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  1. Just struggling to get the anamorphic to display correctly on the monitor, so switching to the anamorphic mode on the monitor seems to stop it displaying while recording? Everything works fine when using the monitor outside of anamorphic. There isn't much in the way of HDMI settings on the gh4 itself so after I went through them I'm not sure where else to look.
  2. I recently purchased a Feelword F5 5" monitor to try and desqueeze my anamorphic footage but had a number of problems. Does anyone recommend any small monitors for desqueezing 2x anamorphic? more specifically for the gh4. Thanks!
  3. I see. This is the adapter I picked up - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/202465333588 I may have to look into finding some native EF glass to test otherwise I'm out of ideas. Thanks for your help
  4. have been trying this, unfortunately hasn't made a difference yet. is there anything else that could cause this? no settings or anything I should be looking at? Thanks!
  5. I ended up going with the Viltrox EF-M2II with a M42- EF adapter in front of it but I'm having real trouble getting it to work with my helios 44-2? It doesn't focus any further than 30cm and won't go to infinity, so it is like it is a telephoto lens. I should be able to focus further than that right? @heart0less you touched on something about infinity focus in your reference images, is this something you know anything about? Any help would be great
  6. @heart0less Sorry just one more thing with the M42 - EF adapter you sent, I wouldn't need one with an electronic chip would I?
  7. Thank you for this, looks to do a similar job at a much cheaper price.
  8. Thanks heaps for the help. I'll look into the Viltrox - would this do much different from the metabones speed booster?
  9. I am trying to adapt a helios 44-2 58mm to my gh4 and I'd like to do this through a speed booster so I don't have to deal with crop. I'm just unsure which speedbooster would do the trick? would the speed booster ultra 0.71x canon ef to micro 4/3 be the way to go?
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