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  1. I downloaded Media Portal for free for my dual TV Card, to watch and record TV. Took about 20mins to learn about scanning channels and epg but works the same as WMC.
  2. Just thought I'd let everyone know, I upgraded from Win7 to 10 with no hassles at all! All my Adobe Apps work, all my Avid Apps work fine including Pro Tools 11 which has a glass jaw but everything works great after 12 hours constant use! Resolve beta 12 works 100%! Quite surprised too and the upgrade didn't mess with my Desktop or files etc everything is exactly as it was except it's no longer Win 7. Apps open a bit quicker, Internet pages quicker, played some Arma 3 too all good!! I recommend it, be very surprised if anyone has problems? my2c!
  3. Here's a comparison! ​https://vimeo.com/38152106
  4. ​I ended up buying the Sigma 70 -300mm apo macro, very sharp, great auto focus and an amazing 1:2 macro lens also. Paid $150 new and delivered! This is the bargain of the century and takes sharp sharp photos! There are 2 versions the newer one is little better but bascically same lens. https://www.flickr.com/groups/1501578@N25/pool/ https://500px.com/search?category=Macro&license_type=-1&order=score&page=4&q=sigma+70+-300mm&type=photos&utf8=%E2%9C%93
  5. Watch the Searchers, apparently its the best movie ever made according to Spielberg, Lucas, Howard and Scorsese, they watch that movie every time before they shoot a movie. It does have some spectacular shots in it but I prefer Clint's westerns and dirty dozen stuff.
  6. You can tell the camera resolves really well, kinda looks like canon to me. The movie content is annoying but I like the IQ and see the potential!
  7. Nice and sharp. a bit low in contrast?
  8. Anyone using this? Looks like a better paying alternative to vimeo? http://www.mindplate.tv/about
  9. Yeah the lens needed to be stopped down a couple of clicks.
  10. Question, what's the best bang for buck 300mm lens for EF out there with auto focus? I take a lot of stills also so having AF is probably better. I have the 70 - 200m f4 IS but want a longer lens?
  11. What's the best Noise Plugin for both stills and video in PC? Anyone been down this road, all the reviews seem to make them all equal?
  12. Yes it's good! But I'm wondering about lense compatibility and there's a new Speedbooster for the GH4 and I can use all my EF lenses! I'm thinking GH4 for my situation atm!
  13. Nice shots Matt, what made you decide to go NX1, I mean you must have looked at the GH4 also but went NX1? I've been looking at GH4?
  14. Does Blackmagic 4k ef mount support IS?
  15. Before the Devil knows your Dead - 2007 - Another great movie!
  16. Been watching Elementary and really impressed with the Cinematography of this Show - Ron Fortunato and others!
  17. Anyone used the Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 XR Di Lens for video?
  18. This is OT but related and of enormous interest to most of us here, Tony Northrup explaining how to truly rate sensor technology/performance!
  19. ​I tried to upload this before but it didn't work so here's the link. Jena 35mm 2.4f https://www.flickr.com/photos/119977538@N08/13053572783/
  20. Why hasn't someone made a megapixel chart for lenses? That would give the manufacturers the shits no doubt!!
  21. The Zeis Jena, Pancolar and Biometar Lenses all have that amazing vintage look, its kinda creamy and brittle at the same time and there's good contrast but the colours are vintage. Draws your eyes in immediately though just has that ability to deliver arresting images and super sharp even fully open. The only difficulty is bright sunlight, you just have to be careful about the flares. The Jena 35mm 2.4 is the king of all of them, it has a massive reputation.
  22. Maybe it's a question of potential. There are lots of alternatives but if you want max resolution/image quality your gonna have to put up with other difficulties to accommodate the requirements of the medium. If your happy being in the middle, and I know alot of guys who are, you don't have to put up with the hurdles. Think about how you actually make your money, if your not shooting actual Films, you don't need that cinematic image and for that Job where you do, you can hire the Camera you need easy enough.
  23. Stephen Windon the DP for most of the Furious stuff came and gave few Lectures at our Film School, which he attended back in the day actually. His Father was a legend Cameraman here in Sydney with the ABC. We saw all the behind the scenes setup for Furious stunts etc and I gotta say he's pretty good! He got an award for The Pacific, Band of Brothers thing, he got to choose and setup most of the shots the Director trusted him and thats why it looks so good, he's a real photography guy and has the eye, which not many have really, a few ppl will know what I mean. Most of the time he says a DP will march to the beat of the Directors drum so the visuals stand or fall on their Talent or lack thereof. Of all the Action movies out there, they are the ones who have been stretching the envelope and they are franchise who have made the most money! He's a very humble quiet guy, not what I expected, you can see why he has the loyalty of a few very sucessful Directors
  24. Thanks Andrew! You always tell it like it is!
  25. This was on Facebook today. Enjoy! http://filmmakermagazine.com/93623-watch-a-guide-to-stanley-kubricks-lenses/#.VRnWwPmUd8E
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