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    IronFilm got a reaction from Grumble in No culture or heritage in Nikon's Z series   
    Am going to go against the grain here of what most in the forum think, and say that the two most important cameras for Nikon to release next are not the likes of a R5/S1H/a7Smk3/etc competitor, but instead:

    Nikon Z30 that is priced sub $400 (including a kit lens). 

    Where is the rest of the specs of this dream "Nikon Z30" camera?

    The only spec about the Z30 that is important is that price, almost nothing else matters. Don't care if it is a 20 or a 28 megapixel sensor. Don't care if it has IBIS or not. Don't care if it even has a mic input or not. Don't even care if it has a flip out screen or an EVF or not. Shock horror, don't care at all if it has 4K or 120fps slow motion!!

    All the Nikon Z30 has to do is hit that sub $400 price point. Because the buyers of these cameras don't care about much else. And the harsh reality is cameras like the Canon T7/M6/M100/etc sell a lot! And any mount system which can get many many many new users into it, is going to be a healthy strong system into the long term. 

    Nothing would make me happier about the Nikon Z system than to see a camera released which can match, or even undercut, Canon's low end pricing. 

    Of course if Nikon can throw in even a couple of small extra specs as a cherry on top, like a mic input, 4K (even if it is D500/Z50 type 4K), and unlimited recording, then you'd get heaps and heaps of vloggers buying one for their studio camera, or 'hybrid weddingographers' (TM) buying one as their B / C Cams to use alongside their main Z6/D780 camera bodies. 

    The most important lens the Z System to release next? That's a Z Mount version of their Nikon 35mm F1.8G DX, as that was a strongly compelling point in favor of Nikon DX over Canon EF-S. Because Canon completely lacked an affordable Normal FoV EF-S prime to start out with as your next starter lens purchase after your kit lens.

    (I'd argue Nikon's 2nd most important lens would be an affordable and compact 50mm f2 FF Z Mount, because their Nikon Z 50mm f/1.8 S Lens is huge in price, size, and quality. Some people want those first two to be really small, and don't mind compromising on the last point if that's what is required. An affordable compact 50mm would be welcomed by both Nikon Z6/Z7 owners looking for a small travel kit, and by newbie Z30 owners too)
    And the other camera which is important for Nikon to release for the Z System? 

    Nikon Z50s, which is basically just a Z50 with IBIS and without the 4K crop the Z50 has. Nothing else is needed (although unlimited recording or 10bit output would be very welcome too, and a flip out screen instead of the silly flip down screen!). That would create the competitive "vlogging camera" that the Z50 (and G100!) was not. Not just the "vloggers", but the rest of us too, I think the Z50 surprised us that is largely was a D7500 in a mirorless body (awful crop + no IBIS) after the Z6 gave us no crop and IBIS. 

    So just give us a Z50s with IBIS and without the crop!! That's all we want. (after all the likes of say an a6600 does that, yet lacks 10bit etc. At least Nikon be competitive against Sony's APS-C mirrorless, even if you're not beating the GH5/X-T4/etc of the world)

    Well at least no more is needed in a Z50s from our biased videographer perspective.... I think from a photographer's perspective the Z50s should be dual SD slot and other stuff that Nikon D7x00 (which is where the Z50 is priced at) users expected such as a Commander Mode from the internal Z50 flash that was missing. 
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    IronFilm reacted to sanveer in Panasonic interview - question suggestions   
    The whole crop factor thing is interesting. Because within APS-C (APS-H) alone, there are like 4 different crop factors (from 1.73x to 1.29x)
    I also clearly remember the debate about the GH2 having a 1.86x crop, instead of a 2.0x crop (for video, instead of for photos?). I also read somewhere that the Panasonic GH5s has an even wider crop (1.80-1.83x?).
    I am not sure the argument about the sensor of the GH5s being too large for IBIS seems correct, then. Panasonic could, then, easily fit such a multi-aspect ration sensor (MARS) inside the next GH Camera (GH6). They could keep the MP count at 20, since I am guessing that with the latest sensor tech, the low light video performance should be extremely similar to the GH5s. The GH5s doesn't seem very good for stills in low light, surprisingly, so the GH6 could have an advantage over it here (apart from the IBIS and higher MP count.
    Also, since the actual area size of sensors isn't much different between APS-C and M43 (most noticeably varying in width, rather than height), especially for MARS, the actual dynamic range and low light performance, too, theoretically, shouldnt be too different. 

