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  1. OT Question, I have a 50mm Nikon E mount with an adapter to Eos which I can't remove? Is there a latch or something that I can't see, how do I remove this adapter, anyone had this problem before?
  2. I saw a Video on youtube where a guy applied frame by frame lens correction automatically in Photoshop Raw I believe. Can this be done with Panasonic 4K footage? Or is there a work around? What do other PPL do to correct distortion?
  3. All their 4K Cameras overheat BADLY, if this one doesn't they would have announced that by now by saying something like 'improved heat dissipation' etc but nothing which means it's totally unreliable for professional video!
  4. Just saw this post, I just bought the AFI 3 axis Gimbal for $500 aud with an Ebay 15% off sale, hope it's as good as your Matthias, it's the DS1 Beholder rip off! There are so many bargains now! This one will take a 5D etc. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/291859816629?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  5. Hope it's under $2K usd?
  6. Yes Panasonic G7 and an Adapter for your Lens is all you need, bought mine New for $520 AUD, they're just the bargain of the century atm and has the same 4K image as the GH4 except no VLOG as yet. It's all you need.
  7. I think I'd rather get the Tamron 15 - 30mm with VC? There's also a filter kit which fits over the hood, can't remember who makes it atm? It is a best in class Lens according to all the Landscape Photographer reviews, even the angry photographer says so hehe!! Plus, you get some focal range!
  8. I bought a 7D MkII for Birds and Wildlife Stills but was wondering if anyone is using the mk2 for Video / Film and if it's any good for that? Anyone have the low down? Films shot on Canon and Nikon Cameras on IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/list/ls059550382/
  9. Look the Article is about depth rendition through the lens!! He's saying less glass equals more gain, more glass equals less gain and compression!! You know I actually looked up a friend of mine who has a Youtube channel who understands Lens manufacturing and has made countless Tutorials about Lens construction and philosophy of lens design etc and to my surprise he has actually made a Video in response to support Yannick's Article!! He knows more about Lenses than all of you put together I'd imagine and he says Yannick is correct! That's good enough for me! I only say this not to try to correct any of you, I'm not that stupid, but just to say sometimes the obvious answer is the correct one!! Less glass = more light and less compression, it sounds right because it is right! I'm not gonna post it here because I don't care if anyone agrees or not! Use your eyes, they will tell you everything you need to know!
  10. I think what the Article says is fantastic and the image examples says it all if your actually a Photographer!! Inspires me to use my eyes more carefully, more than anything else! There are a lot of Pro Photographers who think exactly the same he does and have dared to compare new Lens Technology with the old, I try to keep an open mind. I've been taking photos for 40 years and your always looking for that image to pop. When you master exposure, it's your eyes that tell you everything you need to know about a Lens and not the orthodoxy of your numbers and formulas!! Some of you need to take a chill pill?
  11. This John Brawley Post arrived today testing the new firmware updates! https://johnbrawley.wordpress.com/2016/03/08/olympus-e-m5-mark-ii-flat-profile-tested/
  12. I have 4 Zeiss lenses, 3 are vintage and a Planar 85 1.4 ZE and I love them because of the 3D and the bokeh also they are as sharp as any modern lens! My Sigma 18 -35mm is a little sharper and it's not flat, it has good dimension but it doesn't have nearly the pop the Zeiss lenses have! That Nikkor 50 1.4 pre ai is a stellar lens and I've used it before, I believe the ai and ais is basically the same except for the newer lenses have multi coatings but physically the same design, I either read that or heard that? There are other lens articles there worth reading, with concrete examples of way better micro contrast in the older designed lenses!
  13. Did a shoot with a mate and we had identical cameras but he was using a really old beat up Nikon 50 1.4 and I was using the Canon 50 1.8 II. The difference was shocking, the Nikon just popped and looked cinematic and the canon just looked flat, ok colours maybe but no pop and no wow, flat and dead when compared side by side! Made me realise, had I not seen the Nikon side by side, I would not have seen how bad some lenses really are. Not that I was expecting miracles from canon's nifty fifty, but I've taken a lot of sharp photos with that lens and it has never let me down but dome designs are just in another class!! http://yannickkhong.com/blog/2016/2/23/the-problem-with-modern-optics
  14. Been buying a lot of Lenses in the past 2 years for stills and video but never occurred to me to look for Parfocal as they are particularly useful in maintaining focus if you need to zoom in to lock in a focal point then back to wide. I found this list for Canon Zooms. Might be useful if someone had a list of all the Parfocal Zooms? http://www.funkytwig.com/blog/canon-dslr-lense-parfocal-constant-aperture
  15. Mine arrives in 2 Days, can't wait!! Didn't read all the specs properly but it shoots 60fps, so it may be a very useful camera for sharp servo shots for slo mo with its amazing AF?
  16. If your in the Theater and not liking it, you need to come over to the Dark Side and use the Force!!
  17. With an adapter and autofocus etc?
  18. Yeah they're only $1500 now, here in Australia so just can't say no to this, mechanically it's basically a 1D but in apsc and better noise specs!! Unbelievable value! I have an old 5D mkii which I love, and want to go to 5D mkiii but I'm hoping that in a few months they will drop massively in price or they have something better coming out, either way I'm crossing my fingers I can get another bargain like the 7D mkii!!
  19. I'm buying a 7D mkII for stills, I shoot birds and wildlife but just wondering if anyone is using this for Video and how they rate it?
  20. I saw it here, it has videos! http://petapixel.com/2015/10/13/bh-slammed-with-accusations-of-mistreatment-and-discrimination/
  21. Yes they are amazing and very sharp too! I have 3 old Zeiss the Jena 35mm 2.4, Pancolar 50mm 1.8 and Biometar 80mm 2.8 medium format which they actually used in Hollywood I read!! All very sharp even fully open and yes they certainly give you that cinematic dimension and muted contrast, not that the colours are lower but they're just different, vintage and creamy esp the Pancolar. The Flektagon Jena 35mm 2.4f is the best though, probably the best lens ever made imo, honestly everything looks very special through that lens but that's no secret!
  22. Yes, I agree with you, the canon image is great, filmic with that certain depth of field in the image and colour! It's taken me a while but I like it more than my BMPCC, which is way sharper but doesn't have that look in my minds eye!
  23. I'm thinking of selling all my Canon 5D mk2 and 600D Camera's and going 4K for the Video/Stills but the the thing that has prevented me is that I need a Pro Stills Camera for weddings and portraits etc. Which 4k Camera is best for stills or should I stick with DSLR? Anyone been down this road?
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