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  1. I've seen a similar product about a year ago in marketing materials from one of the gimbal makers. It was a sensor in the hot shoe hooked up to a follow focus. But I never saw it on sale. It would have meant Autofokus on all cameras even with vintage lenses.
  2. The camera has one job, process an image. If it needs 3-4 minutes work per image just to make people look normal.. that's not exactly awesome imo. It's like whith the white balance in Slog2. Defenders always claimed that setting the right WB needed extra time and effort and that is perfectly normal.. yeah no.. in every other camera on earth it's a basic setting that takes two seconds and always has. I love Sony cameras. I've bought many, way more than Canons. And I can get really nice looking images and colors out of them, no problem. But doing it fast, efficient and consistent compared to CaNikon, PanaOly, or even Pentax and Leica.. not so much.
  3. On some Canons you can choose between the old and the new color in the menu for C-log. With Raw stills they have been very consistent. Shooting for example the 5D classic side by side with the 6Dmkii it's close enough that most wouldn't be able to tell them apart. BTW, you don't even have to be +70 to have been shooting ancient Canons professionally. Could be interesting to have an age poll because it seems to me that many here are old enough to remember the time before the DSLR revolution.
  4. I wonder if for example Eddie who used to visit this forum and was in charge of the color science in the D16 would agree to changing the name of his job Same camera + different converter = different colors. Same converter + different camera = different colors. No matter how you turn it. Color science in camera raw files is a fact. Super easy to test, take photo of the same scene, adjust one using curves, Luna etc and then copy paste the adjustments and see if it's identical.
  5. Correct, when you get fired for taking all day to color correct a couple of hundred images it is your fault.. That color science doesn't affect raw is an internet myth. But believe what you want. Yup, anyone that has used more than one camera will experience it first hand.
  6. I've never been able to replicate the DNGs having lesser quality. They always looks great. I'm suspecting it's something many Foveon purists wants to be true and others are simply more used to using SPP.
  7. I haven't received it yet. All the FF art lenses plus for example the 50-100 covers the APS-H so there are plenty of lenses. I to went regular Quattro because of the price. But now it's a different story. Found a mint H + 35mm/1.4 for $850.
  8. Yes, good and "suck ass" is also a big difference. Ehhh... No... It's older CaNikon lenses that does NOT have focus by wire. Oly and Pana almost exclusively use focus by wire.
  9. Seems like a really cool camera, would love one, but ain't gonna pay that much. Maybe in two-three years. Guess It's sensor might end up in Nikons next high end camera.
  10. You and every c100, c300, 5D, Blackmagic operator out there. Clearly you/me are doing something wrong since we manage to get good results
  11. This is not true any more. The Sigma DP1, DP2 DP3, SD and SD H Qattro all shoot native DNGs which of course is editable in any raw editor you can think of. The original DP1 and DP2 is also Lightroom compatible without shooting DNGs. Another myth is that one must use a tripod. Obviously you don't need a tripod anymore than you do on a film camera. I've never used one, not once, with a Foveon. Personally I have loved all my Sigma Foveon cameras and I'm in the process of buying the SD Quattro H to see how I like it compared to the regular Quattro.
  12. They did a couple of years ago before I switched to FCPX. Guess they removed it again..
  13. Huge reason I like using the EOS-R for pro shooting. I've set a PP in camera and don't grade at all, just exposure adjustments. Looks fantastic. It's very close to my workflow with stills which is also very minimal.
  14. "Better" is always subjective. If you ask me h.265 is a total deal breaker. I want a high bitrate h.264 or Prores over it any day. But I get that others may like it.
  15. I wouldn't consider 400mbit to be low bitrate. I'm just hoping they will skip h.265 for as long as it's possible.
  16. No idea. I've had Sigma Foveon cameras both with and without video. Personally I hope they leave video out of it like they have on the Quattro.
  17. A FF Foveon is confirmed for 2020.
  18. Honestly, they can lock them in at iso100 for all I care. Been dreaming a long time for a base iso 50 or even 25 in a camera. The ISO 6 looks tasty even though I suspect it's a pull from 100.
  19. Finally had time to read the article and luckily I don't have to pre-order anything until 2020 as I had planned. "This is NOT the Foveon camera that will come in 2020…this is a “regular” 24MP Bayer sensor L-mount camera scheduled to be released in autumn!" Big pass on the FP for me but it will be interesting to follow.
  20. Only two things on my to do list. 1. Pre-order this 2. Prepare for all the negativity spawned by hype and then disappointment when people realize that all Sigmas so far, lovely as they are, are iso100 cameras.
  21. We don't. The point is that you can't dictate what "dumbing down" means. It's subjective. There are no end all feature that means nicer image according to everyones taste and workflow. I choose the best tool with the best specs in order to get the best possible results. In no way am I dumbing down anything. It just happens to be that tool is recording HD.
  22. Just as reference here are the stats from the last 28 days on my entire channel. Smartphone 40% Computer 39% Tablet 12% TV 7,9% Gaming console 0,8% I would be completely shocked if even 5% of the computer users watched the 4K uploads in 4K.
  23. Don't forget to take the speedbooster into account. What you see might not be the lens.
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