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    IronFilm got a reaction from heart0less in Selling my Blackmagic, missing my 5D   
    Shoot more. Worry less. 

    Remember, you've only used your current camera for 8 hours of shooting.....

    "Shoot more. Worry less. " would be a good mantra for you.
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    IronFilm reacted to Towd in Panasonic interview - question suggestions   
    Of course any information regarding Panasonic's thoughts regarding the future of Micro Four Thirds would be welcome.
    Maybe specifically, with Panasonic possibly becoming the sole standard bearer for the MFT format, have they considered extending the standard to cover an S35 image area?  Like an MFT+ spec.
    Or possibly, have they considered releasing a GH series camera with a multi aspect sensor that scales from the standard MFT area up to S35?  I believe JVC did something like this. 
    For still photography a larger s35 sensor could also allow for a larger 1:1 aspect ratio image area that would still fit inside the normal MFT image circle as a side benefit for Instagram shooters and other photographers who like that format.
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    IronFilm reacted to Beritar in Panasonic interview - question suggestions   
    I just want a GH5S with IBIS.
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    IronFilm reacted to Andrew Reid in Panasonic interview - question suggestions   
    It would be nice to have a GH5S with IBIS.
    I wonder what they will call the G9 successor. Panasonic G10 was a low-end early camera under the G1. G100 we know about and it tarnishes the entire brand 🙂
    So G... what?
    Whatever it's called, as the main stills flagship for Micro Four Thirds, a G9 successor will leave room for GH6 to go low-megapixel, good low light like GH5S rather than the 20MP GH5... That is, unless they choose to go down the 8K route!
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    IronFilm reacted to Thomas Hill in Which microphone\recorder setup to use for hidden camera type of recording?   
    I second the DR10L. I've used them as regular lavs and as plant mics. You could crank the gain to hi+ for the interviewee and have the -10db safety track for the interviewer. Or better, yet, use two of them.
    As far as ethical worries: Impractical Jokers, What Would You Do? and Candid Camera. Nothing new there.
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    IronFilm reacted to thebrothersthre3 in No culture or heritage in Nikon's Z series   
    Nikon is way better than the recent Sony offerings. However the Z6 was also introducing a new mount. I feel like most Nikon shooters are just sticking with the old DSLRs which have superior IQ and AF for stills. It wasn’t compelling enough for a new shooters to pick them over Sony or Canon Panasonic. 
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    IronFilm reacted to Super8 in No culture or heritage in Nikon's Z series   
    Good discussion everyone.
    Nikon and the Z6 got hammered with bad reviews, fair reviews and spec diving that they couldn't recover from.   The Z6 even got hurt by "the A7SIII is gonna....." and this was 2 years ago.
    I like what the S1 can do spec wise but bad AF tracking cripples it.  It looks like the same sensor as Z6 and is priced more. 
    It all comes down to who you want to invest in. 
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    IronFilm reacted to nickname in No culture or heritage in Nikon's Z series   
    i´m sorry, but the first image completely contratdicts everything you say about nikons design heritage. and the nikon 1 image shows clearly that there is no connection to the z design language.
    the z bodies handle like photographic tools. they did not forgoe their past like some competitors who flushed their aquired DSLR history down the drain.
    this is the rant of a spec nerd and not of a photographer or a videographer. the video quality that´s coming out of of the z cameras is totally fine and sufficient for the enthusiast. who wants absolute image quality will not look at hybrids anyway.
