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  1. Yeah I heard vlog is meant to be used only at iso 400, and with log and an already noisy camera, exposing properly is very important too. Have seen great stuff from it though. keep trying it out and posting more, because I have nothing else going on in my life
  2. mokay. you weren't the only one that said it. that's a fine opinion too.
  3. yeah it'd be silly to delete this whole thread. I come here for interesting news, and this is interesting. actually a lot of people on here taking Panasonic's side and saying this is stealing, which you may not have happened at all on another forum. the actual instructions provided in the thread were "hey.. this is possible, figure it out". so yeah, legal trouble would be ridiculous. and honestly don't blame anyone for taking advantage of it.
  4. yeah, moire at 1:10 - and FPN at 2:11, right? but does look pretty great
  5. Liam

    Guess the camera

    any issues with the new mount? that's pretty impressive @neosushi. infinity is still infinity, etc?
  6. Liam

    Guess the camera

    crop mode on a7s or rii would fit the bill too then right?
  7. so.. if it's the a7s sensor and 4k internal, it would have to be full frame, right?
  8. Liam

    Guess the camera

    But I diiiiiiidnnnn't no, the depth of field and focal length seem to show it can't be a smart phone. Not to step on toes, I figure this can be a bit of a discussion
  9. yeah, they can give a good image, and some people are coming around to it, but still kind of a bad stigma sometimes. and you're using external audio and lights and a tripod? if that stuff looks professional, it'll draw the eye
  10. yeah, I would've recommended the lx100 sooner if it didn't look like it does.. but still, if they're comfortable with someone on a dslr already... besides, in that aspect, the bmpcc is almost worse
  11. if budget and lenses are still a slight concern with the gh4, the g7, or lx100 even, have been proven to have really great images. might feel restricted slightly on the telephoto end with the lx100, but the focal lengths you have, it would appear (and according to Andrew Reid), are like having a set of primes. you definitely don't have to get obsessed with videography, but having a camera of your own to fiddle with and googling/asking when you're confused, you'll be fine. especially if you're already getting a lot of good feedback and people wanting you. also, if you ever want to make films, liking films really is good enough to go on.
  12. it's probably easier to get a deeper depth of field on a large sensor than it is to get a shallow depth of field on a small sensor, sometimes. if it's you're only camera, go for some middle ground sensor size (micro four thirds, aps-c) to have (sort of) the best of both. focal length could be all you need to change to get either result you mentioned with the hypothetical interview. could you handle raw or a higher end codec if you got a blackmagic? no offense, obviously we're all learning, but you sound a little new to all of this (which you can stop apologizing about btw ). gh4 is a great image, not too expensive, and some slowmo ability if you ever want it. g7 might be a better option - cheaper, pretty identical image, still some slowmo ability, though you'll never get log. might want to keep this next camera you get as cheap as possible, with a workflow and ergonomics you know you can handle, while still having an acceptable image and somewhat large sensor, if this is one you'll be learning a lot on. and then if you decide you need something later, you can upgrade no harm done. used to be the t2i everyone would recommend here (still what I use), but the g7 is a big jump in image quality and not a big jump in price. kit lens and a fast, vintage prime, you'll be learning a lot and have very few restrictions.
  13. Yeah, I'd heard and seen some results that on aps-h it has some rolloff but no vignette. But I thought the crop became slightly bigger than aps-h with an xl. Are you sure it's 1.3317x? I heard 1.28x. Might still work, and I might be wrong http://www.fredmiranda.com/forum/topic/1225718
  14. Liam

    GH4 V-Log $99

    yeah this is just log, wouldn't affect internal 10 bit ability of the camera or be related at all. Not sure if a firmware update for 10 bit internal is possible, but if so you could use any of the picture profiles with it
  15. maybe colors and crop mode, easier to match a canon A camera, and Magic lantern hacks
  16. thanks for the test! just to be sure... which is which?
  17. well that's low frame rates too. if you're okay with less than 24fps for certain shots, capable cameras can doing slower shutter speeds. I do like the effect. Magic Lantern allows it on Canon dslrs, but I'm not sure of others (apparently a7rii). Thought I'd heard the gh4 could do something like that, but not sure, and not sure how to search for it. you can do it in burst photo mode (sort of)
  18. I agree, just responding to the article. pretty flexible but not perfect all arounder
  19. https://vimeo.com/136927545 he did post the video (one of?) for it though - didn't notice. looks good! hoping the write up will come soon, but of course no rush Mr Reid :3
  20. was just testing a little bit. think for me, as a normal lens, for closeups, 28mm (44.8mm equiv) is a little too wide. I get in the article they were saying slightly wide to make things subtly weird, but imo, at closeup distance at least, it is no longer subtle. 35mm flattened it out a lot more, not that flatter is always better. 31mm seemed to be a sweet spot for my test in terms of focal length going unnoticed, which is basically my exact 50mm equiv - hadn't really seen that for myself before as being the perfect middle ground, and it's a little dissatisfying that it's where I landed really, but makes sense for certain shots that you don't want to accidentally make stylized. Of course when everything is further from the lens, wider becomes acceptably subtle, and maybe 28mm even for closeups could work for the "film look", but in storytelling terms, this is where I'm leaning. (fyi - kit lens distortion may have rendered my opinion completely meaningless)
  21. looks like it's trying to stabilize fixed on the plants and not actually along with the camera movements..? looks surreal and odd. that just me?
  22. interesting. (by the way, for me the 50 I was talking about is an 80mm equivalent). I have actually done a few short things on just that lens, since not switching lenses is always easier than switching lenses. And I've gotten great close, medium, and wide shots with it, which was a little surprising, since it's technically pretty telephoto (though it's pretty horrible for walking with it handheld). Hell I love using my 500mm equivalent for telephoto sometimes, which people often say is overkill (come to think of it, I once used my 300mm on a 1.6x crop sensor with 10x digital zoom for a great shot at a wedding). don't remember my point. focal lengths
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