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    rook reacted to Sebastien Farges in FULL FRAME AIVASCOPE 1.5x anamorphic on A7SII + Panasonic S1   
    Full Frame AIVASCOPE 1.5X single focus anamorphic lens on Sony A7S II + Panasonic S1
    I have the (quick) opportunity to film on full frame such as Sony A7S II and Panasonic S1 with the new AIVASCOPE 1.5X single focus anamorphic lens.
    It’s the first time I’m filming with A7S II, sorry for the overexposed shots. With this experience with the A7S II, I think I prefer the GH4 -it’s video codec rendering and it’s viewfinder-
    I just have a few time and a very few lenses.
    The 40mm is maybe too wide and vignetting with the Avaiscope, especially on close focus, also because of the ND filter. It’s better to film with it from 50mm. Some of the shots had been slightly cropped.
    The M42 Vivitar 135mm was just used here to show more the anamorphic bokeh.
    The Pentax-dfa 100mm f2.8 is also not really adapted, it was quite hard to focus with it, but the background is more out of focus.
    The Panasonic Lumix S Pro 50 mm f/1.4 is really not adapted it’s vignetting, due to its depth and maybe it’s filter large thread (77mm). We will see when there will be adapters for the Panasonic S1, to provide shorter vintage lenses.
    The Panasonic Lumix S 24-105mm at 70mm at f/4.0 is obviously not adapted (the last four shots), anyway its a zoom, not surprising…
    When I will have another access to the A7SII with better adapted primes I will do a much more proper test.
    Thanks for watching.
    Comments are appreciate.
    AIVASCOPE GH4 test is available here :
    filmed with (no Color Correction) :
    Sony A7S II 4K UHD 24p
    with Pentax-m 40mm f2.8 btw f2.8 and f.5.6
    Vivitar 135mm m42 at f2.8
    Pentax-dfa 100mm f2.8 at f2.8
    and Panasonic S1 4K UHD 24p
    with Panasonic Lumix S Pro 50 mm f/1.4
    Panasonic Lumix S 24-105mm at 70mm at f/4.0
    thanks to Aivascope
    Pascal from real factory for the Sony A7S II, 
    Emile, Emmanuel, Tchi-Kung
    thanks to Panajou for the Pentax 100m and for the Panasonic S workshop
    thanks to Bernard Bertrand, and the model
    thanks To Chahut Festival
    thanks To the people in the streets of Bordeaux
    music : Robbie d. "Crushed"
    Corrina Repp "Woods"
    AIVASCOPE is on facebook
    A Seb Farges movie
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    rook reacted to victorshoots in Kowa Anamorphic-35 1.75x Inflight :)   
    The V2 clamping system from Rapido is really solid and priced very well imo. I had rafcamera make me some custom step up fronts with a 77mm thread. Mates right to the Rapido and I used a rotating empty 77mm filter to be able to swap easier once mounted.