    as you yourself have shown there is no significant difference in image quality between 10bit recording hybrids today. this singling out and bashing of nikon that is all the fashion these last months is silly in my opinion.
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    IronFilm reacted to MrSMW in No culture or heritage in Nikon's Z series   
    Couldn't give a crap about internal or external raw video or 8k or much grading. Tried f-log. Hated it. Tried HLG, ditto. Cooked up my own recipe for getting it 'right' in camera (or at 90% of where I want it to be) and the result is start in the morning and finish in the afternoon, export, upload, clients happy.
    This is exactly what I, the self-confessed not a 'serious filmmaker' wants and needs which is why I like and use Fuji over anything else.
    I'm not exactly dripping in cash, especially not this year, but could otherwise comfortably run to a S1H's or even Canon's new R5's if I felt those manufacturers offered what I want and need.
    But the simple fact is they are overkill for 'hybrid weddingographers' (TM) like myself. 
    Partly what my post the other day about Pro-Mist filters was about. I'm not interested in sitting behind my PC all day long and so the more I can get out of in camera, the better.
    I like Nikon's colour. I like Olympus's colour. I like Panasonic and Canon and Leica and...Fuji offer me what I like most though regardless of cost and I'm even sticking with XT3 over XT4 as it suits my needs better.
    And this is where I think Nikon need to get off their arse and that is offering a product to a particular market whatever market that may be.
    Possibly Nikon's biggest problem at the moment is not so much what Nikon are not doing, but what Fuji, Canon and Panasonic are doing and Sony were doing. They are another that need to up their game.
    Having said that, they all keep leapfrogging each other in various ways from time to time.
    XT4 is quite popular now despite a few IBIS and AF wobbles. Once the R6 and R5 are launched, it will be yesterday's news. 
    More innovation and differentiation and products that people actually want to use please!
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    IronFilm reacted to Eric Calabros in No culture or heritage in Nikon's Z series   
    Almost nobody in its target customers buy that beast for video. And when it comes to still shooting there is no meaningful difference between D6 and 1DX. I don't know why you think every single camera that a camera maker releases should be a video workhorse. And a lot of video spec you assume "essential" is only appealing for a very small number of people. Honestly I've never heard a wedding photographer say "it would be nice if my camera had internal raw video recording". Most of them don't even know how to grade, and hate large files. I would instead bash Nikon for not offering cinematic picture profile, which is exactly what these people need. 
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    IronFilm reacted to nickname in No culture or heritage in Nikon's Z series   
    This is exactly what sony has been doing the last 5 years. Why are you bashing nikon for an established business model? 
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    IronFilm got a reaction from Eno in No culture or heritage in Nikon's Z series   
    I agree, the huge delay did mean the Z6 squandered the majority of the lead it had over its competition. And least the good news is that the Nikon Z6s should have this enabled (and no need to be returned to the factory either!) from Day 1 of the camera launch. (and if it doesn't, that would be a major WTF!)
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    IronFilm got a reaction from Mark Romero 2 in Selling my Blackmagic, missing my 5D   
    What specifically makes you want to go back to a DSLR (just DSLRs, or do you include mirrorless too?) for shooting with? As this is kinda odd to want to go backwards to a DSLR (especially as you're not into photography). What exactly makes you "regret bitterly" that you bought the blackmagic?

