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    Ty Harper got a reaction from Evolvnyc in Battle of the Canons! 1dc vs. C100 vs. C300mkii   
    @DaveAltizer what year was your 1DC made? Asking because I know there was that pixel/heating issue that was affecting models of the 1DC, so just trying to get a sense of whether it was models made before a specific year/period.
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    Ty Harper reacted to Matthew19 in My first 1DX II / 1DC wedding film   
    This was done in FF 1080p mode, which is still beautiful looking. I think that the image is improved over the other canon full frame options out there, espically for 60fps. Colors are exactly what I want.   I'll try and share a 4k wedding as soon as we shoot one. But, Is not looking forward to storing that data. 
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    Ty Harper reacted to Dave Maze in Battle of the Canons! 1dc vs. C100 vs. C300mkii   
    I had some free time today and so I went into the studio and did some tests. They aren't very proper and they aren't the best in the world...but hopefully this will help someone out there!
    I used some of the EOSHD Canon picture profiles for the 1DC part so check that out!
    I am by no means a professional colorist. I tried to balance the images best I could in Resolve. You will notice that some shots are a tad blurry....I'm sorry about that. I had continuous autofocus on.
    Here are my findings:
    Canon 1DC:
    It's totally still relevant. The fact that this camera came out in 2012 and is competing with the new C300 mkii is incredible. 
    Official Canon Log: Is great. It grades really nicely and is really clean and natural looking. Totally recommended. The 4k 4:2:2 8bit is much better than the 1080p 4:2:0 of the C100. 
    EOSHD C-Log: Its good for sure but not as good as built in Canon Log on the 1DC. I need to play more with it but I had some troubles with it. 
    Other EOSHD profiles: These are fun! I love the Monochrome one a lot!
    Its done. Too old. Image is soft. Has terrible artifacts. Built in codec is total crap. Get this guy out of here. 
    Wide DR if handled properly could be a good profile to shoot most things on. Its not too flat so the low bitrate doesn't fall apart as much.
    C300 mkii:
    This is the best camera of the three (as it should be) but not by much in relation to 1DC!
    Canon Log and Canon Log 2 aren't very good. Canon Log 3 seems just about right as far as nailing the color science. Everything balanced really nicely and looked great. 
    4K 10Bit really holds together nicely when grading. 
    I thought 1080p 12bit would be stronger...but I really didn't notice much of a difference between it and the 4k footage. 
    Slow motion: It's OK. There are other cameras coming out that have better slow motion abilities. To go past 60fps you have to crop in on the sensor by 2x which turns the crop from being 1.4x (Super35) to 2.8! That's more than micro four thirds.

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    Ty Harper got a reaction from Santiago de la Rosa in Bought the Edelkrone SliderONE   
    One more for the new year :-) 
    Wondering if B&H will stock these soon... 
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    Ty Harper reacted to jcs in 1DX II 20 minute 4K24p test with ISO Ramp   
    @tomekk asked for a 1DX II test to see if it suffers from a problem reported for the 1DC. 1DX II 4K24p recorded for 20 minutes in a 75F office with lens cap on- didn't get very hot. Ramped from ISO 200 to 12800, Lumetri exposure set to 2.5 stops to show noise pattern:
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    Ty Harper reacted to tomekk in To Buy, Or Not To Buy: The Canon 1DX mk II   
    It would be nice if someone could test this. JCS, Andrew?
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    Ty Harper reacted to photographer-at-large in To Buy, Or Not To Buy: The Canon 1DX mk II   
    Except, sensor in 1DxII is completely different dual pixel design.
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    Ty Harper reacted to Matthew19 in To Buy, Or Not To Buy: The Canon 1DX mk II   
    This issue was a real problem for some 1DC owners. From what I understand, it was caused because there was no way to re-map pixels. It didn't apply to the 1DX and doesn't to the 1dxII either. I have no idea why it was exclusive to the 1DC other than it was a hot - rodded camera and had some design changes.
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    Ty Harper reacted to homestar_kevin in Bought the Edelkrone SliderONE   
    I've wanted one of these since they came out.
    Just checked the edelkrone website, and it looks like they added a motor/timelapse module to work with the sliderONE.
    Has anyone checked this out?
    I've always wanted one, but man, I want one even more now.
    That is really really cool.
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    Ty Harper reacted to Dave Maze in Canon 1D X Mark II review part 1 - why superior colour means it's game over for my Sony A7S II   
    We shot this whole thing with the 1dc and Leica R glass. Really loved that. I personally own a set of CONTAX Zeiss lenses and love the look they create. 