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    rook got a reaction from ken in Taking lens for Anamorphic Shop Focus Module (FM Lens)   
    A bit late to the party, but I've tested out a few different lenses with the FM Focus Module. Nothing scientific, just some run-and-gun home testing. Here are some results. Hope they are useful to someone:
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    rook reacted to redimp in Advice on eBay anamorphic lens listing (No advertising)   
    Hey guys!
    Finally I am getting close to making my first anamorphic set up.
    BMPCC, set of russian lens that I'm still working on, Isco Animex 2x.
    As some of those items are awaiting for shipment I decided to start looking for SLR Magic Rangefinder, and currently I have two offers.
    One is brand new with focus marks, $600 with shipping. Second one is with no focus marks, used for $250.
    I would get one without marks, but I can't seem to find any place that actually sells them, so I can't figure out where did the seller get it.
    Also, he specifies that it can focus from close range to 'almost' infinity. Is there any info that those adapters without marks would not be able to focus as good as those with marks?
    Thanks guys, appreciate your input. 
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    rook reacted to Bioskop.Inc in Anamorphic Lens FAQ & INFO   
    Questions arise all the time in respect to Anamorphic Lenses & in the spirit of adding to people's learning curve, I thought the following might be useful/interesting to some or all.
    Found this forum topic ages ago on Cinematography.com & the opening post is extremely useful for anyone interested in Anamorphic lenses - its gives both advice for shooting & general info on highend lenses:
    And this Vimeo clip was posted on BMCuser the other day & is probably one of the most useful tests I've seen in a long while - its a pretty honest test of some very desired lenses (watch out for the Todd-AO lenses, from the 1950s I think - hmmmm!):
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    rook reacted to Zak Forsman in Rangefinder Screengrabs   
    i don't know that this warrants a reply but I read that as "human feces" the first time. 
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    rook reacted to Caleb Genheimer in Rangefinder Screengrabs   
    Hi, All! 
    Here are some screen grabs, from my first UHD video test with the new SLR Magic Rangefinder/Kowa 16-H/Konica 40mm/Samsung NX1.
    I've done only small, simple corrections to these images, nothing drastic beyond a tiny bit of sharpening and levels tweak. This is more-or-less how this setup renders things straight to the camera. Hopefully some video will come soon, showcasing wonderful, easy focus pulls!
    I did one test previous, (right out of the box of course, and it was not properly executed.) With some careful tuning of the "taking" prime lens' focus, I was able to get sharper results in this second test. The Kowa and the Rangefinder are nowhere near their max resolving power, that much is clear. The small Konica Hexanon 40mm pancake is unfortunately the culprit. Even at f4 (which all of these were taken at), it just isn't tack-sharp in the fine details. It's good enough to warrant UHD instead of HD, but it doesn't quite "pop" in the sharpness department (an attribute of good 4K that I've found very appealing.)
    The Rangefinder is what is creating the prominent (large) blue "bokeh" flares, and in doing so, it robs the Kowa of some of its flare intensity. Not sure how I feel about that. Other than the change to flare characteristics, the Rangefinder leaves the image pretty much identical to what the Kowa and Konica do without it on front. It does breathe, but only a little bit, and I happen to like a touch of breathing on anamorphic. 
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    rook got a reaction from Junior in FOLLOW FOCUS ON A BUDGET - SUGGESTIONS PLEASE?   
    Good topic. Been looking myself. I have using the Focus Module and my cheap FF is too weak to spin that giant ass lens. 
    The Fotga DP500s looks like the best budget FF, but I came came across the Lensse FF. A hundred bucks more but looks nice. Here: http://www.lensse.com/lensse-s5-dual-follow-focus/
    Don't know anyone who has tried this one. Would like to see some reviews or hear feed back.
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    rook got a reaction from Bold in Lens-yclopedia RELOADED   
    This is killer. Great reference. Thank you!
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    rook got a reaction from Flynn in Post scenes from anamorphic movies that you like   
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    rook reacted to Hans Punk in Resolve anamorphic desqueeze, how?   
    Well, I'm still learning Resolve too but I've found the following works...
    Go to Color tab when selecting a clip, select Sizing tool > adjust height/width to custom size. Select 'Create' to save that as a Sizing preset that can be saved and applied to all - or selected clips on import.
    Or use the Sizing presets that come in Resolve for Cinemascope/Anamorphic > under 'clip attributes' when right-clicking a clip in the 'Media' window.
    Example screenshot is of footage shot in ML Raw at 50p, so here I have increased the height by 1.65% to get back to 16:9 aspect.
    Exactly the same re-sizing method can be used to correct Anamorphic footage by reducing height by whatever ratio is needed for the scope in question. 

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    rook reacted to Aragonnarun in Resolve anamorphic desqueeze, how?   
    Easy. Go to your media page, and select your clips, right click and choose attributes, then under video tab, select pixel rate to anamorphic or cinemascope. See the screenshot below.

