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  1. That is correct. It has a 4K sensor so when recording 2K RGB there are 4 sensels for every final pixel. Rather than debayering it just takes the 4 pixels 1 red, 1 blue, and 2 green and creates one final pixel with true RGB 4:4:4. Basically it doesn't approximate the RGB values like debayering does. It does have a standard RGGB bayer pattern like most cameras these days. It works in a similar way that the F35 does but the F35 has a nearly 6K sensor with a totally different color layout. It has 5760 2160 pixel tall columns each with a single color. So you have one red column a green column then a blue column with that pattern continued across the image. Then these colums are split out and stacked on top of each other to create full RGB pixels across a 1920 image. Each final pixel is comprised of 6 sensels, 2 red, 2 blue and 2 green non-debayered pixels. It samples all 3 color channels 2 times which is the nyquist limit combined with the color rendition and global shutter from a CCD sensor it has arguably one of the best HD images of any camera ever made. But as I can personally confirm the camera is a beast. Ergonomics, size and the built in ND's are a large advantage for the Canon.
  2. Sony F35 Sony Top handle (just the handle needs to be mounted to the IF box or some custom solution to mount to camera) Top Handle L handle IF Box Assistant Panel Riser plate Gold mount battery plate with dtap (currently attached to the IF Box 4 pin XLR to 8 pin Lemo cable for powering the camera Flight Case Odyssey 7Q+ 2 x 256 GB CD SSD's Sunshade L-battery adapter Dtap to neutrix cable 2 x 10" coiled SDI cables Nanuk Case 19mm and 15mm Bridge Plate (Modified to fit the F35's offset holes) Dovetail Dovetail shoulderkit with pad and 2 handles with rosette mounts. Hard Case Price: $7250 O.B.O plus shipping I also have 3 x 95 watt batteries and 1 x 190 watt batterythat could be added as well.
  3. I am selling a used c300 in pl mount. It is in very good condition. I can offer the kit you see on eBay for $3600 or minus the shape and battery plate for $3300. You wont find a better price anywhere. http://m.ebay.com/itm/Canon-EOS-C300-35mm-Cinema-Camera-PL-Mount-C-300-Low-Hours-/121962008668?nav=SEARCH
  4. I would not get any of the ursa's right now. They have potential problems I wouldn't want to deal with. The 4k has horizontal noise that can appear from temperature shifts. There are work arounds but I wouldn't trust it. 4.6k seems to have magenta color casts in the corners that is pretty bad in cases. Not sure how wide spread it is but it is not an isolated case either.
  5. dhessel

    Affordable PL?

    Lomo Oct18 primes with a PL adapter. If you can deal with the usability issues they can be excellent, sharp across the frame and zero breathing. I picked up a set of 6 ranging from 28mm to 135mm for $700 and use a single adapter for all of them which was $350. Adapters can be had for about $100 but they alter the way the focus works and the front of the lens ends up spinning while focusing. Not going to find anything cheaper than that.
  6. After much deliberation I am considering selling my F35 kit, it is almost a complete ready to shoot package that would have cost about $360,000 if all purchased new. I can also include batteries which I can provide if desired. The codex has all licenses installed so it can be used for arri raw, canon raw, etc... The kit is as follows. Everything is in good working order with only cosmetic damage. More pictures available upon request. Sony F35 with L-handle, interface box with top handle and riser plate (interface box has the AB battery plate attached to it and the top handle has been removed, Comes with flight box) Sony HDVF C30W (Like new no sunspots) Codex Onboard M with F35 Wet dock and 5 x 512 GB data packs (Comes with flight box) Codex Desktop Transfer Station with cables and ATTO SAS card. (Comes with flight box) Arri BP 5 base plate with 19mm carbon fiber rods and dovetailArri S-2 Shoulder pad and grips (The start/stop button on handle works with the F35 and Codex) Gold mount battery plate with 4pin XLR to Lemo cable (this single power source will power the camera, codex, viewfinder and other accessories plugged into the camera) Priority will go to those who wish to purchase multiple parts of the kit. Prices do not include shipping, thanks. Price: $4400 for the F35 +IFbox + handles + battery plate $1200 for the Sony HDVF C30W $3500 for the Codex + TransferStation + SAS card $1000 for the Arri BP-5 and Arri S-2 Offers may be considered. Trades may also be considered.
