €200 range. The GX800, EOS-M, Nex-7 etc are all easy to find, but also obvious and a little boring. But the original RX100.. that could be fun.
  18. Ive been editing from a Sandisk 1TB USB3 disk for a couple of years on a MBP. Works perfectly, raw, prores, you name it.
  19. I could test it on both as soon as I find the adapter. I have used it on Fuji and yesterday I was shooting some street with it on the EOS-R. It's a cool lens. Like always with 7artisans it's not clinically sharp, but I know you care as little as I do about that.
  20. I think the camera should remain secret until after the vote. When doing camera side by sides we all know people vote for the one that should be best if presented with their identities. If there was a max budget for camera+lens+mic+what have you, then speed boosters should be fine.
  21. Imo smartphone cameras just means a bunch of missed shots. Specially in street photography. That's why I hate using them.
  22. I know it's a bit like cursing in church to say this in this forum.. but IMHO.. the 1DC was a huge disappointed. I paid less than an A7sii but still it's way over priced (this was maybe two years ago). For video that is. For stills it was excellent. Sold it to a guy who wanted a 1Dx but couldn't afford it, he never ever shoots video. So it hasn't recorded a single frame of video since.
  23. The only thing that's foolish is calling people fools just because they don't order the same ice cream flavor as you. If the competition offered the same features/price it would have been at least debatable. But even then there would be enough difference that some would choose the Canon. I don't even own a Canon but aren't allowed to say I like them without being jumped by fanboys... sigh.. foolish indeed..
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