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    sudopera reacted to Oliver Daniel in Canon 80D video quality still atrocious   
    Last time I checked this was a gear blog that analyses the performance of different cameras, lenses etc - mostly those devices in the affordable price range. 
    The blog reports that Canon is still behind Sony & Panasonic in terms of video quality in this range. Don't see anything wrong with that. 
    We all know that the best video quality from Canon is reserved for professionals, but we're a bit grumpy because we wish they actually did improve their video at the lower end, but it's more likely Arri will release a sub $5k cinema camera than Canon doing just that. 
    We all know that the man/woman behind the camera is obviously the most important. But this isn't the blog for that. 
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    sudopera reacted to Andrew Reid in Canon 80D video quality still atrocious   
    Chris says in this video the 80D is better.
    I had to squint very hard to see it.
    It's a bit like squinting at the bottom of a football league table.
    I'd rather look at the top.
    Canon are ripping you off guys... Panasonic G7 walks all over it for video and it's less than half the price.
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    sudopera reacted to FilmMan in Finally! Alexa Indie Basic 2.5K Camera!!!   
    The Alexa is going head to head against the Raven, the BMC, etc.   Been in the works and kept secret for quite some time.  Management felt it is time to offer the Alexa to the masses.  Dry run of 500 cameras to see how the market responds.  Price $5500!
    2.5K basic model with aluminum shell. 
    No Raw.  Alexa proprietary 5 to 1 compression.
    Alexa Colors.
    Check the link out for the picture!  https://www.flickr.com/photos/50066720@N03/6257015898
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    sudopera reacted to Axel in Shot Some 60p Black Magic Micro Cinema Footage   
    None of the rigs convinces me.
    Particularly this:

    How's that supposed to be held? Both front handles rest on the potbelly, left hand takes wooden grip (why wood?), right hand squeezes it's way from beneath to operate the absolutely useless follow focus ....
    The handle needs to be on the right side, the smallHD 501 with sidefinder left. Needs to be a compact unit, like a camcorder.
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    sudopera got a reaction from kidzrevil in Sony RX10 III   
    Apparently RX10 III is not meant to be an upgrade of RX10 II, but more of a second option with different lens
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    sudopera reacted to Cinegain in DJI X5R - Footage   
    Dang indeed. Who needs 3D glasses when it pops like that! Sick depth layering. Details, color, it's all there, isn't it (well, maybe some typical M43 noise in the dark mids)? Pretty impressive.
    From the comments: downloadble via Vimeo and there's a YT behind the scenes.
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    sudopera got a reaction from Cinegain in DJI X5R - Footage   
    Well Panasonic look at this, maybe there is a hint here for you (GH5).
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    sudopera got a reaction from IronFilm in DJI X5R - Footage   
    Well Panasonic look at this, maybe there is a hint here for you (GH5).
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    sudopera reacted to Mattias Burling in My review of the JVC LS300   
    And if one wants just image quality. Not ergonomics, NDs, features, bla bla, just image quality and time isn't of the essence.
    The IMO, we passed it along time ago. All these new cameras pushing and pushing.
    But at the end.... and I might get trolled for saying it... I think the Raw images out of the D16, BMCC 2.5K, Red One MX and the 5D Mark iii Raw are the most good looking images ever. Nothing can beat them.
    If its all about image and nothing else then screw 4K etc, go raw. 
    But cameras like this is about a "good" or even "great" image, coupled with ease of use, tools for speed, audio, you know what I mean.
    Its a Rally Car and the raw shooters are an old classic Aston Martin from the first Bond movie.

