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  1. Not in this case, the magenta on the Mini is not an even cast but a some times splotchy uneven coloration that affects the corners and generally the right side more than others. It varies by lens, focal length and f stop. It is not a simple fix and BM themselves have admitted it is a problem also it can be seen clearly with no saturation boost. Not something that is easily graded out.
  2. 3 hours ago, jonpais said: I'm not talking about technical issues with the cameras, I'm talking about accusing BMD of knowingly releasing faulty products. \00a0 Seriously how could they not have known? It was present in beta footage from the beginning and after all that is what the beta testers are for, reporting these kind of issues to BM right? Even if the beta testers didn't forum members did and BM does monitor the forums. So they knew or they are incompetent, take your pick. I personal don't think they are incompetent.
  3. They knew or they are utterly incompetent, it was spotted in beta footage by a non beta tester just looking at footage. The mega thread on BM's form dates back to Sun Dec 06, 2015. It also can be found at larger stops that F8, it is just that 35mm at F8 is universally bad on the affected cameras. There were some who had issues at even F4 at 35mm.
  4. It is not just 1's and 0's it is also hardware. ML runs on the cameras CPU and the CPU simply is not powerful enough to compress the data fast enough. They already know how to do it and have already tried, the camera cannot handle it. It cannot even handle reducing the bit depth down to 10bit which is even less demanding. Compressed raw on the current cameras that can run ML is not going to happen. Chances are it won't be happening on the Mark IV either.
  5. It is wide spread enough that BM had acknowledged it and are attempting to fix it via firmware. No one other than BM knows how wide spread the issue is. It is clearly more than a few bad units because there were individuals who got at least 3 bad ones in a row even when requesting the cameras be checked during RMA. There were multiple people who had the same results. Either they are very unlucky or it is more widespread than just a few bad ones.
  6. The build quality of the Mini probably won't be end of BM's cameras after all it seems the 4.6K is a very popular camera. One of the most concerning ones is that they apparently designed the camera to have a CPU right behind where the side handle attaches. There have been a few reports of the camera taking a fall and landing on the handle, breaking the outer housing, which in turn hits the circuit board breaking a CPU. In these instances BM has refused to repair the cameras leaving the owners SOL. https://forum.blackmagicdesign.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=51171 My biggest issue with BM is that I really don't like the way the company, at least when it comes to cameras, operates. It is awesome that BM offers free versions of their software but the way they conduct themselves otherwise is downright disrepectful at times. They over promise and under deliever, they are deceptive and not really trust worthy. With the Mini two features were lost GPS in September 2015 and global shutter in March 2016 yet they announced at NAB the camera was going to be shipping in July 2015 when they were clearly nowhere near ready to ship. Some say it was over optimism but I don't buy it, I think they knew full well they wouldn't make that date an announced it anyway. Then for the following eight months they moved the ship date one month at a time stringing customers even though I am sure they also knew that it would not be shipping that following month in the many instances when they changed the date. It seems they like to create a buzz, offer a BS ship date to get people excited and focused on the product then string them along until it is finally ready. There are many other instances dating back to their very first camera and their communication still an issue. The biggest one for me is how they treated their URSA owners. At NAB they said that URSA owners would be given priority for the 4.6k sensors and would get their turret upgrades first. They even announced a lower price for the 4K URSA so new customers could buy it then and pre-order the turret for the same price as just pre-ordering the 4.6K URSA. That way the can use the camera now and would also be given first priority on the new sensors. Yet when the time came they backed out of their promise and released the 4.6k Mini first. Now I understand it is a business and clearly the Mini was the new flag ship camera. With it being so overdue they decided to release it instead of living up to their promise. Understandable but how did they handle it? An appology or at least an explanation to the URSA owners? Nope, they said absolutely nothing at all. They released the Mini and didn't even bother to mention the URSA in their announment email or video. They left the URSA owners in the dark with out any official announcment or explaination. The URSA owners still have no idea when they might be getting theirs but they are clearly at the bottom of priorities now. If someone can come up and offer what BM does I am sure many BM users would happily jump ship, especially if they are respectful and communicate well. Until then BM probably isn't going anywhere.
  7. Anything cheaper and you will have to give up something on your list.
  8. Sony FS5, not sure what you consider affordable.
  9. Sony really should make it easier to find information and LUTs for grading log material from their cameras. When I first started using the A7s I couldn't find a proper slog2 to Rec709 LUT anywhere that worked correctly. I spent countless hours looking for a neutral converstion LUT and I knew exactly what I was looking for. The slog curve is not the problem the problem is the sgamut color space that is the default on the camera when shooting in log. That colorspace must be converted to Rec709 via a LUT or color transformation matrix otherwise you can get funky colors.
  10. Not entirely true. You cannot make an EF to EF speed booster because the booster reduces the crop factor and increases the speed of the lens by shortening the flange focal distance - moving the lens closer to the sensor and refocusing it. Imagine the lens is like a film projector and you are focusing it on a screen that is smaller than the image being projected. If you want to get the whole image on the screen you can move the projector closer to the screen and refocus it, filling the screen and increasing the brighteness of the image at the same time. It is possible however to make a speed booster that adapts large/medium format lenses to EF but that seems a bit rediculous to boost a medium format lens to get a full frame crop on of a full frame camera
  11. To my knowledge he has still not paid back one person, even though I believe Ed David wired him some money to help out. Not 100% sure about that so maybe ED can confirm. Also the range finder that he did eventually send to the other 2 turned out to be a prototype with a non standard thread on the back which may have caused some issues with them trying to sell it.