  7. you would want to denoise after down scaling, the noise adds dithering and removes banding. It will give you smoother gradients if you leave the noise in before down scaling.
  8. Just about sold, so if you are interested let me know soon.
  9. I am selling my rectilux with a kowa 8z core, more information below. Thanks. http://www.reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?138782-Rectilux-with-Kowa-8z-16h-accessories
  10. I had the Mini on pre-order but cancelled it back in september and depending on how things turn out in the next 24 hours today will by another example of why. It has nothing to do with the lack of GS, but not being able to deliever on what they advertised is pretty unprofessional. The loss of GPS in September and now the loss of GS in March make me believe that BM had to know when the announced the shipping date for July that they knew they would never be able to make it, the camera was obviously so far away from being ready to ship, hardware had not even been finalized yet. I felt like they were intentionally being deceptive so I cancelled my order and moved on, just my oppinion obviously I have no proof of this. However, they did say many times that previous URSA owners would be getting their turrets first and now here we are and there is no mention of it whatsoever from them. It appears that they have scrapped that promise and are going to ship the mini first. I imagine the mini is their big marketing camera and with it being so overdue they were not going to wait any longer so it is looking like they are going to screw over the URSA owners and those who purchase the URSA at nab last year when they announced the 4.6k sensor and dropped the price. Sadly I just don't think that BM in an honest company, so I will be taking my business elsewhere.
  11. Was the damage listed in the description? If not ebay will make the seller accept a return if you received it that way, they always side with the buyer to the point that selling on ebay sucks for seller.
  12. Not sure about the top handle but I took the viewfinder off of mine when I had it. It was just asking to get broken. I am pretty sure I have seen the top handle replaced with a 3rd party one so I think you probably can.
  13. I used one of these a few years ago, it wasn't 4K, with a Microsoft Surface tablet pc and was able to get it working as a field monitor. It worked fairly well, got a realtime feed but there was a 1 second lag.
  14. What ML did with the 5DIII and 5DII was remarkable, but at the end of the day it is a hack. It is doing something the camera was not designed to do and will probably never be something I would trust with paid work. I loved my 5DII with ML raw but it is what it is.
  15. Very true and a good plan indeed. I am sure the vast majority will choose the Mini over the BMPC unless they are coming from the BMCC where they could reuse all the rigging. Although the Mini is bigger and heavier, probably bigger than many are expecting.
  16. It is the same sensor for both. I am a bit surprised that they didn't have it a little bit higher price by either raising the price of the Mini 4K or reduce the price of the production camera but maybe the see it as the same camera in different form factors.
  17. You get what you pay for, and old saying but probably has some merrit with the current BM cameras. How is it they can produce such highly spec'd cameras so much cheaper than everyone else? I am sure in part other manufacturers have a pay a premium price for a premium camera mentality so you can cut some cost there. After that they probably have to use the cheapest off the shelf parts they can find and use the cheapest manufactures they can find which leads to more variance in the production quality. I am sure there are some complainers who just didn't research and know what they were buying but I have seen legitmate complaints as well. With BM you probably have a small but higher probabilty of getting a sub par camera which is were these complaints and bad reviews come from. I would not be surprised to see the same from the 4.6K. In short BM will be plagued by the same problems all manufacturers have just at a higher rate of frequency.
