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  1. Haha
    IronFilm reacted to Kisaha in Hollyland... Any experience?   
    I believe at the 0:38 second I saw the Video Sound Police violently interrupting the shooting!
  2. Thanks
    IronFilm got a reaction from Emanuel in Hollyland... Any experience?   
    (plus for focus pulling you'll usually want to use SDI wireless/monitors, otherwise the delay becomes too much via HDMI)

    Suitable for casual youtubers or cameraman on simple nondemanding / noncritical shoots. 
    There are many deal breakers with it:
    1) 2.4GHz
    2) low power RF
    3) no locking connector 
    4) no swappable batteries
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    IronFilm got a reaction from Kisaha in Hollyland... Any experience?   
    Sony UWP-D21 is the standard for the minimum threshold for prosumer budget wireless.
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    IronFilm reacted to Fairkid in Sony FX30 (S35 FX3)   
    Yes you can
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    IronFilm reacted to TomTheDP in Sony FX30 (S35 FX3)   
    It crops in on the sensor in 4k 120fps, which makes noise larger and less fine. You just have to expose more carefully or over expose a bit. The good thing is that it's still high bitrate, 10 bit so you have that dynamic range and color information to play with. 
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    IronFilm reacted to John Matthews in 2022 AF & the Panasonic case but what about Fujifilm?   
    I’m not too bothered by the current Panasonic AF system. For me, it’s been serviceable, not the best. For stills, I find it great. I really like the idea of a focus limiter, but I’d like to see an improvement in the interface or methodology to set it. If you watch YouTubers, you’d think contrast AF is more out of focus than in focus, which is total BS. Also, you’d think it works like crap in stills, which is also not the case. LiDAR sounds interesting, but I don’t know enough about it to comment.
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    IronFilm got a reaction from Thpriest in 2022 AF & the Panasonic case but what about Fujifilm?   
    Why not both Lidar and DFD? A simple Lidar system built into the camera to get general ballpark focus then DFD to subtly fine tune it. As DFD is worst when it does those drastic big leaps backwards and forwards, if Lidar could eliminate that then it is a big improvement. 
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    IronFilm reacted to MrSMW in 2022 AF & the Panasonic case but what about Fujifilm?   
    I'm not very techy, but I guess that is what they mean/are working on?
    Or at least exploring...
    Indeed who says PDAF has to be the epitomy of AF. Like with so many new things, new tech comes along...
    I don't care what it is, as long as it works...
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    IronFilm got a reaction from John Matthews in Panasonic GH6   
    Sony has their Sony Catalyst Production Suite, and with their gyro sensors as well then they can get very good stabilization indeed. 
    And Sony's color science in their latest generation cinema cameras are a massive leaps and bounds ahead of what their early generation a7S cameras were like. 
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    IronFilm got a reaction from Emanuel in Panasonic GH6   
    Sony has their Sony Catalyst Production Suite, and with their gyro sensors as well then they can get very good stabilization indeed. 
    And Sony's color science in their latest generation cinema cameras are a massive leaps and bounds ahead of what their early generation a7S cameras were like. 
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    IronFilm reacted to PannySVHS in Panasonic GH6   
    And the cp2s look ugly on mft bidies compared to the elegant meikes or veydras. @PPNS
     Btw, how is your short doing, which you did with your bmpcc4k meike combo?
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    IronFilm reacted to PPNS in Panasonic GH6   
    probably some of the nicest lenses to use for video on mft. what might also be interesting is that i had the chance to compare them to Zeiss CP2s. while i dont want to take away the advantages of the zeiss (PL/swappable mount, the majority of the set covers FF, some lenses are faster), they really dont look better than the meikes. the general look is very similar, but the zeiss set has more unpleasant aberrations wide open when pointed towards a light source. the focus breathing is way more apparent on the CP2s as well (cropped to mft, on FF theyre almost unusable due to the breathing imo). pretty crazy for a set thats easily about 1/10th the price.
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    IronFilm reacted to Michael S in Panasonic GH6   
    Online stores have essentially become like auctions. Computer sees what all customers and competing online stores are doing in real time and adjusts it's price according to fancy algorithms trying to maximize profits. Most shops have the decency to only adjust prices during the night but Amazon and decency...