    If you can nail down these answers, it would be easier to figure out what is the best cameras for you to consider. 
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    IronFilm got a reaction from homestar_kevin in No culture or heritage in Nikon's Z series   
    Think you're being too harsh on Nikon. 

    Remember there was nothing else for sub $2K that was promising as much as the Nikon Z6 did at launch:
    FF 4K 10bit/raw output!!

    That was groundbreaking for its time in a hybrid. Nikon was the first.  Of course since then the competition has moved forward themselves, such as the fantastic Panasonic S1H (but at a much higher price) or the Canon 1D X Mark III (at a waaaaaaaaaaay higher price. Or a GFX 100 for even waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more on top), plus also there are more cameras teasing us with the promise of what is just around the corner (the unreleased Sony a7Smk3 / Canon R6 / etc). 

    But that is normal! Nobody stands still forever, and there is often this passing of the baton back and forth as to whoever is leading the race at a particular pin point in time. 

    Although... when you think about the Nikon Z6 in terms of value for money, there still isn't a single other hybrid cameras that offers what the Z6 does (FF 4K raw output) for anywhere close to how little the Z6 costs! Maybe, when it comes to offering us enthusiasts affordable options, it is the likes of Sony/Panasonic/Canon who still need to play catch up with Nikon even now in 2020? All depends on what is important to the user. 

    I agree, there is still a lot we'd all love to see in a Nikon Z series camera. (such as the 10bit/Anamorphic/6K/etc you mentioned, and others I'd add to that list like TC & Waveforms!) But let's not in the process forget what Nikon is doing right too. And if I was to buy a FF mirrorless camera today, it would be a close toss up between an S1 or a Z6 (probably go for the Z6, simply because I have greater faith in the Z Mount than L Mount, and because my Nikon lenses would work better on a Z6 than a S1)
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    IronFilm got a reaction from sanveer in Nikon will announce Z6s/Z7s updates, with dual card slots and 4K 60fps   
    Just go for the MARS one they've got in the likes of the GH5S/GH2 and give us full access to all the sensor size's potential. 
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    IronFilm reacted to Eric Calabros in No culture or heritage in Nikon's Z series   
    99.5% of people don't like a hefty heavy bulky camera. The public perception that a bigger camera take "pro" photos is already dying. And as someone who have seen many repair shops I assure you those attributes has nothing to do with "toughness" and durability. In fact in some cases Z6 internal components are more secured than D850. The only thing Zs needed was vertical grip which they gonna provide. Addressing dual slot also has no reason other than responding to internet hysteria.
    But I agree with you about Z7 pricing. 
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    IronFilm reacted to MrSMW in No culture or heritage in Nikon's Z series   
    Before I became a Fuji user, I was a Nikon guy.
    When the Z6/7 was announced, I wobbled...but then righted myself after I read about the single card slot and no 4k 60p which I was already shooting in the XT3.
    I nearly had another wobble this last Winter after handling one because though it is a bit plasticky, I do like the ergos and the looks.
    But came to my senses again as it simply did not have the spec for me.
    I am a fan of the lenses though and would have gone for the 20mm, the 35mm and 85mm f1.8's and never wanted for anything more.
    I could have lived without the twin card slot safety net and if it had had 4k 60p, would have jumped on it.
    I hope they do get back on track and produce something special soon.
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    IronFilm reacted to gethin in No culture or heritage in Nikon's Z series   
    I put up with shooting on the d5300 because I liked the image it produced. I think the way to feel happy about owning a z6 is to think of it as a full frame mirrorless 5600.  From that point of view it's a vast improvement.  (But yes, why they followed the amateur paradigm in these cameras and not the d8xx I dunno. I try not to get started thinking about their product decisions in the last 5 years.  I've got high blood pressure as it is). 
    The image is lovely though. 
    I see the incremental upgrade as a positive sign: this is Nikon reacting quickly to a quickly changing market. That's new. Previously they'd make you wait 4 years. 
    A z6 with 4k 60? I'd love it.  (If they can work on the af a bit too that would be peachy).  
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    IronFilm got a reaction from kye in H.266 Codec Released   
    I don't have a broad enough overview of the industry to say which specific flavor would be most common (444? XQ?). Ask a DIT instead, or a 1st AC etc.

    And it also depends on what you mean by "high-end". (for instance I did the sound for a small series which was "merely" less than half a million dollars for their production budget, and they shoot in only ProRes 442, yes 422 not HQ, due to budget/space concerns)

    They might even pick and choose codecs depending on the scene. For instance do the bulk in ProRes HQ, but then switch to a higher codec for a scene which will have substantial VFX work. 

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    IronFilm got a reaction from Amazeballs in Which microphone\recorder setup to use for hidden camera type of recording?   
    Big Brother (and other similar reality productions) have:
    A purposely setup set for filming on (so it will hopefully be fairly quiet! Unlike when trying to get stealth recordings in open busy streets, yikes, that's noisy)
    All the talent wearing neck mics. 
    Additional, they've likely put in a massive amount of work in carefully placing plant mics throughout the set. 

