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    IronFilm reacted to Davide DB in Panasonic G9 mk2   
    Nobody cares but from a underwater video operator POV (mine 😁) Pana budget choice of reusing the same body could be a good one. 
    It happens once in a blue moon that two camera share the same body and control layout and this seems to be the case.
    Nauticam has already a reasonably priced uw housing for the S5 II (3350€ vs 4050€ of GH6)and this seems to be fully compatible.

    To be seen the 120mm port diameter for the FF lens.
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    IronFilm reacted to Simon Young in Z CAM may make the BMPCC we all wanted   
    5K global shutter, dual gain sensor and "the best dynamic range out of all their cameras". Shipping in October. People are already whining about the price of 3999 dollars ("ITS NOT FULL FRAME"). This is why we can't have nice things and I fear this might sell very badly of course.
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    IronFilm got a reaction from majoraxis in Sennheiser Previews MKH 8030 figure-of-eight RF Condenser Microphone   

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    IronFilm got a reaction from kye in Blackmagic Update - 14th September 2023 19:00 CET   
    I try to always say explicitly "P6K Pro" if I mean that. 
    But yes, people might casually say "Pocket 6K" when meaning their P6K Pro. 
    Or heck, they might even say their "Blackmagic Pocket Camera" and you're left confused if they mean the original Pocket 1080 camera? (some people don't even realize that exists!!) Or the P4K MFT?? Or one of the 6K versions? Who knows!
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    IronFilm reacted to ntblowz in Blackmagic Update - 14th September 2023 19:00 CET   
    Say goodbye to filmic pro and their money grabbing subscription
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    IronFilm reacted to Amazeballs in Blackmagic Update - 14th September 2023 19:00 CET   
    So, the fact that BM joined L-mount makes me hopefull. DJI is rumored to produce an L-mount camera too which alltogeether will strengthen the alliance.. but this camera is not really ground breaking or anything like that. Form factor is meh, no NDs, no PDAF, frame rates are average. I can forgive it not having an IBIS as it has a very capable Gyro IS which you can apply in Resolve. But overall thats a postive move for all L-mount users. 
    Eager to see what DJI cooks up. Those guys dont beat around the bush and deliver a banger straight away. A fresh take of their Ronin 4D in a camera form factor striped of a gimbal would be bonkers. 
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    IronFilm reacted to kye in Panasonic G9 mk2   
    I really hope that you're wrong, but your points make sense and it might simply be how the economics play out.
    I'd hope that even if they released an updated GX camera, they could retain the same body/battery/EVF/etc, but offer improved bitrates / frame-rates / profiles.  A GX95 that took advantage of most/all of the modes on the new sensors would be wonderful.
    In terms of the idea that smartphones killed cameras of this size, it's a fundamental misunderstanding of how things work, but one that the industry seems to make time and again....  the idea that serious people want a large camera and people who want a small camera don't want quality.
    I shoot with the GX85 and iPhone 12 Mini, and I can assure you, the difference in image quality is night and day.  What do I mean by night and day?  I mean, the image quality of the GX85 shooting at night is better than the iPhone shooting during the day!
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    IronFilm reacted to newfoundmass in Panasonic G9 mk2   
    I don't think anyone is arguing that it isn't a very good camera, I think people just feel like the system is moving away from what it's potential is/could be.
    It's a radically different time than 2017 and the years before spent developing a the GH5. You could overlook the larger size, compared to previous M43 bodies, because it was so much more advanced than anything else out there. 4K 60, 10-bit, IBIS, etc. were all groundbreaking features for the mirrorless market. 
    Now though, releasing a camera that is the size of a full frame camera but with a smaller sensor and features that are not significantly better than what is already out there is a harder sell.
    Like I said in a previous post, Panasonic probably has the marketing information to back up their decision making, and I absolutely understand that in many ways they are in a no win situation, but I just don't think they are able to compete when it comes to specs, at least not in a significant way. But size and affordability? Those are two things they absolutely could embrace and win some people over. An updated GH5 in a small, compact body at a very competitive price is a more compelling option for a lot of us vs. something like this. But again, it just might not be a feasible thing for them to do.
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    IronFilm reacted to Yannick Willox in Panasonic G9 mk2   
    In defense to the size of the body :
    It has no fan.
    It does not overheat.
    The IBIS is stellar, so you could often get by without the gimbal. This alone makes it actually a lot more compact.
    Anyway, I tend to put everything on sticks, or walk around with it, and I need a new MFT photo camera - this means I am actually happy they release this. Except for the price.
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    IronFilm reacted to MrSMW in Panasonic G9 mk2   
    As a user of the S5ii, I don’t mind the size & weight with a 4/3 sensor as I think bodies can sometimes be too small and less good as lens platforms.
    I think if I could build a business case for a pair of G9ii’s it would be one with the pairing of 10-25mm and the 25-50mm f1.7’s, bolted on.
    Keep the S1H for long static duty which with the battery grip, is a long time, and keep hold of the 70-200mm f4 for the longer stuff.
    Ticks all my boxes really though the G9 units would come in a tad over my 1.5kg self-imposed new max weight limit…
    But being able to shoot 20mm, 50mm and 100mm FF equivalent focal lengths would be pretty bang on for me.
    Got me thinking now…
    These things also shoot 6k 50p in 10 bit don’t they?
    Must go read the specs and watch some reviews…
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    IronFilm reacted to BTM_Pix in Panasonic G9 mk2   
    Or maybe "Oh shit, who added the two extra zeroes to that order for the S5ii body shells ?"