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    Ty Harper got a reaction from kaylee in Magic Lantern cracks the 5D Mark IV.   
    Honestly didn't think they had the nuts to do this but looks like it's going to be an interesting 2017.
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    Ty Harper reacted to sam in LUTS, LOOK Recommendations for the 1DC   
    For a quick job, Film convert is what I too prefer for the 1dc after exploring many other paid/free options. Otherwise, just create your own look.
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    Ty Harper reacted to Dimitris Stasinos in Should I sell my 5D MKIII and pay the difference for a used 1DC?   
    As a 5d iii user and big fan of 5d ML raw, i always wondered how raw on 5d is considered as a "real" option for this camera and not a luxury (time consuming, unriable, extreme cost per Gb of footage etc). It seems that you need these cameras for real jobs so i would stay away from a camera which has two modes: A) crappy & softy low cost HD (personal opinion as an owner...don't shoot me...), B) spectacular & CC friendly raw with a serious price tag. For me, a tool has to give a constant result every time i use it, because you never know what kind of challenge you will face in the near future. Lets say you have a 2-cam/100 min event coverage next week....hmmmm....mode A...damn, what if you desperately need mode B? You have seen it, you liked it but you can't have it this time because it's not a video clip.
    Also, you may have become used to the workflow but you will never look back once you have used a proper codec from a serious video camera.
    Also  If you keep your 5d and purchase an A7s ii you will have to face a painful workflow on the one hand and a CC odyssey on the other to match these cameras in post. So, i would pay the difference for a 1dc...
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    Ty Harper reacted to Andrew Reid in Should I sell my 5D MKIII and pay the difference for a used 1DC?   
    If you are happy with the full frame raw image from the 5D Mark III you will love the full frame 1080p straight out of the 1D C as well, especially the 1.3x crop HDMI 1080p when 4K mode is engaged. I found raw on the 5D Mark III to be great, but reliability isn't a strong point.
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    Ty Harper reacted to Django in Should I sell my 5D MKIII and pay the difference for a used 1DC?   
    Grading is definitely a subtle art.. you could spend all day and in the end your footage looks like shit. That's why you got LUTs and Cine picture profiles. 
    If you wanna remain with Canon for the colors then I'd strongly suggest as others have the C100 mark 2. I'm in love with this camera, the image, the video assist features, dual pixel AF, ND's & overall ergonomics/ease of use. The peace of mind it gives is so rewarding (i'm always nervous on how a shoot is going to turn out with DSLRs).
    Btw, if Canon release a mk3 this year with 4K, super slo-mo and XC10 422 codec.. I'd upgrade in a heartbeat and be content for years to come.. Currently as is, i'm still undecided on what to do for my upcoming 4K needs..
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    Ty Harper reacted to Django in Should I sell my 5D MKIII and pay the difference for a used 1DC?   
    Canon has great colors no doubt but isn't that what Log + grading is about? A7S2 is still a beast for offering FF full readout 4K, zebra, peaking, log & IBIS.. 5D3 image is soft as hell 1080p and judders like crazy as soon as you pan. I still use mine as B-cam to my C100 PDAF but would seriously consider ditching it for an A7S2 if stills weren't important to me..
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    Ty Harper reacted to Marco_A in LTO compatibility with a Hackintosh   
    $500.00 is a good price if the unit is in good working order.  Please make sure it has the latest firmware (HP provides an upgrade tool) otherwise LTFS won't work on OSX.
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    Ty Harper reacted to mercer in Should I sell my 5D MKIII and pay the difference for a used 1DC?   
    That's understandable. Other than my XC10, I've only ever used low end DSLRs. Because I love the Canon Log out of the XC10, and since I cannot afford a C100, I've decided I am probably going to get an 80D... for close ups and DPAF. Hopefully I can match the two.
    If I was contemplating switching DSLR brands, I would go with a Nikon D750 or D500 before I'd go with a Sony. I get the appeal of the A7Sii, but I'd rather deal with Nikon Flat profile before SLog... But I am not that great of a colorist either. 
    So with all that being said, I'd definitely pick the 1DC before the Sony. But that's just me... Or wait a year and get the 1dxii used for the same price the 1DC is going for now. 
    The C300ii is beautiful. In the recent C500 thread, Kino recently posted some clips from the internal 10 bit 1080p and it looks amazing. 
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    Ty Harper got a reaction from mercer in Should I sell my 5D MKIII and pay the difference for a used 1DC?   
    I used the C300 professionally for a while and loved it (and the C100), but for my personal projects I'd prefer the option of either building up a cage (I've got the Wooden Camera one) with an external recorder and monitor, or travelling light with just the DSLR.