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    sudopera reacted to Jimmy in DJI X5R - Footage   
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    sudopera reacted to JazzBox in Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera   
    Wow!! thank you!
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    sudopera got a reaction from JazzBox in Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera   
    Sorry if you already know this, but Metabones also makes CY/M43 Speedbooster
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    sudopera reacted to Zak Forsman in Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera   
    ha, look who doesn't want anyone going off on a tangent. love you, man.  
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    sudopera reacted to TheRenaissanceMan in Canon C300 Mark II suffers black spot issue   
    Yikes...that's pretty bad. Now that the Varicam LT is only $500 more, I don't see that much reason to pick the C300 II unless you're married to Canon or actually use AF for serious work.
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    sudopera reacted to Hans Punk in Canon have "surprise" at NAB 2016   
    8k is the cost to replace each cartridge.
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    sudopera reacted to Cinegain in Shooting 4k and downscaling. No resolution benefits?   
    ​Good point. Although I wish it was made up out of more pixels.
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    sudopera reacted to Andrew Reid in Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera   
    Good news! Blackmagic have sent me one for review, should be here any day now!
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    sudopera reacted to Phil A in Quick unscientific comparison: SmallHD 501 & VideoDevices PIX-E5   
    Hey guys,
    I'm not sure anyone cares, considering that these are two quite different creatures, but while I have both the SmallHD 501 and PIX-E5 still here I made a rough comparison between the two.
    Quick upfront comment: the SmallHD 501 is a pure field monitor while the VideoDevices PIX-E5 can record in ProRes to a Speed Drive (a mSata SSD in a proprietary USB3 case). I have only tested the monitor functions and not the recording. If you're looking for an alternative to a Shogun or Odyssey you will want the PIX-E.
    The SmallHD 501 allows to attach the sidefinder attachment, turning it into a not perfect but good EVF.

    As most know, both of them are field monitors with 5 inch 1920x1080 pixel IPS screens. Both of them run on dual batteries so you can hot swap during use, the SmallHd using the ubiquitous Canon LP-E6 while the PIX-E5 takes the just as common Sony L batteries. Both monitors have a lot of exposure, focus and framing helps and can load LUTs from a SD card, a great feature to separate them from the cheaper low budget offering when shooting LOG profiles. So far with the similarities, I'll go a bit deeper on the specific stuff and differencies.

    Models and operation:
    The Small HD 501 is the cheaper 500series model, lacking the SDI in- & outputs that the more expensive SmallHD 502 brings, otherwise boasting exactly the same features. There's also more expensive 7 inch models. The SmallHD operates completely over the joystick plus back button, you'll won't have smudges on the screen like with a touch screen.
    The VideoDevices PIX-E5 is the more expensive 5 inch PIX-E due to the SDI in- & outs, there's also a cheaper PIX-E5H that only has HDMI . Just like with SmallHD, VideoDevices also makes a 7 inch model. While the SmallHD has a very minimalist operating approach, the PIX-E5 on the other hand features a twist & push know on one side, 13 buttons on the front and touch screen in addition.