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    IronFilm reacted to BTM_Pix in Panasonic G9 mk2   
    Unfortunately, I think that is what is going to happen and we won't see any more of the compact ranges.
    In this case my question was if they were going to go big what else could they have fitted in there.
    Specifically, ND filters.
    Unfortunately for Panasonic - and the rest of us - the 0.75mm difference in flange focal distance between MFT and L mount is in the wrong direction for them to offer an adapter, because that would justify the transition in at least providing an option for current MFT users to move up.
    As we know from the LS-300, the majority of MFT lenses cover APS-C (and those that don't can use a 10-12% additional crop) so they could have made a very attractive APS-C L mount camera with appeal to both sides of the fence.
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    IronFilm reacted to kye in Blackmagic Update - 14th September 2023 19:00 CET   
    Love your work, as always!!
    Looks like they've left room for the Pro version to be released in next-years new camera announcement..  unless you can't fit a FF sensor and ND mechanism into that chassis?
    Of course, the real issue is the acronyms!  P6K could be referring to the old S35 6K model or the new FF model, or the new S35 G2 model where the person dropped the G2 part for brevity!
    Oh the confusion!!
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    IronFilm reacted to QuickHitRecord in Blackmagic Update - 14th September 2023 19:00 CET   
    Initially, I was disappointed that it wasn't a box cam. But watching some of the demo footage, this might be their first sensor ever that I really like the look of. I just bought an old Red Scarlet-X and that is going to keep me busy for (hopefully) a few more years. But I am looking forward to seeing more footage from this camera. The included OLPF is a big deal and can have a major effect on the look of footage in either a good or bad way. I'm thinking that it might be a good way here.
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    IronFilm reacted to A_Urquhart in Blackmagic Update - 14th September 2023 19:00 CET   
    New Full Frame 6K camera looks great (internally). Love the sensor, OLPF, BRAW, open gate, DR looks impressive despite BMD still claiming 13 stops, internal proxies and a far better mirrorless mount (than EF) means adapting lenses is much easier. If using EF lenses, these is an adaptor that has a built in VariND ( I think Meike make it) so I’m not even too fussed about the lack of ND filters. Biggest issue for me still is the form factor. I’ve had a few BMD Pocket cameras from the P4K to th 6KPro and I hate the form factor. With this new full frame sensor, Black Magic have kinda made a budget Alexa Mini LF (BUDGET!) but I can’t see many film makers wanting this body style anymore. 
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    IronFilm reacted to newfoundmass in Blackmagic Update - 14th September 2023 19:00 CET   
    What excites me is them moving to the L-mount and also what their future plans could be. I could definitely see myself picking up a Blackmagic camera for my non-event work now that it's using the L-mount. Their price of entry is low enough as it is that I could easily justify it since I'd be able to use all my lenses I've gotten since switching completely to the L-mount.
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    IronFilm reacted to MurtlandPhoto in Blackmagic Update - 14th September 2023 19:00 CET   
    Right but that barrel connection makes using another third party solution like NPF or even V Mount wayyyy easier than before
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    IronFilm reacted to seanzzxx in Blackmagic Update - 14th September 2023 19:00 CET   
    Looks like a great camera. I get why there’s no internal nds but man that’s a bummer. Also no 6k 50, but Blackmagic has been pretty good about pushing frame rates in updates.
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    IronFilm reacted to Anaconda_ in Blackmagic Update - 14th September 2023 19:00 CET   
    Shame it uses LPE6 batteries though.
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    IronFilm reacted to stephen in Blackmagic Update - 14th September 2023 19:00 CET   
    Most of my speculations in another theme turned out to be true. 🙂 Blackmagic joins L Mount and produces it's first FF cinema camera. Price is good but form factor is disappointing. Still prefer Panasonic S1/S5/S5II + BM Video Assist 5 12G for BRAW video. Much more versatile combo.
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    IronFilm reacted to BTM_Pix in Blackmagic Update - 14th September 2023 19:00 CET   
    OK, here is the spec and there are indeed no internal NDs.
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    IronFilm reacted to BTM_Pix in Blackmagic Update - 14th September 2023 19:00 CET   
    The reworked Micro Studio Camera then... looks with the new additions that they've accidentally created the box P4K that everyone has been asking for.
    A nod to Panasonic there that its possible to bring out a new MFT camera that isn't the size of a brick.
    Unless I missed it, does that new 6K not have the ND filters ?
    It wasn't mentioned and looking at the rear panel the +/- buttons to control it that the P6K Pro has were not there.
    The AF looks like the familiar standard too though and I'm guessing much would have been made if it had something new in that department *
    Full frame, L mount and CDAF.....
    Its pretty much a BRAW shooting version of the original S5 without the IBIS then 😉
    Looks pretty good but not the complete revolution many were predicting/expecting/hoping for. 
    *yes, yes real cinema cameras have no AF anyway etc but don't say that you wouldn't love it if it had it..
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    IronFilm reacted to newfoundmass in Blackmagic Update - 14th September 2023 19:00 CET   
    Agreed. Aside from just being ugly, it's just not a very practical design for a video centric camera. My guess though is that's how they save money on development and manufacturing costs.
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    IronFilm reacted to newfoundmass in Blackmagic Update - 14th September 2023 19:00 CET   
    Full frame sensor, too!
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    IronFilm reacted to newfoundmass in Blackmagic Update - 14th September 2023 19:00 CET   
    They did it. They went with the L-mount. Nice! Still ugly as sin though haha.
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