  12. If the F3 doesn't have the paid slog upgrade you will need the 7Q to get 444 or 60P. If I am not mistaken with out the upgrade dual link is required for either of these options and the 7Q is one of the only recorder that supports it. This is the main reason whe the 7Q is so popular for the F35 since it only has HD-SDI and outputs in PsF. I believe with the paid slog upgrade the F3 gained 3G over single link allowing many other recorders to work it.
  13. Many believe the size of s35 is a good balance between speed of lenses and shallowness of depth of field for motion picture filming. You can use fast lenses and still have enough DOF to not give your focus puller PTSD. Having shot with FF, s35 and smaller sensor cameras I tend to agree with that setiment. Of course having the option for larger formats is very welcomed.
  14. Yes they are basically the same size, the 18-100 is the newer design of the same lens. It is a little bit sharper, so I am told, and considered a better lens but it goes for around $9000-$10000. I believe the 20-100 is about 14" long, has a 144mm front and weighs about 10.5 lbs. It has a min focus of a little over 2 feet so it can be used for closups on the long end. It is decently fast and has a slot for rear filters if you find one that still has the filter holder. It is a fantastic lens, if you can handle the size.
  15. True but the difference in price is marginal and doesn't it also allow for 60P 10bit 422 over a single SDI as well where it would require dual link without?
  16. Yes it is big and fairly heavy but not as heavy as I thought it was going to be. I own one that I use with my F35, beautiful lens but definately not run and gunning with it. It also has a interchangeable mount design so it can be easily changed from PL to EF, etc...
  17. dhessel

    EOSHD Community

    Many who were not reading between the lines have no idea how involved Ed was with Ebrahim working towards resolving this. I am sure it is much more than I think. I do think he went too far in the beginning and I called him out but I know he was advising and negotiating behind the scenes.
  18. The Sony F3 and F35 are older cameras and don't the same Sony look as the current cameras do, especially the F35.
  19. The main issue with any of the projector lenses besides size, some are huge, is the dual focus aspect of them. You need to focus both the anamorphic and the taking lens. Depending on the lens you need a way of mounting it to the taking lens or to supporting rods and one of the single focus solutions out there if you don't want to deal with the dual focus. To my knowledge there are 4 the Rectilux, Rextilux Core DNA, Focus Module and SLR Magic RangeFinder. Not all are available for every type of projection lens.
  20. Anyone know of a battery belt that allows you to attach multiple gold mount batteries in parallel for greater AMP output? I am trying to work out a battery solution for 120 watts ideally using the 1 190 watt and 3 x 90 watt batteries I already have. Not sure if such a thing is safe or even exists so any help would be great. Thanks.
  21. At this point I would not even consider the 4.6K, It looks great on paper but BM is still working the bugs out and you might end up with a bad one with the Magenta issues they are having. There are other issues as well so at least in my opinion it is better to wait a bit and let them refine it some more. I would recommend that unless there is a specific thing you absolutely need on a newer camera is to pick up a used older one like the F3 that IronFilm pointed out. There where great cameras years ago that are still great, you can pick them up at bargin prices and they are completed. Firmware updates have fixed all the issues and they have been around long enough to know if they are truely reliable or not. You don't need the latest and greatest. I would say an F3 if you don't need 4K wtih external recorder and a Cooke 20-100mm T3.1(lenses are a better investment than cameras). This lens is a great lens, very vercitile, you can shoot an entire feature with it, and can be found for around $4000 but might take some patience. You can have a package that will deliever fantastic images for around $6000-$7000 leaving some budget left for other things. If you go the F3 route make sure it has the paid slog upgrade as it enabled 3G out the sdi giving you more recorder options. This setup is large and heavy though so not a run and gun solution.
  22. This is a very good point, it is a shame that Andrew has not been able to be more involved in this from the beginning. I personally have no intention participating in what is coming, it is not something that is in my nature or that I necessarily agree with, this is sound advice for anyone thinking about going along with Ed's plan.
  23. If that is your plan, then yes giving him until tomorrow is good idea.
  24. I for one have been been advocating for some restraint and have been criticial of Ed in the past in how he delt with ES. I am a flawed person and have made mistakes so it is easier for me to empathize with people who show the same and I am often willing to give the benifit of the doubt, put myself in their shoes and think about what I might have done. If it was me being handed a second chance to make things right and even very generously been handed money to pay off my debts there is no way I would not have made it to the post office to ship the package, come hell or high water I would have been there before they opened banging on the door to let me in. If the link about the post office is accurate then there really is only one logicial conclusion. Ed it is your call, you will recieve no more critizm from me on what you decide to do (within the realms of social media anyway). At this point he knows full well what he can expect from you and he is making his choice. Ebrahim if I were you I would play your next moves very carfully.
  25. as of now you can get all of the raw options for $900.
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