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  1. I mean, yeah...but honestly, autofocus. It's alright, but it's not essential. I'm filming a handheld doc at the moment with SLOG3, a variable ND and the Canon 24-105mm...is it challenging? Yeah, sometimes. But it works and I love the results. Pop it to f9 or something and missing focus a little won't be such a huge deal.
  2. No, it's bad...and triply so if you're thinking of using Canon lenses with the Metabones adapter - I don't even use auto focus for photography. Invest in a Sony lens if you really need auto focus and think about the A7R2, which by all accounts has better auto focus.
  3. I think you've done a great job, but...I preferred the little sections in the middle where you weren't really trying to emulate the style of other videos like this. The wooshes and swoops kind of take me out of the action a little bit and I'm left thinking, does this fastly cut interwoven style work for your subject, Cuba? I don't know, I've never been, but the feeling I got from your actual shots was a more laid back lifestyle, people seemed to be taking their time, life looks more sanguine - could you capture that? Otherwise on an aesthetic level the colours are amazing and your movement is lovely. You also seem to great way with the locals, they let you get close and film them which is always pretty challenging. I guess I'd just like to see more of the human side come out of it.
  4. Also interested in this. If it's just a compression algorithm, it should be possible.
  5. I know SLOG3 is supposed to be a complete waste with 8 bit, but I like the aesthetic. You don't ALWAYS get banding, although you always get some sort of macro blocking, although that doesn't bother me so much if the image itself is, you know, nicely framed + generally a decent image. I have tinkered with other PP settings though, and while Cine 4 always works...it never really manages to blow me away like SLOG does.
  6. Is there a password around or is this still private? Wanted to take another look. Also really liked 'Tangents', thought the camera movement was incredible.
  7. So far I've really liked the colours from SLOG3 and Slog3.Cine on the A7SII, skin tones seem pretty natural.
  8. Are you still in Germany? Thomann.de have them in stock and I swear I found a transmitter only link yesterday, might be worth just emailing them and asking. I recently bought a mic from them and they were super helpful.
  9. Having the same sorts of issues others have had here with Premiere Pro, think there is a bug somewhere along the latest updates. Right now editing 4K footage in a 1080 timeline works best, if I want to export 4K I'll change it at the very end.
  10. Cheers, thanks. I won't be holding anything on the hotshoe, just mounting a mic on a little hot shoe extender to get it out of my face. It's all a bit...fiddly and wobbly, I actually wouldnt mind a cage but I cannot for the life of me find a shop that sells Movcam cages in Germany and has stock within the next 4 month. If anyone reading this has an idea, holla me! In the meantime, thanks Geoff.
  11. So this is embarrassing. I need to mount a mic on my A7SII, currently mounting it right in the middle of the camera hits me in the face. So I bought this bracket to move it to the side. This bracket, however, mounts in the camera's hot shoe and the bracket's foot is a rough ole metal thing which looks something like... Is that OK? Will I wreck my hot shoe and the fancy electrical teeth inside? Here's the A7SII 'multi-interface shoe' btw:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multi_Interface_Shoe Thanks for ANY help!
  12. This is the kinda topic I like. Watched something on Vimeo like your example photos recently, stunning technique when used right: http://vimeo.com/149046328
  13. Brilliant, appreciate the reply, big help and feel better about plumping down the cash on these things.
  14. Nice! Great to hear of some good experiences with that combo, took me ages to whittle down the list and move away from the H4n. Do you think the Tascam might be a little too big to secure to a cage?
  15. Gonna drag this up as the conversation was interesting and I'm currently purchasing my sound setup after MUCH deliberation. I need a good all in one field solution for capturing audio on the go with my A7S II. One setup I'm looking at is the camera + Tascam DR-100 Mk.II on the rig + Sennheiser MKE 600 shotgun mic plugged into the Tascam. It'll be a dual audio setup which might be a pain in post with syncing. The other option is getting the XLR module for the A7S II, but my problem with that is the mic it ships with is useless and is a very specific thing to buy for the cost. The Tascam I can use for many, many years and resell if I have to. The XLR module could lose value and become obsolete much easier. Not sure if anyone knows, but an XLR mic linked up to an audio recorder couldnt be triggered from the camera...right? I also went for the Sennheiser as that seemed to be the most well reviewed shotgun mics out there for the price. I was considering the Rode NTG4+ but it's very long and the Sennheiser seemed to beat it slightly in reviews. Looking at this Tilta rig right now, because it looks beautfiul and I love that wooden handle: http://cvp.com/index.php?t=product/tilta_es-t17-a Lav wise I'll have a couple of Rode SmartLavs plugged into Zoom H1s.
  16. Not a problem, I see where you're coming from - it's definitely worse after JPEG compression but you'd see it with any kind of web compression anyway so better seeing it from post rather than pre compression. Either way, I'm still a massive fan of the SLOG 3 image. There's so much backlash and nitpicking online about Sony cameras (not pointing at you here, just seems to be a recurring trend, because of popularity perhaps), but I'm just really enjoying the A7SII. Yes, Sony could up the bitrate and add 422 or 10 bit, but until that day, it's such a great little camera capable of lovely photos and incredible video. love sticking a vintage lens on the camera, massively reducing it's size and getting those vintage characteristics.
  17. I won't say too much other than I absolutely loved it and was in awe of the cinematography. One of the most beautiful films I have ever seen.
  18. I haven't had any problems with banding, but that could be down to having not seen a blue sky since purchase, and there's something about the SLOG 3 aesthetic that really appeals to me. Here's some screen grabs from some shots I grabbed in Wales over Christmas. There's some colour blocking going on in the left hand side of the sky, but you really don't notice it watching it back.
  19. Have to say, I've loved the SLOG 3 footage I've got from the camera so far. Pro tip: Filmconvert isn't too friendly to the footage and is way more likely to produce banding than an Impulz Lut. I used FilmConvert on Sony FS7 Slog 3 footage and it had a ton of banding in the sky, with Impulz there was none.
  20. So revisiting this after the latest firmware, is there a consensus on which is better for video work? From what I see, the A7SII has full frame 4K, 1080p 120fps and SLOG 3 as plus points. The A7RII has two 4K modes with the 35mm being slightly sharper than the A7SII, better auto focus in stills and video and the fact it is a great stills cam. Does the A7RII have nice colour rendition? I bought an A7SII but am considering switching if the overheating issue is really fixed.
  21. On this subject, anyone have good experiences with 3rd party batteries? I want to get 2 extra and don't really want to be paying Sony prices.
  22. As liork said, reeeeeeaaaallllllly normal issue you got there. Lights refresh, sometimes that refresh rate falls within your shutter speed and you get that effect. Change the shutter speed up or down and it might disappear. There's also programs you can use in post to get rid of it + you can try and avoid it best by using the frame rates associated with your region: 25/30/50/100p for pal, 24/60/120p for NTSC. Ole Bloom also made this post about it, this fix might work for you and is quick and free: https://vimeo.com/80187743
  23. Guessing just adds whatever coding magic to dissipate heat on the 7RII to the 7SII.
  24. That's actually great work by Sony, surprised it was even possible. It really does narrow the gap between the A7SII and the A7RII though. Video wise, the A7SII has better ISO performance and SLOG 3, the A7RII has two 4k modes and better auto focus.
  25. Anyone have any idea what that actually means? Is it now possible to record over 30 mins? Also what does "improves picture quality" mean?
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