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  1. Trump 2020. Democrats don't even talk policy anymore. They've now debased themselves in to trying cheap tactics to impeach him. Even Obama is telling the progressive party to chill out with the cancel culture woke lexicon. What happened? How did conservatives become the cool* counter culture?
  2. This is unfairly painted as a right wing issue. The left is known for being offended by everything including starting a war on memes. They're the ones making hollywood a clinical kid tested mother approved safe space for soft indivudals. Gunns firing was for his being so hypocritically righteous since he started getting disney money. He got in trouble for making gay jokes about gambit. Then saying Batwoman would turn straight if she just got laid by a man. This stuff doesn't bother me but he apologized and put on his SJW armor and started attacking other people for doing the same. The left invented firing people for jokes. They're the ones who protest free speech. There are an avalanch of examples of why the videogame industry is contentious. Marvel comics are failing. The movie industy is all woke and bent on virtue signalling with vapid gender swapped remakes of films. And last. Gunn was all for the firing of Rosanne Bar for her observations about a black woman's relation to a planet of the apes character. Now he gets to die by the sword he lived by. His best work was behind him anyway. Oh, and Trumps grab'em by the pussy comments were not about rape. He was talking about the groupie pool that comes along with power. The same pool of women that Leonardo Dicaprio hangs out with, or Rappers and Rockstars indulge themselves in after performance. This isn't about the mistreatment of women. It's about those who solicit themselves to others with power. Raise your Daughters right.
  3. I would love to purchase Sony. They are a powerful brand who always have something on the horizon. The only thing holding me back is just the color science. If they can do something with that I'd be a sony whore. A dirty little sony whore.
  4. Veeeery nice. I have plenty of my own words to digest now. Never realized you're such an artist in this ilk of filmmaking. 100 percent agree about feature work being a subgenre, my post should of been a bit more diplomatic. Again. Your work is great. I asked mostly because I just got over the technology bug and am trying not to relapse. I went full circle with owning so many dslrs that shooting and accomplishing goals took backseat to doing a plethora of test and voicing complaints about 8bit limitations.
  5. Andrew you are no doubt very talented with the video you shoot, showcasing the qualities of different cameras. I mean no disrespect when I ask this question, but when is it time to just shoot a movie? You have a blackmagic cinema. 14bit Raw 5Dmark3. A sony Fs100. Gh3. Gh2 and possibly a few other cameras. I'm curious to see how you tackle scenes involving dialogue with people portraying characters under lighting setups. It's almost unnecessary to wonder what Nikons doing with pro video. If your talents are badass with a t3i, your next project might find enough investment from backers to shoot on film/9k RED/Sony f55 etc... You are very well written. Unless your goal is the blog, I'd say your talents are like Fight Club waiting to come out of the basement.
  6. NIKON D800 USED TO SHOOT DEXTER ALONG SIDE ARRI ALEXA http://nikonrumors.com/2012/09/07/nikon-d800-goes-to-hollywood.aspx/
  7. No nikon D800? You can push the footage a lot further than a 5DM3.
  8. My question is, how many of people who dislike 48fps are really FILMmakers? The majority of us are using digital, trying to replicate classic cinema with tools that dont look like classic cinema. It's like eating immitation crab and calling it the real thing. If the hobbit were shot on film., I'd say: Yeah, sure, let it be 24fps but it's shot digital, which looks nothing like film. Why not let digital have room to be something else? Alexa. Red. Blackmagic or 5DmII. Don't fool yourself. Tradition is only an illusion that things are going to be the same.
  9. Check out this Tokina 11mm-16mm CP2 style lens from Cinematics. [url="http://www.pchood.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=125"][color="#0f72da"]http://www.pchood.co...&product_id=125[/color][/url]
  10. I apologize for old questions. If I don't want to shoot RAW DNG on the black magic. Will ProRes 422 files be compatible with Premier and after effects CS5.5?
  11. So the GH3 is staying micro 4/3 sensor size then? I ask because, so many people gave panasonic grief about it's small sensor size. Sad that the sony a99 is alpha mount. Is there anyway I can connect my canon glass to it? And what are the downsides of doing so?
  12. [quote name='Xiong' timestamp='1345788507' post='16374'] Im a guy who plans to go back to school while trying to create stories on the side, if this camera claims to be what it is then im incredibly excited. I dont have alot of extra money, im planing on getting a GH2 by the end of the year because it suit my needs as a person delving into this field more seriously in the future. By next year I plan on actually getting this as an upgrade(If it proves to be true of what it claims to be). My point is that I cant be spending money on a high end camera or incredible gear/rigs. I need one that is versatile, more bang for buck, and this seems like the next logical step. While saving next year I'll be honing my craft with a GH2 in preparation, just to get my head around the concepts of light and composition. Im glad this is going to hit the market, I hope it shakes thing up in the indie market. I cant wait! [/quote] If you're are fully funding your own stories, this camera will be a great tool. If you're just trying to hit some festivals to pitch your story talents for outside funding of a full length feature, just grab a GH2 or 60D. It seem the better the resolution and pro look of anyones video, should be equally matched with production design, along with director skill. It's easier to forgive the guy who did a okay job with a t2i and blast the guy who was mediocre who shot on Red.
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