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  1. 5 hours ago, Caleb Genheimer said:

    Kodak Atlanta are the lab I’ll use if I have a choice, yeah. This had to be developed and scanned by Pro8mm at the time, KFLATL were closed down because of COVID restrictions. They did a good job, but Kodak’s scans are just a hair more crisp. 

    Gotcha. I used them in April as well. I think Kodak is open again on the 7th.

  2. On 7/2/2020 at 3:56 PM, Caleb Genheimer said:

    Had some footage left in a mag from another project, so I walked down to the river behind my house and used it up:


    Looks really nice. Cool to see more people on this forum shooting 16mm. Have you tried Kodak Film Lab Atlanta? Their rates and turn around time are the best I have found.

    15 hours ago, Caleb Genheimer said:

    Would I absolutely love a 416, an SR-3 Highspeed, or even an XTR Prod? Absolutely and maybe some day. But if I don’t tell you what camera I shot on, can you even tell? Not really.

    Exactly. I shot this on the Bolex Rex 4. If you get high quality scans and treat it right in post, it'll be close to what those bigger cameras can do. Bolex is kind of like the DSLR of the film cameras.  I really love the internal NDs and simplicity of the camera. I think for solo type shooting, it is a really good option. 


  3. 5 hours ago, thebrothersthre3 said:

    I am thinking the funky colors in the violin shot are due to underexposure. It looks like a rather high dynamic range scene. To get good exposure on your subject you'd probably have to clip the sky in the back. Underexposure can result in funky colors. 

    Exactly. The exposure needs to be motivated. It is difficult to force shots that don't exist, especially if you're trying to match contrast through out an entire piece. This is why shooting log footage without a LUT gets confusing.

    Different colors will appear differently depending on how they are exposed, obviously. The Canon, Red, and Arri all make sure green hold saturation even at the top of the image. All the LUTS you will use are probably balanced for a more standard exposure. If you're doing things like pushing highlights and extreme ETTR, you'll run into problems with saturation on certain colors.

    8 hours ago, kye said:

    Now I'm the proud owner of a colour checker, I can put some science into this madness, so today I filmed some test shots, with a handy tree in the shot to see what makes it radioactive and what doesn't.

    C-Log 4K 305Mbps shot:

    Looking at your frames makes me want one of these cameras again. I really love how the footage looks. I owned one 3 years ago. I remember I messed with some of the baked in profiles, those looked really nice as well. Maybe Production Standard? I can't remember. I use the C300 Mk2 now so I get them mixed up. The color seemed a bit thicker than if I shot C-LOG and tried to match what a baked in profile was giving me.

    You can do a lot in post with those files but you need to know what you want to do when you get into the edit. With the violinist,  I would assume you'd want to compensate for the under exposure and then maybe throw some sort of "power windows" or gradient exposure on the clouds to keep some of that beautiful blue sky and green trees.

    With the portrait test shot / you're essentially exposing for the shadows because of how the light is hitting you. If you opened up to your left slightly and had a bit of diffusion, you could drop the whole image down by a few stops and get a more rich / darker background. As is, the light is kind of a back light / side light.

    Here is what I came up with on the two frames. I don't have resolve, this is just Magic Bullet Looks in Premiere Pro. I don't have a color checker, but your WB is great so it's not that difficult to just level it out and tweak a few color with the HSL sliders. I did my best to try to match the two frame just for fun.




  4. Found this thread while researching the M50. 

    This camera seems to be the cheapest canon mirrorless that will work as a webcam through Microsoft Teams or Zoom. 

    Have anyone used this as a webcam? Does anyone know if you stream and record locally at the same time?

    The price has dropped below 500 with with the kit lens. 


  5. 8 minutes ago, tweak said:

    Maybe you shouldn't have sold that camera (or maybe you just know what you are doing, in which case you'll be fine with another camera).

    Yeah, I mean a camera is a camera. The F3 is a lot easier to get to a nice point color wise though. A bmpcc 4k or something can look good in the right hands as well, it just takes a lot more post work / experience in my opinion. Flat film scans are probably the easiest format to grade.

  6. 7 hours ago, tweak said:

    That video was really good. Skating, edit, colours, wow! My only gripe was the fake light leaks and film overlays (I'm just not a fan of those things), but other than that it had such a good flow and nice filmic look, very impressive.

    Thank you! That's actually all real 16mm film shot on Bolex! I suppose this just shows how much of a film look the F3 has. I had to tone the 16mm down a bit to match.

    I've done a bunch of projects on 16mm but a traditional skate project like this is not feasible to do all on film. If you're curious, you can poke around my Vimeo. 


  7. 2 hours ago, Mokara said:

    There was nothing to suggest that this particular incident had anything to do with racism, other than the police officer being white and the victim black.

    2 hours ago, Mokara said:

    My guess is that something happened in that gap that provoked the final situation, what exactly isn't clear, but I suppose it will come out in the trial.

    2 hours ago, Mokara said:

    In stories like this you can be certain that some (and likely a lot) people are trying to manipulate you in the interests of their own agenda.