    In physical stores they are gradually switching over to digital price tags. It is only a matter of time until these start to adjust automatically as well during the day if local laws will allow for it. If only it was legal to set the price based on user profile data...
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    IronFilm reacted to MrSMW in 2022 AF & the Panasonic case but what about Fujifilm?   
    Yes, I would very much like to know 'if' closely followed by 'when?'.
    Surely they could not realistically release another camera without some form of 'on par' AF?
    I think they'd bomb 100% if they did not.
    And other than perhaps a size & weight concern for some, it's not just their weakness, but their Achilles Heel.
    For some dedicated hardcore filmmaking purists, maybe not, but to the other 99% of the market, decent AF is a must.
    I've wrestled with it for the last 2 years now.
    OK, it's ONLY been an issue for less than 5% of my work where I need decent forward or backward tracking and there IS a workaround (it's called f8), but it's not ideal and I came sooooooo close to flipping to another brand to counter this.
    That 5% need may be small, but it's a very important 5%.
    But ultimately I decided against switching at this point in time and will go at least all of 2023 before making any changes for the simple reason that the cost to change is not worth it for the workaround.
    Basically, it's a ballpark figure of 10k to make the move and it would be Sony because despite having zero desire to go with them, currently the package I'd be looking at with them works better than the package with anyone else.
    But as above, I am sticking with L Mount for at least 2023.
    In the process of having 2 bodies repaired from '22 battle damage, dumped a whole load of lenses (still have an EF Meike 50mm T2.1 cine if anyone is interested?!) and purchasing a few faster f1.4 primes and one new zoom.
    All Pannyboy need to do to NOT cock it up for me with their next FF camera is:
    A. Reliable AF at least close to if not better than current Canon/Sony.
    B. Ideally, S5 size, but with the S1H style screen.
    C. Ideally no crop 6k 50p / 4k 100p, 10 bit, internal.
    Job done. I'll buy 3.
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    IronFilm got a reaction from John Matthews in Panasonic GH6   
    How often do you need your backup files? If rarely ever, then I'd say keep your originals for a month after delivery, then once that date has elapsed have a batch script you run to convert the originals to teeny 1080 h265 8bit files to then store forever ("just in case" in an emergency) and delete the originals. 
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    IronFilm reacted to John Matthews in Panasonic GH6   
    It seems like Panasonic does a couple of fantastic deals per year. This time, Panasonic France got that deal, but you had to see it at the right time and not everyone participated. In France, FNAC and Darty (for some reason) have the best deals on Panasonic cameras in general. I picked up the GH6 for the 1579 euros deal (-400 euro, 3-year warranty, and an extra 1tb SanDisk SSD). This deal clearly (although no communicated) had a quota. I got lucky as it's sitting here in front of me and I've put in for the promotional deal, but it could take awhile (I let the community know when it comes through). The moral of the story is that you have to move fast on ANY Black Friday day/week/month/year deal. No, I seriously doubt it's sign that the GH6 is a huge failure or that Panasonic is getting out of M43, or Panasonic is failing completely as a company... just a company that needs more buzz in a crowded market where the A7S3, OM-1, XH2/s are competing hard with the GH6 for various reasons. Panasonic could have been pressured by distributors in this case due to too many cameras on shelves, a more likely scenario.
    On a side note, I think I might have to reevaluate my workflow. I can no longer keep original files forever as if I choose the best quality in prores 422HQ at a rediculous 5.7/5.8k, I think I'll have enough space for a week. Instead, I think I'll need a more streamlined approach, correcting footage on the fly to make make reasonably-sized 150Mbps files that would still be good for making final small edits. I'm almost considering to just shoot 1080p on the camera as it looks so good and no one I know will probably see a difference anyway. Any Suggestions?
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    IronFilm reacted to markr041 in Your E-mount fav lenses   
    I agree the 18-105 is a really versatile lens: power zoom and near par focal. A little deficient on the wide end, but now there is a perfect complement: the Sony E PZ 10-20mm constant f4.
    Shooting Sony APS-C has real advantages in terms of video-advantaged lenses.
  18. Thanks
    IronFilm got a reaction from Emanuel in Panasonic GH6   
    Big price drop for the Panasonic Lumix GH6 Mirrorless Camera:
    Previous Price: $2197.99
    Price Drop: -$500.00
    Current Price: $1697.99
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    IronFilm got a reaction from kaylee in Black Friday Discount Purchases - What's on your shopping list?   
