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  1. Thanks for the feedback, people. Think I'll go for the BMCC option, risks included.
  2. There have been rumours floating around for over half a year that metabones are working on a dedicated GH4 speedbooster. Does anyone have any more info on this? I emailed metabones but no reply as expected. Thinking about settling for the nikon -> m43 speedbooster, but I bet they'll release a dedicated GH4 one as soon as I've forked out the cash.
  3. [quote name='EOSHD' timestamp='1353095885' post='21793'] Thanks for all the feedback guys. In order of importance what do you think is most critical to you? Single focus barrel (not dual focus like Kowa) OR adaptable to different primes? If the adapter cost for example around $1000 (I just made this up, nothing to do with actual pricing as this is not decided on yet) and was dual-focus would you buy it? With dual focus you cannot rack focus during a shot and it takes longer to confirm focus, is trickier too. How much would you be prepared to spend on a high quality single focus anamorphic (like the Iscorama)? [/quote] Single focus is top of the list for me. The flare looks pretty good and you can shoot in low light so that's two important things checked off my list (they were shooting on their prototype 25mm 0.95 at f2.0 I believe). It would be good to know what the minimum focus distance is. Andrew said he was standing 1.8m away, but how clost could he have gone? I'd spend $1000 if it had single focus, yes.
  4. I'm well pleased about focus peaking. Little bit scary pulling focus without it when you're shooting stuff intended for the big screen. XLR accessory is a welcome surprise. GH3 has the edge on the Black Magic for me, mainly because it means I can use m43 lenses like 25mm f0.95 lenses and f1.4 12mm Fingers crossed for a BMCC with an m43 mount!
  5. Such a shame m43 lenses are out of the question. I would buy a BMCC in a flash with those lenses were compatible.
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