    All of this isn't a possibility for @Amazeballs 
    . Go for the Tascam DR10L (if you can't wait for the Tentacle Sync Track E), it is better than a phone with a lav because:
    Locking connector. 
    Dual/safety level recordings. 
    Better form factor. 

    Especially for your purposes, either of those first two factors might come in super handy to save your ass. 

    Thus my (almost) "no budget" recommendation for you, as the best of the worst options is this: 
    Get a Tascam DR10L (or the Sync Track E if you can at all wait!), plus a 2nd DR10L (or Sync Track E) that you use as a "plant mic" that the interviewer carries with them. 

    Ideas of where you could "plant" it:
    Inside a fake coffee cup? (as even if they're only holding the coffee cup a couple of feet away from their body, and closer to the subject, every inch counts!)
    The edge of a clipboard? (you could likely get the far side edge of the clipboard even closer than a coffee cup would)
    The point of an umbrella or the handle?

    If you can handle hiding the bulk, then a Tascam DR10X (or Deity HD-TX if you need P48) with a better mic than a lav would be an even better solution!

    This would require a lot of ingenuity on your part, coming up with a stealth way to hide this "plant mic" carried by the interviewer that is congruent with the style of the shoot. Every production is different. 

    Likewise, you're going to need a skilled interviewer who is on their toes and committed to this as well. No point craftily hiding a mic built into a clipboard, only to have them be holding the clipboard hanging uselessly from their side. That would sound even worse from the subject than the interviewer's own lav!!

    Zoom's crappy add-ons should not influence your decision. 
    And the screen doesn't matter 99% of the time, as the talent is wearing the bodypack. 

    You'll change your mind about the benefits of timecode syncing when you're got hundreds of hours of footage across many days worth of recording to sync up manually. That's a recipe straight from hell. 
    Sorry but I guess your ivory tower medical research bias is showing, in the real world this methodology for production can be surprisingly common. Especially on the likes of a documentary (and other forms of productions too, there are adverts made like this, or news comedy shows). Quite usual to have a field producer (or even just a PA) run after a person to get permission from them. (and of course, if you don't get permission, then you can't show them) They'll chase them down even in circumstances when it was extremely obvious you were filming them, such as when a cam op with a FS7 is in clear view nearby (or heck, the reporter is using a stick mic!). The reason is because you don't want to interrupt the natural flow by stopping the action to get signatures on release forms, you let it play out first and then you immediately follow up. 


    There would have been countless adverts made for many different brands exactly like this. Asking what they prefer, then getting permission after filming.  (although yes, there would be productions too which ask beforehand. Just depends on the agency/director/brief/etc as to what works best)
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    IronFilm got a reaction from gethin in No culture or heritage in Nikon's Z series   
    I agree, the huge delay did mean the Z6 squandered the majority of the lead it had over its competition. And least the good news is that the Nikon Z6s should have this enabled (and no need to be returned to the factory either!) from Day 1 of the camera launch. (and if it doesn't, that would be a major WTF!)
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    IronFilm reacted to MrSMW in Sigma family business philosophy   
    I like Sigma. A lot.
    I liked the concept of the FP and I think it bodes well for an FP2 .
    The FP tempted me so much but the reality I knew was not going to meet my needs.
    I like their lenses.
    I personally find their fast primes a bit big but think the 18-35mm f1.8 is one of the greatest lenses ever made. It's just a superb thing for the price.
    I wish wish wish those APSC primes were available in Fuji X Mount however and came close to going with them recently but the adaptors required decided me against in the end.
    But I like them in principle and mainly hope they can bring a camera to market with few or no compromises.
    Looking forward to hearing what they have to say.
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    IronFilm reacted to MrSMW in Panasonic interview - question suggestions   
    Has the employee responsible for their most recent release been fired yet?
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