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  1. I would rather just pay $30 for one month than go through all the trouble.
  2. You shouldn't have any issues. I've had my gh5 and gh4 out in -15 and lower temperatures for hours on a tripod where the camera and lenses were completely frozen over and didn't have any issues.
  3. vas

    X-T3 or Pocket 4K?

    I rarely use AF, the rare occasions I use it's on a gimbal, with the OM 12mm f2 and never have issues. The movements are slow and at such a wide angle it works great for when I need it.
  4. vas

    X-T3 or Pocket 4K?

    It would be hard to move away from a GH5 which has 100% of everything I "need" in a hybrid camera (IBIS, flip screen, 4k 60p, good battery life, usable 6400 iso, 180fps HD, ergonomics, weather sealing, ). At a minimum any camera that would make me leave a GH5 would have to have all these options at a minimum whether it's APSC or FF camera and be under $2500.
  5. 4k 60p, IBS, clean ISO 6400, 1080 240fps at high bit rate, and I'm all in.
  6. Can't push the 180FPS to much in post it seems. But definitely better than GH4 96FPS
  7. http://www.art-list.io/ I've been using alot. It's a different model in that you pay one fee and can use their whole catalog.
  8. Make sure you have constant preview on.
  9. ​This is what I really want out of NAB and keep it under 5k.
  10. My wish list for a AF100 successor: • 10bit 4:2:2 • Up to 4k 60p at high bit rates • Usable iso up to 6400 • ND •13 stop of usable dynamic range • Under $6000
  11. When it comes to faces you either have a budget for a good makeup artist that can deal with HD or you don't. No amount of filters can really deal with pores, acne, blotchy skin etc.. Granted there are people with great skin that can get away with close ups but I don't really see the issue as being 4k or cameras that capture sharp and detailed images.
  12. Can you put a NX to Nikon mount and then put a Nikon Metbones adapter on the NX1? If you can is there any issues with focusing to infinity?
  13. I'm not sure if the focus is slightly of on the 1DC but the sharpness and detail the A7S is picking up is really good compared to the 1DC.
  14. ​Hardly visible? There is a huge visible difference between 10bit 4:2:2 and 8bit 4:2:0.
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KvdklMpGLE Atomos Shogun + GH4. I've been looking around for images shot from the combo. The image looks really clean even with Youtube compression.
  16. Shot on the GH3 using mainly old OM lenses and Nikon 55mm f1.2
  17. Shot on GH2s. Single day shoot. Had some free time from commercial work and decided to shoot this music video for a friend.
  18. Is there any consensus on 1080 60p 200mbs All-I or 1080 60p100mbs video quality, which is better?
  19. It honestly depends what you're final delivery medium will be. If it's mostly web based then going with a 5dii and GH4 isn't that much of a issue. We shoot with a GH4, GH3, GH2 and 60D and have no issues since most of the projects are web based. I doubt your audience are pixel peepers like most of us are lol. Short doc use I'd go with your 5dii/GH4 with EF metabones adapter. The battery life alone on a GH4 compared to a A7s is a big plus.
  20. For autofocus with photos I would definitely have to go with some native mount glass which they have a nice line up(16-50 f2-f2.8, 50-150 f2.8) and I'll be going with older Nikon primes mainly for video. Depending on the look I'm going for on a project I also might use native glass for video.
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