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  1. 2 hours ago, barefoot_dp said:

    Only problem with this is if you run the battery empty and can't get home - you'll still need a generator to charge the vehicle! 

    Yeah, like anything, you'll have to use a bit of common sense. 
    No different to say using the cigarette plug on your normal ICE car, only to let your battery run flat then being unable to start your car to get back home. 

  2. Sadly I haven't done any uploads this year, for two major reasons: I've been working on some BIG SHOWS thus I can't film behind the scenes with them like I normally do, and I'm also just too flat out busy working 100hrs weeks and lack the down time to think about much else. 

  3. Am I trying the whole "YouTuber thing"??


    But no



    20 hours ago, Parker said:

    Turns out it's actually a lot harder to film yourself and talk right to camera than I anticipated (I very quickly abandoned my plans to shoot it anamorphic, focusing on my S1, all by myself, was just way too difficult) and the whole process took me far longer to shoot and edit than I expected. 

    YUP! Gets a lot trickier once you point the camera at yourself and need to formulate words coherently, rather than staying preferably behind the camera.

  4. 6 hours ago, OttoV said:

    So no point in buying a new 0h F3 because u can’t have the upgrade and without it its just meh.

    There isn't a HUGE difference between the F3 with the paid RGB update vs the F3 with the very s-log firmware. 
    From my personal perspective, the biggest difference is having 10bit 60fps vs not. (and for me, even though my F3 is capable of it, I can't do it anyway because I'm using an Atomos Samurai Blade, as the BMD VA didn't exist cheaply secondhand back then)

  5. Not too shockingly surprised, we hit "Peak (dedicated) Photography Hardware" (i.e. not counting mobile photography, which is as popular as ever) a number of years ago. 

    We're not going to see every brand spamming out new products as fast as they did in the past, especially not when they hit a really tough year like right now. (what with COVID19 and chip shortages)

  6. On 5/11/2021 at 1:12 PM, Nimatu said:

    Hello! I have carefully read this thread and others but still cannot understand one thing. If I want to buy Sony F3, what do I need to record 10 bit 422 60fps? BVA and that's it? Or is it absolutely necessary that the camera be with firmware RGB444? If so, how do I identify it with the purchase? Thanks everyone for the answers.

    You absolutely do need the paid RGB update. 

    And yes I agree, it's unlikely you'll get an F3 with this if it wasn't already advertised with it. 

  7. On 5/8/2021 at 4:33 PM, kye said:

    Although that doesn't explain why the cheapest functioning Alexa Classic is still more expensive second-hand than a brand new Komodo, Canon R5, Zcam E2-F6, Canon C70, etc.

    Because ARRI is a trusted known, vs an unknown. 

    That alone makes an Alexa Classic still very valuable. Let alone all the technical reasons why it is worth buying. 

  8. I'm on a prime time tv drama series currently (in their sound department though of course), and GoPros have been used for this. (mainly is 3x Panasonic Varicam LT though, plus a bit of Panasonic EVA1 for when a 4th camera is needed on big days, or for splinter unit. Also a few times ARRI AMIRA, I think simply because they can't source any more Varicams for when they need five cameras all at once)

    WHY is a GoPro still used on this type of show? Because it is "there", they've got it hand, and because it already by default waterproof and easy to use with zero hassle. 

    Don't think using a BMMCC crossed the DoP's mind for even half a second. He's got bigger things to worry about than that maybe two second shot it might have been used in, out of the entire tv series. 

  9. I'd lean to say it is overkill to use an external recorder with an XT3, you've already got yourself good 10bit from it internally, save yourself the money and get a lighter (both in terms of weight and in terms of power consumption!) monitor instead of a monitor/recorder combo. 

    My perspective is about being practical, vs squeezing every last 1% out. 

  10. On 5/8/2021 at 4:36 AM, OttoV said:

    I was looking at the atomos shogun, but maybe just start playing around with the sxs cards before investing in the external recorder?

    Shogun is overkill, you don't need a 4K recorder. 

    SxS cards are overpriced, use an SD adapter, although the internal codec is a fairly low bit rate. 

  11. On 5/8/2021 at 4:36 AM, OttoV said:

    it comes with the PL mount adapter, so why not invest in decent PL glass. I am balls deep in Canon FD and semi deep in EF, so those adapters are also on the list of things to get. Do the sony pl gen 1 lenses have campatibility problems with other pl mountes cameras? It was in some video someone said something like that? The contact points are in ”unique” positions? Though manual lenses so I dont know why this would be a major problem?

    Only a hundred bucks for a Canon FD adapter to FZ from China. Get that!
    (don't bother getting a pricey electronic EF-FZ adapter)

  12. On 5/8/2021 at 4:36 AM, OttoV said:

    Can u still buy the better upgrade (sxs card?) somewhere?

    *IF* you could still buy it, I'd imagine Sony still charges full price. 

    That would make NO SENSE at all to buy in 2021. 

    You could almost buy a secondhand Sony PMW-F5 for the price of that firmware for the F3. 

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