    I'd give the point here to the PIX-E, it's just more pleasant to set up and toggle the functions.
    Operating system logic:
    The 501 offers a page logic. You can create multiple pages that you set up with the tools of your choice (in whatever combination you need) and then just left-right jump with the joystick between the pages. So you might have one page with all your tools to set the right exposure and then the next page with your framing guides and focus helps. Nifty.
    On the PIX-E5 you can activate and deactivate the different tools with the buttons on the bottom of the screen, configure them by holding the button. Works easy and quick, especially on combination with the touch screen.
    I'll give this point to the SmallHD. While I think setting up the tools is quicker on the PIX-E, you only set them up once and then toggle between pages on the 501 while you would always turn tools on and off on the PIX-E. But this is by a hair, I think both is perfectly fine, might be a draw for others.
    Exposure tools:
    Both have configurable zebras, false colour, histogram, waveform and vectorscope. They feel slightly laggy and pixelated on the PIX-E but that's nit picking. A clear draw.
    Focus tools:
    They both have colored edge peaking in configurable strength and color.
    The 501 features additional edge sharpening that emphasizes in focus edges so it's really easier to pull focus directly from the full screen video without the distracting peaking colors. It works quite well in my opinion and is better than colored edge peaking when using a nice big 5 or 7 inch monitor.
    The PIX-E5 features a cool zoom function to punch in on the picture via touch screen, you can even move the zoomed frame area. 
    Which is better? It depends. For me I'd say the full screen edge sharpening is better for run & gun where you want to keep an eye on the whole frame while the great punch in is good when shooting from sticks or in a more narrative setting.
    Inputs & Outputs:
    Both feature HDMI and SDI depending on the model as well as doing loop through. The point goes clearly to the PIX-E5 though as it has 4k via 6G SDI and HDMI while the Small HD only does FullHD. In addition the PIX-E5 can do FullHD up to 120fps (not that most consumer/prosumer cameras would even give that out, they only do it internally).
    Image lag:
    I've tested this point because a lot of people complained about the image lag of the PIX-E5 with roughly 5 frames of delay. VideoDevices really improved this a lot with the last firmware updates. Both monitors show a comparable amount of delay connected via HDMI to a Samsung NX1 or Nikon D750. If shot the camera screens and monitors with the iPhone in 240fps and both monitors lagged roughly the same behind the camera screens and reality.
    Keep in mind that if you do loop through, there will be additional delay. The SmallHD won't work on the NX1 but it works when looping through the PIX-E5 (makes you wonder how SmallHD is incapable to fix this if even that is enough?) but obviously it will lag even more then. This is probably only relevant for the people who want to run multiple monitors/recorders on one camera to have separate view for operator and focus puller (and director).
    DUH! PIX-E5 because the SmallHD 501 is no recorder. In addition the PIX-E5 comes with the PIX-LR module to high quality audio features such as phantom powered XLR inputs.
    Weight and size:
    The SmallHD 501 is smaller by quite a margin, I didn't measure them but you can see it on the picture or look it up in the tech specs. 
    The SmallHD 501 weighs 205g without batteries and 365g with my two aftermarket LP-E6. These bring 2000 mAh each.
    The VideoDevices PIX-E5 is 450g without batteries and reachs 635g with two aftermarket NP-F550 (2900 mAh each) or, if you need a lot of juice, 1050g with two NP-F970 (7800 mAh each).
    We don't have to discuss this, it's clearly in favor of the SmallHD 501. This was when using them as pure monitors, if you add the Speed Drive to record to the PIX-E5 will get even heavier. So when shooting with a A7s with a vintage lens, the PIX-E5 with batteries and media is as heavy as the camera. This is actually on the level of the bigger Shogun. One reason clearly is the superior build quality. While the SmallHD 501 is in no way flimsy, the PIX-E5 has a massive metal housing used for robustness and to dissipate heat (it also has an active cooling fan but the volume is perfectly fine).
    Start up time:
    Here comes the last point in my list and the absolute deal breaker for me. Everything above would be perfectly fine with both monitors and I think both are great choices but depending on how you want to shoot, the start up time of the PIX-E5 will be unacceptable. 
    I've stopped the time between pushing the button / shoving the slider and the image appearing on screen for both monitors multiple times.
    SmallHD 501: 3 seconds
    PIX-E5: 32 seconds
    For me that was just not workable as I like to pull the camera out of the bag, flip it on and shoot. I often won't want to stand around 30 seconds and wait for the monitor to power on. If you're shooting a music video or a narrative that might be fine though, it's more some documentary & travel style situations where I see this as a problem.
    So this is my rough and brief impression of the two monitors (slash recorder). To be honest I think the VideoDevices PIX-E5 is the more extensive product, especially with the recording function, but due to the difference in weight and start up time I see the SmallHD 501 as more usable in my personal opinion and goals.
    I'm sure I forgot something and will then add that later. If you have any questions, just ask.
    [edit] There is further information about the startup time of the PIX-E5 further down in this thread.
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    sudopera reacted to richg101 in Great Modern Lens Article!   
    The article is written in a techincal fashion by someone with no technical knowledge.  But the points he's making I think on the whole are valid.
    Mathematics aside,  old lenses provide a 'look' that's more appealing.  not to tech heads or spec sheet readers, but to real people who actually take pictures and use their equipment.  A 24bit/96khz uncompressed audio file should sound better than a 12" vinyl single, but it doesn't to my ears.
    Transformers movies on paper are shot with cameras and lenses that far outdo those used for The Godfather, Apocalypse Now, etc.  Which look more appealing?  The older films.
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    sudopera reacted to IronFilm in Sony a6300 vs Panasonic gh4   
    I'd include in the Panasonic G7 as well! A Panasonic G7 should be the #1 4K camera a person first looks at  Some people even prefer it over the GH4.