    Doubt I'll buy anything this Black Friday (although the 30% discount on the +4 Plugin from Sound Devices is very tempting, puts the price for it under US$700), but I did just get emailed a notification for these discounts which are pretty darn good:
    Zoom F2-BT Ultracompact Bluetooth-Enabled Portable Field Recorder with Lavalier Microphone
    Previous Price: $229.99
    Price Drop: -$50.00
    Current Price: $179.99
    Panasonic Lumix GH6 Mirrorless Camera
    Previous Price: $2197.99
    Price Drop: -$500.00
    Current Price: $1697.99
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    IronFilm got a reaction from kaylee in Black Friday Discount Purchases - What's on your shopping list?   
    Also tempted by a little SMic2S mic and another timecode box:

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    IronFilm reacted to Trek of Joy in A7RV announced   
    For what you do that's a solid lineup. I'm in the same boat, shoot tons of photos and video, and I'm actually considering shrinking my kit a bit with all the recent aps-c lens announcements and the FX30 - combined with either my a7IV as my photo workhorse or the a7rV. The 26mp crop mode for stills on the rV makes for a lot of versatility.
    Just an FYI, the Tamron RXD lenses are not quite as good as the VXD lenses from an AF standpoint. They still perform well, I ran the original 28-75 a lot on the a7sIII, never had any major issues. The newer version is better. The linear motors are smoother. The 35-150 is awesome. If I could find one, it would live on one of my bodies.
    Mixing aps-c and FF complicates things a bit lens wise for me, but with small/fast zooms like the Tamron's and the new Sigma 18-50/2.8, it really has me itching to downsize a bit and move from the a7sIII to the FX30. The complete lack of photo features gives me pause, as I actually do shoot a fair number of photos with the a7sIII. I get its cost cutting to hit that price point, but not having a shutter and single shot only with the FX30 is a numb nut decision to gimp the camera.
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    IronFilm reacted to Django in Sony FX30 (S35 FX3)   
    GH6 & XH2/XH2S shoot ProRes which is a very nice plus codec wise. They also do 6K/8K & XH2S even does open-gate.
    Those are the main new features that trump the FX30. The Sony has... better AF. 
    XH2S excites me a lot more. Stacked sensor, true hybrid, 6.2K open gate, Xtrans sensor & Fuji film emulations.
    But FX30 makes more business sense for me as an FS7 user. Plus I do value strong AF.
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    IronFilm reacted to Emanuel in Sony FX30 (S35 FX3)   
    I don't know guys... but this Sony entry looks like to me the most all round unbeatable cam under $2000 as of now against the usual direct contenders GH6 (sample) & my fav X-H2s (sample) to even lack a basic focus tracking feature in 2022 despite their (other) strengths we all already know:
    Obviously a camera is not only its AF capabilities (no crop 4K 120fps against the X-H2s 1.29x and FX30 1.38x crops) makes GH6 to be unique and X-H2s surely trumps as hybrid the FX30 without mechanical shutter is not, let alone the rolling shutter performance) but when we have a few of capture devices already, we need something to justify a new all round camera purchase, isn't it? ; )
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    IronFilm reacted to markr041 in Sony FX30 (S35 FX3)   
    By request: An ISO 6400 4K Slog3 Video:
    Every shot is at ISO 6400. Sony FE PZ 16-35mm f4 lens.
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    IronFilm reacted to Django in How does a C100 Mark II or C300 OG hold up against modern 10 bit codecs   
    Calm down, no I'm not the police. It's called forum netiquette. Even the OP is confused about the direction his own thread has taken. What does a GH5 have to do with C100/C300 question? Why continually argue against a point I clearly detailed with pics and everything concerning cameras I've actually owned and worked with?
    It seems like you enjoy making these threads about you and your camera. It's just not necessary. All the armchair arguments, the passive aggressive comments. It's not a discussion anymore, it becomes a monologue. Even right now, we're wasting bandwidth talking about you it seems, your hurt feelings and playing the victim as if I were the bully. It's quite tiring frankly. Nobody cares, it's just cluttering the thread.
    Just put all that aside, no need to argue further. Try and stay on topic. I'm done with this back & forth.
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