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  1. hey guys i have my beautiful DSO and i love the brand, and its unique style lenses. i also love the fact that the lens is made by people that love the art themselves and not by some big corp. i used it in weddings i used it to take pics of my family both for photography and video. very distinct style. if i had money i would buy one of each tint and style.
  2. Guys this is obviously a camera designed for women, small lightweight....ah EF mount! ah ah ah
  3. Fellow co-forumites, I am one step from getting this book, David Samuelson's "hands-on" Manual for Cinematographers Third Edition Paperback – March 4, 2011 Any owners out there that have benefitted from reading this?Its 400 pages long and superexpensive for me. i found a used one at 170 euros and its not the latest edition, The old editions are cheap but probably outdated. do you recommend? "The "Hands On" Manual for Cinematographers contains a wealth of information, theory, diagrams and tables on all aspects of cinematography. Widely recognised as the "Cinematographer's Bible" the book is organised in a unique manner for easy reference on location, and remains an essential component of the cameraman's box." thank you
  4. last in to say, that the c300 colors blew my mind....
  5. hmmm i had said before that canons profits are based on printers... huge dissapointment. we could have had it all. maybe they will reveal something more at nab? is that all there is you think..
  6. if you see any petition to keep ML running i will sign it, we can collectively send mails to canon, dont underestimate the power of nagging i guess my mark3 just got some extra value.
  7. my favorite pancacke 40mm 2.0 a little jem. few people own it, but you can find it in ebay ​ i got mine for 300 dollars http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/885407-REG/Voigtlander_ba229e_40mm_f_2_0_Ultron_SL.html check the reviews here UNBELIEVABLE FOR VIDEO By davidjewels from Miami, FL About Me Pro Photographer So I wanted a lens that helped me reduce the overall size of the Canon 1Dx and decided to choose a pancake lens: namely the Voightlander 40mm f2.0 Ultron. Normally for video I usually take along at least 5 of my Canon primes and I'm forced to use a backpack. Not with the Voightlander! This lens is so amazing, that after a few test videos, where I stood at varying distances from my subject, I realized that it was able to fill the needs of all my other lenses and there was ABSOLUTELY NO DISTORTION even when I got real up and close to the subject. The focus ring is pure heaven to use. And the sharpness is TACK SHARP, so sharp that you might cut your eyes after seeing the video you have shot!!! For stills, just like some of the other reviewers have mentioned, after a little practice you get the hang of it. The lens has focus confirmation blips that light up to confirm focus anyways, and if you magnify the image with the camera you can dial in the PRECISE focus and then take the shot. Obviously it's not going to be as fast as an autofocus lens, but you will get the hang of it eventually: I bought it for video. The construction of the lens is SOLID. It's a very beautiful jewel of a lens to look and hold too.
  8. nikon is the photographers camera, i wouldn't find it peculiar to match the 1dx.
  9. also inspiring... "Hands of Bresson" depicts the way robert bresson films peoples hands...pure poetry in motion.
  10. you caught some beautiful light on your video, i think its one of the best things you have ever shot for my tastes reminded me the "hunters in the snow" http://www.most-famous-paintings.org/86810/The-Hunters-in-the-Snow-(Winter)-1565-large.jpg
  11. when i see Juliet binoche i always think of Trois couleurs: Bleu....will definitely watch these movies,
  12. I love that you have the nikon there, as a lab animal
  13. sometimes a great director comes up from nowhere, watch this movie shot with anamorphic zeiss lenses killer scenario killer images makes you want to go out and shoot
  14. ​yes its just you. if you owned it and used it you would understand the beauty of this camera. at almost half price, its a bargain, and they are so good, that you rarely find any good used ones. This camera is no mistake. Its top quality photo/video magic all in one, the flagship of 80 years of canon camera tech... yes good things are coming from canon, but this camera is future-proof. love c.
  15. i lost all the people i had as friends! its says 0
  16. Andrew , you own the best camera there is! i think you will fall in love with it, both for stills and video,its a winner. well done! and all your beautiful lenses are going to shine in there love and merry xmass
  17. hi everything from canon, the sigma where made to appeal to canon users, so they tried to match the L series the one you have is even better than the 35mm canon equivalent! i have used both.
  18. that guy is so talented, i cant get over his performance on "brick", the film looks like...very bad coloring, dont like it. 0:22 what is that?terrible 0:36? 1:41 everything burned out..,generaly the blacks and whites don't look good. yellow person at 0:51 generally looks like its was shot with a phone. the story is interesting, but could be better with another camera this does not advertise the image quality of nex, but i think its due to the post processing/grading. someone tampered with the image, and not in a good way my humble opinion
  19. bravo matt! i love the idea and the words and the imagery now for the bashing 1. put your best shots at the first minute of the clip (04:06 for example) 2. make a shorter version 2 minutes 3. i dont like the people talking, i would omit them (or just keep their voices without their faces, to put what goes on and shorten it) 4. music is good at the beginning but then its too melancholic, (for commercial reasons it needs to get more upbeat) 5. i know you are in the UK, put more sunlight in (some golden hour shots in there) its very blue, and cold tones tend to make us pull away again im talking business! <3 christina p.s. dont hate me! i am just saying these with love
  20. very good! almost feeling like a sci-fi film...great choice in soundtrack
  21. the styling i would say 40%...this is a really ugly design, what were they thinking?it looks like a bulldozer run over a camera.. chunky and uneven the camera pops out too much, and looks sensitive to damage as it protrudes, also the stealth.... i love how i can snap photos with my iphone like James Bond! the quality of the pictures is very good, but too expensive, i d rather the iphone.
  22. i also found the (in)famous black dot filters here! made famous by their use in "southern comfort" by legendary dp andrew laszlo ! do want...
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