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  1. Personally i'm disappointed with the quality of testing. You don't charge $3000+ for a product and then shoot pillars and DVD cases. I don't think it's too much to ask to get some real-world tests up. With people. Just not the right way to show off the quality of your product. And all of these new items have no tests at all. You post up "product demos" that are just CG fly-bys of what the products will look like. You may be a great engineer, but you definitely need some help with the marketing aspect. Trying to be genuinely helpful too, please don't take it as an attack.
  2. Looks crisp. Liking the colors i'm seeing from this camera. Just wish a speed booster was possible. Ah well, for video it's shaping up nicely. Can't wait until you can natively edit h265
  3. 3200 for gh4 video is a no-go , sadly. Maybe something could be saved with denoise software but I haven't tried it
  4. what's wrong with channing tatum? sure he isn't daniel day lewis but this thread seems unnecessary
  5. pretty cool. i like seeing action scenes shot with the a7s. Didn't notice too much jello so congrats. That said, your gang of toughs looked more like trust fund babies lol.
  6. That would be amazing. I just need a review and know the strengths and weaknesses. I know it's a good price in comparison to its competitor but it's still a chunk of change for something new to the market place.
  7. That's pretty awesome! Hopefully something like that gets integrated into a newer version of the A7S
  8. What is with the strange distortion? I've noticed that as well. Makes any sort of panning or camera movement unpleasant aesthetically
  9. These lenses are multicoated, yes? Very disappointing as they don't flare much at all and have little character.
  10. If you always waited for the next thing, you'd never get anything. There hasn't been a peep about a dedicated gh4 speedbooster in months, i'd probably just buy a regular m43 one now. You can always sell if if a gh4 one comes out. Good glass tends to hold its value pretty decently.
  11. Won't this crop your footage and potentially cause warping artifacts, though?
  12. my two options for entering the anamorphic world are this, or just waiting for the 2x slr magic. I would probably buy a Kowa to pair the FM with, could you ask if they could demo it on FF (or S35 at the very least) with a Kowa and 85 or 105mm taking lens? Preferably a demo with people, like the last one posted. It would really go a long way to sway my opinion.
  13. It's possible because they don't include the motors or controller ;)
  14. that looks fantastic IMO. Very excited!
  15. I agree, you don't buy a FF camera to shoot cropped. You can buy a speedbooster to get it back close to FF, but you lose 4K capability, which i'm not loving. The rolling shutter is THE reason I'm not going to get the A7S. Leaning toward the Mark III, even though i'd love 4K capability. Really wish someone would just release a FF, 4K internal cam with log / acceptable rolling shutter. Closest thing on the horizon seems to be the fs7 with speedbooster, but it's way more $$$.
  16. Thanks for the reply :) I must say I do enjoy the fact that according to andrew's article 55-60mm should cover a full frame sensor. Telephoto anamorphic is awesome but having the ability to go 60mm for 30mm FOV is amazing.
  17. What kind of focal length would i need for the taking lense if I were to use this with a Kowa bell & howell 2x?
  18. A Lomo for $500, i'm so jealous! The only ones I can find on ebay are $4500-$7500 a piece now. Talk about a great investment.
  19. This lens is quite interesting. The SLR Magics are single focus, no? For someone on a budget, would you all recommend waiting for this lense? I was considering picking up a Kowa on ebay and was looking at the FM Module that has a thread in the anamorphic forum. Still waiting on more info on the FM , but was interesting in the forum's opinion? Wait for this 2x or go with the Kowa? I assume the Kowa will have better optics, but i also know that the single focus adapter would degrade image quality anyway, so here we are!
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