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  1. That is a very decent thing you did Ed, giving him a way out. No its on him to show he deserves it.
  2. I don't care what your opinion is you are free to say that he should be banned and not allowed back but personal attacks and name calling are not necessary and are against forum rules, if being respectful of others and acting professional isn't enough motivation for you.
  3. I doubt a group of scammers would have even bothered to comment on this thread at all or try to make good with the victims. They would just pack up and move on laughing all the way as you said. Your attitute and insults to others are out of place and totally uneccessary. They have your oppinion and you have yours but probably none of them are going to call you a fucking idiot, either.
  4. ES has posted a picture of his ID in the scammed thread. Please remove it if he hasn't already. Thanks.

  5. I agree, remove it. It was a brave thing and a great gesture on your part.
  6. This has not been a criminal case, it has been an internet soap opera with a dash of vigilante justice. The rehabilitation of Ebrahim would have been more plausible if this had been handled by mods rather than blasted over the internet for the world to see. The fact that all of this has already been done makes a second chance much harder and much more unlikely. The internet never forgets. All I am saying is we need to be careful, destroying an innocent persons carreer and reputation is far worse than someone loosing a few hundred bucks, at least in my opinion.
  7. I don't think the court of public opinion is where this belongs and it is often wrong and there is too much emotion involved. I know it seems like I am attacking Ed, that is not really my intention. I think what he did was done with good intentions but is a dangerous precident to set. The internet is powerful and can be dangerous too the flow of this topic had already turned against ES before he every responded.
  8. I agree, it doesn't look good for him at all but what gives you the right to be judge, jury and executioner? I get what you are saying about moving fast before he can react but you also run the risk of crucifying an innocent victim too. Really this should have all been handled by Andrew, the victims, ES and what ever 3rd party enforcement required. It is too bad that Andrew was not arround to step in earlier.
  9. It doesn't matter what you think or what any of us thinks. None of us have all the facts yet, none of use know what the IP data is like, none of use have seen all the PM's. When you start convicting people in the court of public opinion, assiging guilt and threatening people it is very dangerious. I know what your opinion about what happened is but what about the off chance you are wrong and ES is also a victim in this too. Maybe it is someone close to him that he cares about and doesn't know what to do, who knows none of us do with absolute. That is the problem.
  10. I was able to read those screenshots before you removed them Ed. It was a bit more than what you lead on eariler.
  11. When I read your inital post it seemed like he confessed based on the threat that you would reveal it to his friends and when he did his part of the bargin you went ahead and revealed it anyway. Thanks for the clarification and my apologies for mis-interpreting what you wrote.
  12. He had already been exposed long before this happened so really the threat of further scamming was practically zero at this point. So where exactly is the line that we should not cross when dealing with a situation like this? After the confession was made what was gained by going back on the deal and exposing him to his close friends anyway?
  13. LIke always I believe you were trying to help and do what you thought was right. In my opinion you went to far is all. I do greatly respect the fact that you flat out said what you did and followed up with an apology, that says a lot in my opinion.
  14. @Aaron Chicago, and your point is what that is is our job to deliever punishment for this crime?
  15. Sorry to back out of my pledge to not post in this topic anymore but that is pretty messed up Ed. The problem with what you did besides being very mean and dishonest, it was an act of revenge after all, is that you coersed his confession. Just like using torture when things get bad enough the person will say anything to make it stop.This doesn't mean he didn't do it but it does cast a shadow on this confession of his.
  16. Probably the best thing we can do is just stop posting in this thread, the cat is out of the bag and there is nothing really to be gained anymore. I am sure Andrew will deal with this in some way. If they are not refunded anyone who was scammed can let us know after some time has passed. This will be my last post in this topic.
  17. man this thread is disgusting, getting enjoyment from someone being scammed and a long time respected member either behind it or worse being publicly shamed and accused while they themselves might be victims as well. So all of you can enjoy this, savor the misfortune of others and continue to concoct your wild theories. If someone hacks my account is this what is in store for me too? How about all of you? I would remind you that this isn't a movie, there are real lives involved and non of us know what really happened.
  18. So that was posted about a month before this bad sale and it has been about a month since then? Is this the same scam that almost got Tito? He mentions an egyptian rangefinder in his post in the anamorphic forum.
  19. Yeah this whole thing seems very odd, a long time member with over 1400 reputation doing this. There have been warnings at DVXUser and RedUser over the past months warning about hacked account as there have been several instances of it happening. Someone gains access to the account, offers some items for sale and runs off with the money before the hacked person even knows what is going on.
  20. first you post something that is unprofessional, rude and disrespectful and now you are trying to claim the moral high ground... Good luck with that. I would rather see a post with a good intentioned uncredited photo than a combative post that completely derails the topic and fills this forum with negativity.
  21. He did put Bloom's images in a post titled "Philip Bloom - Has a 1DX Mkii" which, at least in my case, made me think they were Bloom's and not someone elses. I too have noticed that lately when I see your username introduced into a thread it is usually just to add a smart ass negative comment that adds nothting to the discussion.
  22. It is possible to greatly reduce rolling shutter caused by camera rotation only. Any rolling shutter from positional camera changes or fast moving objects cannot be removed.
  23. I certainly hope you are not refering to the panel in the video posted in this topic.
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