    DPAF is the one thing I really want but not a deal breaker. A7S II just seems like the practical move but again I feel like the 1DC might be one of those unique looks that become vintage in the future.
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    Ty Harper reacted to jcs in Should I sell my 5D MKIII and pay the difference for a used 1DC?   
    We replaced our backup 5D3 with a 1DX II: shooting both stills and video. The 1DX II / 1DC are great 'stealth' video cameras. Our main video camera is now the C300 II. PDAF, a swivel screen, pro audio, great 1080p (4K is not need for our current projects and Premiere still struggles with 4K material (each PP CC update is hit or miss- sometimes 4K works better, sometimes worse. FCPX handles 4K fine (even with high quality rendering / no transcoding)). Thus the C100 II really is a great deal right now- fantastic 1080p, pro audio, swivel screen, PDAF, tiny files, Canon color, etc.
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    Ty Harper reacted to Mattias Burling in Should I sell my 5D MKIII and pay the difference for a used 1DC?   
    Personally I switched from the 5Dmkiii with Raw to the 1DC. And honestly I was a bit underwhelmed. Its a nice image but not that much better than the ML Raw. And not enough imo to justify the extra cost and lack of video features. Not a fan of the ergonomics either, comfortable grip but annoyingly tall imo.
    But... I didnt use any of them for stills. If you shoot alot of stills the 1DC is a monster just like the 1DX. 
    I also had the a7sii but again, rather have a 5D. Would choose the 1DC over the a7sii as well.
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    Ty Harper reacted to mercer in Should I sell my 5D MKIII and pay the difference for a used 1DC?   
    I think they are both great cameras, with their own unique looks. With MKiii you get ML Raw and it's simply gorgeous. With the 1Dc you get Canon LOG, equally gorgeous IMO, just different. Of those options, if you can afford it, I would go with the 1Dc... when paired with the right glass, the image is on a different level. There's just nothing else like it at that price point. But, in all honesty, if I had $4000 to spend, I would probably get a C100 mkii before either of them... DPAF, 60p, small file size, Canon LOG, XLR professional quality audio... a truly professional level video camera. You may be able to find a used C100 mkii and a used A7Sii if you're really interested in the Sony. 
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    Ty Harper reacted to Marco_A in LTO compatibility with a Hackintosh   
    What was most disconcerting with my Hackintosh experience was lack of stability.  Although I had turned automatic software updates off, the version I was running stopped working with Apples cloud services (iMessages, Backup, ...).  I also experienced way too many crashes and apps that ran on vanilla OSX would not work on the Hackintosh version.  I hope your experience would be far better than mine.
    BRU has many features and allows you to perform, full, partial or incremental backups and restores.  It allows you to tune its parameters (buffer sizes, read/write blocks, etc.) to get the best transfer rates out of your controller and LTO drive.  It also has a reasonable UI (not as elegant as Apple's) to navigate volumes and archives.  I have been using it to backup my 12TB RAID and make archival backups of my RED mini-mags after shoots.
    BRU is primarily a Mac app (they also support Linux), if I were you, I would ask users on reduser.net or Tolis Group if Hackintosh is supported and viable.  They do offer a free trial for their software - you should try before you buy.
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    Ty Harper reacted to Marco_A in LTO compatibility with a Hackintosh   
    You may have better luck posting your questions on reduser.net - there are numerous LTO users (a must for raw workflow backup and archiving) and a handful of Hackintosh users. 
    I gave up on Hackintosh many moons ago due to lack of 3rd party driver support and instability caused by OSX software updates.  I have been using the HP LTO5 drive you are considering on a 2013 Mac Pro with BRU software (http://www.tolisgroup.com/) with great success!  LTFS never worked for me - too slow for large directories and somewhat unreliable.
    If I were you, I would start with Windows and explore LTFS and see if it meets your needs.
    Best of luck,
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    Ty Harper reacted to mercer in Monopod Help   
    I have the Sirui and it's great... Until it isn't. Let me explain... Inside the individual tubes is a plastic piece. The extension and collapse of the legs over time causes the aluminum to bite into the plastic and shave off little pieces that get stuck and mar the aluminum. Also, the twist locks do not work that great after a while. The upper pan section is practically useless. The bottom section is good, but the knob that provides the tension is starting to fail, making it difficult to loosen the tension on the bottom pan/tilt movements. I've had mine for less than a year and these little headaches are forcing me to search for a new monopod. I will probably get the Benro and put lock nuts on the back of the flip locks... If it's possible?
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