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  1. Can't wait for the new Panasonic Full Frame? I wanted the sony A7iii and the Nikon Z6 to be great but the Z6 is underdone and the Sony feels cheap and old. Hoping Nikon can go a step further with dual slots and has the potential to be a Sony killer?
  2. Canon are so incredibly stupid, they could have did this 5 years ago and everyone who had invested in their lenses would have bought into this for eternity! At Canon they have one policy, ie "What's the least we have to do?", because that's what they keep dishing up!! I'm over Canon, they're completely useless and unnecessary now!
  3. I'm in a similar position as you. I bought a new refurbished Nikon D810 for $1800 with 3 years warranty and shutter count was under 50. 1080p but 14stops of dynamic range! I bought a G7 for $500 for when I need 4K. You can actually buy 3 or 4 unbeatable AIS lenses for less than $300 for video and you're ready to roll!! I have the 24- 70 and 70 - 200mm Tamrons VC and 4 Leica R lenses now. I couldn't be happier and can go D850 when I get more money if i want?
  4. I guess it's the emperors new clothes here, the Sony Image has this murky brown magenta look to it which I don't like. I don't need to post anyone to prove it, just open your eyes! It gives the image a fake look that is distracting, like when you look at video cam image, the first thing you think is, oh that was shot on a videocam! Every time you look at a Sony video you will now see it, and think the same!! It comes from working with sony cameras almost every day for 2 years but owning Canon and Pana Cameras and realising that image is far superior! I was hoping that it was a colour issue, but it still looks murky blacks and plasticky to me with the AR3! Video that doesn't have this problem is canon etc, any high end camera that is not sony, just google canon video. my 2c
  5. ok the color is better but i still don't like the sony image! Always looks fake, like a videocam image looks fake, I know it's 4K image etc but all sony cameras have this fake look about them? Don't know why other PPL don't see it? ps I used some of the best sony cameras almost every day for 2 years.
  6. I chose A, at least a couple of us know what's really going on eh?
  7. This came out today. http://www.techspot.com/bestof/cpu/
  8. The Ryzen 1700 is supposed to run at variable speeds, from 3.0 up to 3.7mhz. Mine runs comfortably at 3.9 @ 1.3375v but I've set it to 3.8 which is all I need.
  9. I got the same mobo and memory but have the msi 1070 videocard!
  10. Just bought an AMD Ryzen 1700 CPU @ 3000mhz and a cheap msi am4 mobo + 32gig ddr4. It's the new way cheap 8 core chip and it edits 4k like a charm no more stutters, super smooth. My old i5 was terrible. Anyway if you haven't heard look up the Ryzen CPU's they're a bargain 8 Core (16 threads) and a no brainer esp. for editing needing to upgrade. Even with an 8gig 1070 videocard my i5 2500k didn't like 4k at all. btw I bought the Ryzen 1700 because it's the cheaper cpu and it overclocks easily to 3.9mhz with stock cooler with no fuss.
  11. The colours look amazing and it looks really filmic too or maybe that was the lens? This is 10 bit or 12?
  12. What is the cheapest or bang for buck 4k monitor/recorder out there atm? Anyone looked into this?
  13. Tony Northrup who is a Programmer/Science background has plenty to say about DX0 ranking system. Color Rendition is based on how they feel about it apparently ie not any objective data etc. He said the same, DX0 ranking is deeply flawed from a technical standpoint!
  14. $2,000 or more China built lenses, PPL swoon over them. morons!
  15. A bit OT but how does it rate as a Stills Camera? How is the AF?
  16. Really? Maybe you're the one who is absolute rubbish? Forward to 7:10m. Noticed how Tony actually phoned Sigma to get a fix but it's focusing back then forward so the usb isn't going to fix that because its a random problem. And he asked his Canon friends if they had the problem and they have it also! Means it's total lemon! At least the 18 -35mm can focus consistently with centrepoint or that would be a write off too!! Here's the 18 -35 focus problem. there's a few more but I can't be bothered finding them. I can live with centrepoint only focus for stills, I shoot stills that way anyway. Notice he had to retest because his friends had this problem also but he didn't find it first time he tried!! ie it's a design flaw and it's not fixed by the usb dock! You've got to wonder why Sigma issued a usb dock to correct focus issues in the first place right? No other manufacturers do as far as I'm aware, they just sell lenses that focus and work? And I'm not a Sigma hater I have 5 sigma lenses which I use all the time!
  17. Yes said something similar in previous posts, for video of PPL in room etc its great.
  18. If you own a 18 -35mm you would know it doesn't focus well using the outside points, you have to use the centrepoint, it's common knowledge flaw for pro photographers? I guess you guys don't own one or are used to having blurry pictures? Similar problem with the 50 -100mm 1.8, it doesn't focus consistently, it's kinda all over the net, maybe we don't watch the same reviews? It's kinda useless if it keeps randomly missing and your shooting an event? ps. it doesn't matter how many ppl you get to agree with you, facts aren't determined by votes!
  19. This is common knowledge now actually. If you focus on a large tree from a distance to frame the tree, none of leaves will be in focus and at any aperture. You will think the leaves are moving but even when you increase the shutter speed same result, garbled leaves. It's chromatic aberration, a design flaw due to the 14 elements etc. There's a few videos on this on youtube but I can't find them right now. Plus the 18-35 won't focus using the outer focus points, you have to use centrepoint only. The Lens is complete junk unless you use centrepoint focus only. The new 50-150 1.8 they just released is even worse, it just doesn't focus every 5 or 6 shots or whatever, which means unusable for a professional stills photographer. Totally unreliable auto focus. The Zeiss and the Fuji are not 3rd Party and are great lenses no doubt and cost a bomb, not sure your point?? The new chinese$2K Nikon 85mm has a similar issue to the 18 -35 due to all the elements, stick with the old one much better Lens and half the price.
  20. The canon lenses are great for stills and video. I have the sigma 18 -35 which is sharp for shooting video and portraits but the CA when shooting a tree with leaves etc the lens is total crap, can't do it at any aperture! The cheapo Canon 17 -40 f4 L lense craps all over it! I would have sold the 18 -35 but its so versatile for shooting room scenes in lower light but as a wideangle for stills, it's unusable! Canon lenses don't do that, not even the cheaper Canons! The older AI Nikons are the same, quality lenses, almost all of them! All these 3rd party ultra sharp lenses with multiple elements have serious trade offs. The Sigmas are the worst offenders, can't recommend any except the 105mm and the 150mm which are superb and cheap. The newer Tamrons are much better, as good or better than canon. The 70 -200m is great but the focus breathing is horrendous - stick with canon 70 -200m if you need a true 200m. The older tamron 28 -75 2.8f is a winner, shoots as well as canon 24 -70 2.8L at 1/3 of the price. I have both, can't tell the difference? Canon lenses are the best imo, always deliver and meet expectations in all scenes for stills and video and retain decent resale value when you upgrade.
  21. 70D with raw is a great option! What are the file sizes like with 70D Raw? btw I have a friend who shoots with a 550D, has a Ton of work because it looks amazing!
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