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  1. Agreed. I'm not finding the a7rii to be overly noisy at 60P. Are you shooting in Full Frame or crop mode?
  2. Check out the Canon 6D as well! Comparable performance all around to the 5D2 but better low light performance. Not sure how well the ML Raw is implemented with the 6D
  3. Do you have any footage you've shot with it? I've struggled to find much
  4. Didn't FCPX Seem to help with banding on the a7s in s-log 2? Seem to remember it being more of an issue in premiere for some people. I'd be interested to hear if S-log 3 is any better in FCPX
  5. Have you updated to the latest firmware and have you tried using the uncompressed raw? Also, have you tried exposing the images properly?
  6. Description states S-Log and Adobe Lumetri to grade. I'm a fan of the look
  7. Related: This is probably some of the best looking footage color-wise I've seen out of the Sony A7 cameras
  8. There probably isn't any to post. This company is so sketchy, no way I would ever pre-order from them.
  9. Nice work! I'm by no means an expert in this editing style but you've definitely got the feel for how it works down. I do like that sequence towards the end with the trees and tree sound effects.
  10. Sorry, but the Box has poor color science.
  11. You should hire a marketing person as soon as possible
  12. When using C-log, there is a view assisted feature in the OLED/VF setup menu. It will show a more contrasty/graded image than what the camera is recording. You can also just cycle through a few picture profiles to make sure you're close before switching back to C-log to record. Personally, I've never used noise reduction and haven't felt the need to. Make sure you dont go BELOW 850 ISO as that is the cameras native ISO. You'll get ugly banding and compressed dynamic range. I shoot up to 6400 all day long and am happy with the noise. Not sure on AF speed. I've not changed it from the default settings which i'm generally happy with. I'm sure if you dig around the menu/manual that'll be easy to find though.
  13. Check out Matty Brown and Joshua Morin as well! Its a very cool style. Almost hyper-realistic
  14. Congrats Leica, you did it! You made the worlds ugliest camera.
  15. Statement from B&H http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/promotion/11326/statement.html
  16. The Zeiss 135mm 1.8 (A-Mount) is my dream 135! Still dang pricey, and not the best mount really http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/463924-REG/Sony_SAL135F18Z_SAL_135F18Z_135mm_f_1_8_Carl.html
  17. This was actually all internal. Never used a shogun to be honest! Thanks for the kind words.
  18. Yes indeed. Quite nicely in fact. I shot most of this in 1080/60p on the original a7s. Mix between crop and full frame mode
  19. How to get the best resolution: Shoot in 1080P. How to get the best image: spend time on pre-production and light your shots. Halfway kidding but halfway not
  20. Wow. Wish this would've come out about 2 months ago before we ordered a C100 mark 2. Ah well
  21. Hey All. Wanted to share this short documentary I just finished up at my place of work. Shot it on the C100mk 2 with a Canon 24-70 F/4L IS, Zeiss 25mm f/2 zf.2 for a couple shots, and RX100 mk 4 for 3 shots at the beginning. Lighting was with a very simple Westcott Ulite kit, using a pair of 500 watt photoflood tungsten bulbs. Having shot with the a7s, d810, and d750 for a while, I have to say working with the C100 mark 2 was really refreshing and easy, and I loved the image out of the camera. I shot in the Wide DR profile and graded with Film Convert, and the image just looked great without any mucking around. Even in a very controlled shoot such as this one, I absolutely LOVED the AF feature. I used it constantly and it was really helpful in keeping focus on sliding shots in addition to the police stuff up front. Wish Sony would get their line of cameras to this level of usability as its such a great feature.
  22. Lets just ignore all the incredible photographs he posted along with his review
  23. Seems like a winning combo. Bonus - the 18-35 worked on my 5d3 at 35mm as well
  24. Anyone shot with 60Mbps instead of 100 in 4K? Does this solve overheating and is there a large loss in quality?
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