    Best feature about it is.....   CHEAP! :-D And this is more important than you think, as it is still very very early days for 4K in consumer stills cameras. I bet within a year or two we'll see a huge flood of new 4K cameras having been released. So just get a camera for *now*, then upgrade to something else in the future. And the G7 is perfect for that case for a *now* 4K camera.

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    sudopera reacted to amsh89es335 in a7r ii nothing but headaches.   
    I just sold my A7rii today. After having it for a few months I had nothing but huge headaches. I did many test with a 4k video devices recorder. Besides the worst rolling shutter I've ever seen no one seems to be talking about the horrible judder when panning. At first I thought it was just I'm shooting in 24p and viewing on a computer monitor at 60hrz. But further test in every setting, shutter speed and frame rate seem to have far more than every other camera I've shot with. Another problem is in 60p and 24p 1080 the noise level is bad. I also kept getting bad moire and aliasing in full frame 4k and 1080p especially in the highlights.
    Granted as a small compact photo camera it's frickin pretty awesome. But for video the image only looks good in crop mode 4k and as soon as it moves or things in it moves it falls apart. I barely took it on a shoot because of how much testing I had to figure out before I felt comfortable with all its down sides. And is not worth it.
    I went back to my Nikon D750 with a external recorder for now until I decided what to get next, but even though the 1080p image is softer everything else is far better. Rolling shutter very little. Noise level very clean upto 6400. Slow motion just as good as the 24p and very smooth. Color science far better. Dynamic range little less. Post with it is super easy. It's a shame this camera has gotten no attention, but it such a reliable camera its what we wanted out of the 5D Mk iii but quickly forgot about with all the 4k cameras that just keep adding more new problems, headaches, time and money all for the sake to say its 4k.
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    sudopera reacted to andy lee in PANASONIC G7 ATOMOS NINJA ASSASSIN 4K   
    it is alot cleaner in low light - the blacks are stunningly clean, cleaner than the Red Epic we tested it against, image looks very similar to the Arri Alexa we tested it against - there is hardly anything in it !! amazing camera from Panasonic   , the G7 camera lets you shoot in the shadows very cleanly in very low light. I am using 4 Panasonic G7 cameras for the new Pandora feature film I am DOP on , Panasonic have partnered up with us for this movie and we are working together to show how good the G7 is a film making tool. I am using Metabones XL Speedboosters on all the cameras, Brian Caldwell and Metabones have kindly supplied them for us to use in Nikon and EF mount . We are using these with Atomos Ninja Assassins and all the rigs for the movie are supplied by Gini Rigs , I will post some pics of these rigs soon.
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    sudopera reacted to Richie Recoil in PANASONIC G7 ATOMOS NINJA ASSASSIN 4K   
    I have used both GH4 and G7, and in my experience the G7 is cleaner in low light
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    sudopera reacted to Cinegain in Why do I like the look of the Canon 1D C and Blackmagic Micro Cinema so much than the Ursa, F55, FS7, and C300 mark ii?   
    Yeah, somehow the 1D C has got it down and got it down good. It might not compete well in the numbers game (well, maybe launch price, ey), but delivers you something that, and I hate myself for saying this, because it's stupid, just looks filmic. It's less robot... less clinical, less emotionless, less efficient, yet sooo efficient... it's more like a living creature that breathes, has soft skin, with some freckles perhaps and when you look the creature into its eyes, it's not pitch dark and empty, but there's something expressive, a spark, a flame. There's emotion. Confidence, richness. I don't like the camera one bit. I'm really all about mirrorless and practical things, lots of digital aids, love specwars and getting the latest and greatest. But I just have to admit... there's something about that 1D C... the footage I've seen that comes out of this is hard to touch and it makes it look so effortless. Maybe everything else there is just trying too hard...
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    sudopera reacted to vincegortho in Meeting with Sony to discuss FS5 cinema camera improvements - optimised firmware available Friday 7am London time   
    I would love to purchase Sony. They are a powerful brand who always have something on the horizon. The only thing holding me back is just the color science. If they can do something with that I'd be a sony whore. A dirty little sony whore.
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