    Yep. Exactly.

    The cop is being charged with 2nd degree murder because he killed a man and you’re still trying to defend him, solely for the reason that he’s a white cop! Get the hell out of here with that. He had 18 prior complaints filed against him. 

  8. I'm looking for get 1350.00 for the kit if payment sent through payday directly.

    SONY F3 with 444 Upgrade and Black Magic Video Assist. Hoping to sell this as a complete kit. You could pick up a couple vintage primes and shoot some really nice looking images. 

    This is the easiest and cleanest setup possible with the Sony F3. You get absolutely beautiful S-LOG1 ProRes files directly to an SD card, via SDI, powered from the internal batteries. (Via SWIT D-Tap.) 24 - 60FPS. Hoping to sell as a package. I loved using this setup for various projects, hoping to pass it along to someone else who will get some great use out of it.

    Sony F3 (1017 Hours.)

    Includes 2 SWIT D Tap / USB Power Batteries

    BM Video Assist

    Original Sony Dual Battery Charger

    Canon Batteries and Charger for BM Video Assist. (Can also run via d-tap.)

    Olympus OM to Sony Adapter (Lens not Included.)

    Nikon to Sony Adapter 

    SDI to Mini SDI

    D tap to Video Assist Power (These batteries were 250 a piece.)

    Includes top mounting plate and shoulder rig with 15mm rail support. (needs new screws for rails.)

    The camera operates perfectly, this the exception of the view finder which is unfortunately starting to go out. It works in the down position but will need to be fixed eventually. I personally alway use the LCD for menu and the monitor with LUT for monitoring. The viewfinder is only really useful for handheld monitor in bright sunlight.

    Here is the eBay listing just in case.


    Here is a project I just shot with this setup. 


  9. 30 minutes ago, Snowfun said:

    “This whole virus thing”.

    The empathy is almost visible...

    Not very self aware. Sounds like the verbiage kids were using back in early March. 

  10. It depends. The Vimeo network is really good. I’ve connected with a lot of really interesting and talented people through Vimeo. I’m sure people could say the same about YouTube.

    The player / embed also looks way more professional on a website. 

    I’ve always had really nice luck with the quality of their player. ProRes LT uploaded to their site handles film grain wonderfully. I never see macro blocking like I do on YouTube. 

  11. 8 hours ago, PannySVHS said:

    Are you using a F3? What is your take on it compared to a FS700? I turned into a weirdo by your guys´psalms about the "mini alexa". Guess I read Alexa Mini.:) @BenEricson

    I mostly shoot with the C300 Mk2 right now. (Or when we were shooting more.) I actually probably like the F3 image about the same, maybe better. The C300 Mk2 is just so easy to use and does really good in mixed light. Great baked in options and 4k without a recorder. 

    I never had good experience with the FS700. I could never get the color to look right. I suppose it looks really nice with a speed booster at f2 on a 50mm, but you can't shoot everything like that. 

    My F3 is sitting on the shelf. Let me know if you need a back up. :)  Anyway. Your footage looks awesome. Keep it up.

    If you think the black magic pocket is bad, try looking for a used digital bolex. Those are like 5-7K.

  12. 8 hours ago, PannySVHS said:


    This thread didn´t help to stop me. As some long time forum enthusiasts @IronFilm :) might remember, I have been thinking about getting a F3 for a while. The term "mini alexa" didnt help me much for resisting. So I just bought an F3 with the 444 update for around 750 eu. It was 200 more than I was dreaming on spending as max. But then I was thinking, when will a 444 model come around again. Plus my FS700 gives 2K aliasing parade over SDI, so I would have to record 4K output to really make it shine.

    But then again, how long will I have to wait to find a deal on a 444 recorder.:) Crap, 750, these days, for a 1080p camera! Well, better than spending all on toilet paper. This video gave me the last push towards my weird purchase. Such beautiful colors. Darn, some talented people on this forum can achieves this look with a GH3 or a 5D3. Right? Anyone want a F3 with 444 output? :) I should stay away from dangerious threads like this one. cheers:) By the way, no cheap deals on the OG BM Pockets anymore.


    Looks so good. I love the images from this camera.

  13. 4 hours ago, Oliver Daniel said:

    Seen a lot of internet bashing on the R5 already.

    It won’t be perfect. 

    Probable things:

    - 8k may have bad rolling shutter.

    - 8k may have a severe recording limit.

    - 4k120 may have aliasing, no audio and have a time limit. 

    - All 4k modes only available in monochrome (ok joke). 

    I don’t get the bashing though. We know 8k will have some compromises but who the hell needs it anyway?

    Assess it when it arrives, and if you feel it fits your needs, solves any current problems and enhances your creativity - win! 

    I hope it’s a win. 

    If it is, back to Canon I go after 7 years of abandonment. 

    I feel like a lot of those people haven't used the 1DX2. That camera is amazing and is over 4 years old. There's no reason why they can't do clean 8K.

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