  18. I believe your heart is in the right place and you are trying to do the right thing, I also don't think anyone is faulting you for that or for bringing light to these things as well. It is the absolute assigment of guilt that most have an issue with. There is nothing wrong with bringing light to these issues and expressing your oppinions but taking such as strong stand on one side without really knowing all the facts is what rubs people the wrong way. admittedly I have not spend a whole lot of time looking into the B&H matter but what I see is a big he said she said situation all over again. Sure this time there are a few more shes but I have yet to see anyone supplying any proof of there claims on either side. Nothing from the workings showing signs of aspestos exposure, no photos of dust or workers with nose bleeds, etc... and from B&H I have seen nothing backing up their claims that they had passed numerous random inspections by OSHA. Maybe that infromation is all private and just not public but it is impossible to draw a truely informed oppinion with out this type of information and that is the whole issue people are taking with your posts. Honestly, I am of the opinion that both sides are exaggerating in their own interests. Could the working environment been bad yes, but I have a hard time believing it is as bad as has been reported. Can you imagine the lawsuit they could face from shipping products laced with aspestos to customers all around the world? As an example here is a link to a wikipedia page for Richard Jewell. He was as security guard who alerted police about a suspicious backpack left in a crowd of people at the Atlanta olympic games. He saved many lives that day be clearing people away before it blew. In the media frenzy aftwards whe was labeled as a suspect and his life was completely destroyed by false accusations and assumptions of guilt. He was later vindicated but the damage had already been done. He did the right thing and his life was destroyed for it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Jewell
  19. That is correct there has been no GS footage on any of the switchable rolling shutter cameras, apparently the beta firmware doesn't even have an option for it.
  20. Looks like I mis-interpreted your post, sorry. In some ways yes, and in other ways not really.
  21. I see comments like this a lot and it always reminds me of the revenge of the great camera shootout 2011 where they compared among other cameras an Iphone and G2 to an Alexa. They had an identical scene set up and the DP could modify it as needed by adding lights or adjusting intensity of the lights that were already there. Yes the G2 and even the Iphone to a degree where made to look pretty good and it showed that a good DP could make them look great. Some took away from that video that even the much cheaper DSLR's could be made to look almost as good as the Alexa, the camera tech doesn't matter it comes down to the talent of the DP. While true I took a different lesson from it. If you watch the video the Alexa team says that they only adjusted the intensity of the lights that were there to add some contrast to the shot since the camera could handle the scene as it was just fine. The G2 team due to the limitations of the camera went through a long list of like 15-20 changes they made - adding lights, etc... Not to mention the extra time it takes in post as well. Now take that scene and multiply it by 100, all that extra time you spend dealing with the limitations or quirks of the camera. Yes you can make the image look great but it can take a lot of extra effort to do so. The big players use cameras like the Alexa because they are rock solid reliable with a flexible and fantastic image. They can spend their time being creative, not trying to over come the limitations of a camera. When you have millions of dollars on the line why risk it only to save some rental money on a quirky or unknown camera when you can use a tried and true proven work horse that you know will get the job done smoothly?
  22. If you haven't already tried the technique in this link with your F35 footage Ed you really should give it a shot, along with the color chart method it gives the best neutral grade for the F35 of any method I have tried. The normal color chart method is good to but I have found it adds too much contrast to the highlights at least in my opinion. It is very easy the only real downside is since it is ACES most luts will not work correctly but Filmconvert seems to be fine. http://www.filmscientist.com/blog/2015/01/29/film-scientist-aces-workflow-revisited/ In the project settings switch it from YRGB to Davinci Aces. In the color manangement tab select either Rec709 or RGB for the ODT depending on what monitor you use. On the footage in the media pool assign the lut from the link above. If you want to use the color chart correction make sure the input gamma is linear, target gamma is linear and target colorspace is ACES and that is it. For the first time with any version of Slog I feel like I am getting a truely neutral starting point.
  23. No need to worry about the PL mount on the F3. The camera actually has a FZ mount which can be adapted to just about anything. It shipped with an FZ to PL mount adatper which is one rerason why you see so many of them with PL mounts.
  24. No it isn't available in any Adobe product on Windows. Apple hasn't approved its use on Windows which is why it is not. Any software on windows that does offer it is doing so via a custom coded unapproved version of ProRes. Also the whole downscale to 10bit is an internet myth but there are gains in chroma sampling from downscaling.
  25. You are correct if you want to know the new focal length in 35mm/Full Frame equivilant then you multiply the focal length x crop factor x focal reduction. However DPreview and the others are also correct in that a 28mm and booster will yeild the fov of a 20mm lens on a MFT camera. In turn that 20mm will have the fov of a 40mm on a Full Frame camera.
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