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    rook reacted to buggz in Resolve anamorphic desqueeze, how?   
    Resolve newbie here...
    Okay, I have searched, and searched.
    I have tried all the suggestions I have found, and I still cannot get this to work.
    Yes, of course, I searched the manual, and actually tried it. too.
    How do you desqueeze anamorphic video in Resolve 12 Lite, or can you?
    Background, I am using Canon 5DMkII Magic Lantern RAW video, exported to Cinema DNG, via raw2cdng.1.7.4
    I import the Cinema DNGs into Resolve 12 Lite, I have tried adjusting the timeline, and the project properties with no success.
    What are the settings I am looking for?
    I have ordered the adavanced copy of the book on Amazon for Resolve 12, and having a really hard time waiting on it, and the training videos, as I refuse to give any more monies to the arrogance of the adobe mismanagement...
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    rook reacted to Flynn in Most affordable cameras that work well for 2x anamorphic?   
    Well, I hope you're wrong, even though you're probably right. With what Panasonic did and things like the Anamorphot 2x and upcoming Veydra 25mm 2x, there seems to be growing interest in anamorphic. I wanna believe Sony and Samsung will take note of this momentum.
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    rook reacted to Hans Punk in Rectilux Core DNA - non-rotating single-focus attachment for anamorphic lenses   
    Gentlemen....start your lawsuits.
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    rook reacted to Julian in Cameras With 4:3 Anamorphic Mode?   
    @liamlumiere Totally understand you for not wanting the hassle of ML raw. Not sure if you can change the aspect ratio with H264 - I think you can't.
    Maybe the Samsung NX500 is an option. No 4:3 mode, but plenty of resolution, so no big deal when you have to crop a lot. Framing is still difficult, but you could tape some guide lines on the screen...
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    rook reacted to liamlumiere in Cameras With 4:3 Anamorphic Mode?   
    @Julian @Hans Punk Thanks guys for your input. To be honest, after taking a trip over to the ML forums, it reminded me of when I I frequented there when I had a 7D and later 5D3 and to be honest, getting into that workflow again filled me with dread. Do you know if they offer the native h264 codec plus the 4:3 aspect ratio for something like the 50d/550d? If so I'd pick one up just to get used to shooting this way with anamorphic. I can't really bring along a 50d to a shoot and have to explain the complexities of alternative softwares to a client. Done it before and they weren't very impressed no matter how impressive it actually is.
    I'm really looking for a mirrorless camera that has this feature implemented so hoping that Sony or Samsung or whoever will offer it. There just doesn't seem to be a lot out there at this price point. 
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    rook reacted to dwijip in SLR Magic Rangefinder vs. FM vs. Rectilux..?   
    In my experience FM works well with most lenses and doesn't work well with some. I couldn't get a sharp image using some really fast lenses wide open in some instances, but in most cases, especially when using a slower lens or using lenses stopped down, or using vintage primes with simple element designs produced very sharp images and it didn't add or subtract from the image that you would get from the anamorphic attachment alone.  I guess in that respect the performance is pretty much the same with the Rectilux, although not speaking with any scientific comparative knowledge.  
    However both the Rectilux and Focus Module has significant lens breathing and both are quite cumbersome in size as well. It really depends on your style of shooting but FM was a bit too big and heavy for the type of work I mostly do thesedays. Which is why I really like the idea of the Rangefinder. 
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    rook reacted to Tito Ferradans in Review - Rectilux 3FF-W   
    Thanks guys!
    Hell yeah! The real plan is to do a big comparison including the FM too, all of them paired with the same anamorphic
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    rook reacted to richg101 in First Rectilux samples...   
    it's likely to be rental only, or for those who usually buy gear with intention of renting it out when not in use or who buy near the end of the financial year to offset their profits for tax reasons.  Multiple thousands unfortunately, however being something that will couple with 35mm and longer lenses on full frame, or 25mm on s35mm, or 15mm on gh4 in 4k, with only the need for one anamorph, i imagine it will be taken on board by a lot of the rental outlets. - some of which have already confirmed they would like to stock multiple units.  as a result, it'll rail mount onto almost any camera and turn 16:9 into 2.66 without needing to crop.  and with a rear element of 62mm diameter it should give you an idea of the light transmission the beast will allow.  Also being a unit not costing the rental houses 10's of thousands the rental price will be within easy reach of anyone serous enough to shoot proper anamorphic within a production environment.
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    rook got a reaction from nahua in First Rectilux samples...   
    All I see is this: This Facebook post is no longer available. It may have been removed or the privacy settings of the post may have changed.
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    rook got a reaction from ken in Hypergonar Hi-Fi 2 kit on eBay. Excellent condition.   
    ​I think you mean the Global Shipping Program and their ridiculous over charging. In reality it just means the seller doesn't want to sell outside of the US. It's like a polite way of saying, "sure, I'll sell to you, but I'm gonna make sure it hurts.".
    Just refuse to buy anything that uses the global shipping policy. I have.
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    rook reacted to premini in P+S Thechnik Announces 35-70mm Anamorphic Zoom   
    ​Exactly my thoughts, this guy says that their target audience is people that cant afford Cookes and Arris (i.e. 99% of the people) 
    Basically we rent this kind of high end anamorphics right?
    So unless they come up with a 3-5k lens i don't see the point of buying it when you can rent a better quality lens. 
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    rook reacted to Hans Punk in The FM lounge (Discussion of anything not related to FM price and discount)   
    I commissioned RAF Camera to make me a metal focus gear for my FM lens, he's now selling them on his site. I expect to receive mine in a few days (so I'll see if my measurements were correct!) and I'll report back when I've got it up and running...in case others here might be interested in purchasing, here's the link:
    I don't have any association with Raf other than me being a happy customer of his for a couple of years...so I'm not getting a discount or kickback for sharing this link - I just thought a few people here might be interested in getting a quality metal gear for their FM lens.
    I'm sure AnamorphicShop will release their own focus ring in the new year in ABS or metal, but I needed to get one made before then.

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    rook reacted to Hans Punk in Post Your Anamorphic Photography Here (Models)   
    FM Lens + Cinelux ES + Olympus OM 85MM @ f.2

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