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  1. 17 hours ago, DanielVranic said:

    Felt like a total idiot too!! Huge gear upgrade that actually made it harder to get gigs and thus pay off the gear!

    So If I am going to do this again, I want to do it right. When I worked my best and my gear became a creative extension of me, was with my small Sony's and gimbal, but the PQ wasn't there. I am sure in the last year or so there have been some major upgrades in this industry but going on Youtube to find some honest reviews is tough. 

    Is there a modern equivalent that offers similar PQ to the P4K, only small enough to be flown with reliable AF so I can just focus on the story and not gear? Thank you everyone... 

    A way to stick with your current gear, while spending only a very small amount of additional cash would be to add a remote follow focus. As there have been some usable prosumer ones which have recently become very affordable:
    This is assuming  you are working with an AC, who could handle this. Or you can rig up a contraption to somehow juggle using it yourself while operating the gimbal at the same time. (not impossible, I've seen people with this configuration, but is tricky)

  2. 14 hours ago, Eric Calabros said:

    "Temporary" was a lie.

    "Its just a disruption" was manipulation of public opinion. Its not a disruption anymore. Its ruining people.

    "Save the lives" was wishful thinking. It wouldn't work with that level of state incompetency, and it didn't, as expected. Vietnamese didn't have to live in prison and gradually become financially destroyed to save the lives of their neighbors. 

    You still talk in a way like there is two side, the science side and denier side. Sorry, that fake duality expired many months ago. The "know what to do" side have no idea what its doing:



    Remember the lie of "flatten the curve" we were sold back in 2020? 

  3. 23 hours ago, stefanocps said:

    well...if i could do 1 and 2 i would not be here asking these... 🙂

    Sounds like you should do option #3 then, purely by a process of elimination as the only one remaining. 

    15 hours ago, stefanocps said:

    why the 3 is so unreliable?

    Ask yourself this:
    Would you ever ever ever film anything without even once looking at your camera's monitor?
    So why would you do this to your audio?

  4. On 2/27/2021 at 11:36 AM, Llaasseerr said:

    But yeah, it is a major pain that this camera has no TC in. Using the Atomos as a workaround is nowhere near as easy. I actually only just realised you can't jam sync with the AtomX Sync module, I thought it had a TC-in. It seems it can only be used as a master and then send a signal over Bluetooth. Way too many things could go wrong on a set.

    Good lord no!!! 😮 
    Make it be the slave, not the master. 


    On 2/28/2021 at 10:54 AM, A_Urquhart said:

    Unless you work professionally in the industry, it's hard to get excited about this camera as the tech specs are similar to the A7SIII.

    Features that make your job easier and a camera easier to work with/ more reliable are overlooked by most people.

    Internal Fan: woohoo what a boring feature for most people but this makes the camera a far more reliable tool professionally.

    XLR inputs: Not sure how this isn't seen as a huge plus over the A7SIII.

    Tally lamps: again for most here its not a selling point but professionally very welcome.

    I would pay the price difference for theses features every day of the week. At the same time, I wish it had internal ND and TC support.

    So true. 

  5. On 2/27/2021 at 1:02 AM, stefanocps said:

    if i use a cabled one and a need to stay away from speaker..how do i record the sound?

    1) finding the budget for pro wireless
    2) finding the budget to hire a Sound Mixer
    3) using the lav with a bodypack recorder, along with a virgin sacrificed to the gods under a full moon while praying that this plan all works out without a hiccup 


  6. On 2/27/2021 at 8:51 PM, newfoundmass said:

    It's fine to have a preference but Sennheiser G3/G4s are the most popular wireless systems I've seen here in the US

    That's true for non-professionals at sound, those who are not full time working in the sound department. 

    They are the wireless of choice by those who are not specialists in this field. 

    They're used by wedding videographers, camera ops, and shooting preditors, etc 

    They get rented out by photography rental houses, or general videography rental houses, and such. They're not the primary rental of any specialist production sound rental houses. 

    I thought it is important to make this distinction very clear, Sennheiser G3/G4 are chosen by people who are not knowledgeable about sound and don't need to rely upon it as their primary income. 

    It's like asking a MUA about the best ring light, rather than a Gaffer. 

  7. 2 hours ago, Aquilasfx said:

    I have read many comments all around and you are always commenting about Sony/sennheiser wireless lav  pushing strong all the time for Sony.. it seems that you are ambassador for Sony ;D

    But it's just the facts:
    Better range with the Sony
    Better ergo design with the Sony
    More features with the Sony

    When you really compare them head to head, it isn't even close, Sony comes out on top. 


    2 hours ago, independent said:

    Except for the Sennheiser 416. That’s a tool.  Leave that for the pros. 

    I am a pro. And I'm saying, don't buy a new 416.


    2 hours ago, independent said:

    Reliability, compatibility, availability, etc., all matter more, especially on larger sets with bigger casts and crew. All rental houses carry boatloads of Sennheiser G3s/G4s, for good reason. 

    If you're choosing on the basis of reliability, then you sure as hell don't choose a Sennheiser EW100 G3/G4. 

    And those "rental houses", they're not specialist audio houses (their normal rental stock would more likely be Lectros), they're general photography/videography rental houses. (thus you should take their opinions on anything audio with a massive grain of salt! Or even better, keep the salt to yourself rather than waste it on their audio opinions. As keeping the salt would be worth more than what their opinions are)

  8. /Zaxcom Lawyers have entered the chat....

    Perhaps Rode is willing to contest hard in court this bullsh*t patent? And Rode thinks Zaxcom is smart enough not to try and take on a much bigger company than themselves in court, as Rode could make this run on longer with legal fees than perhaps Zaxcom could cope with. 

    Rode isn't the only one willing to fight it either, the case with Lectrosonics is still ongoing. 

    In the end, I think the patent expires in 2024 anyway?


    14 hours ago, KnightsFan said:

    One big disadvantage is that there is no locking 3.5mm connector on Go's though.

    Absolute MADNESS that this wasn't included! What was Rode thinking???

  9. On 2/24/2021 at 3:58 PM, EphraimP said:

    I'd say that's a bit of an overstatement. You may not need any of this year's new offerings, or last years. But you have no idea what other professionals are shooting on, or what equipment will make their jobs easier or what will help them book more jobs or sell more productions or help them boost their rates.

    If you don't like the way the market's trending, awesome! Vote with your wallet. I won't be getting an FX3, or a A7SIII for that matter, or an FX6, a Pocket 6K Pro, or an R5 or an R6. But I'm not going to pretend that just because these cameras, or Panasonics offerings or any number of other cameras out there don't work for me, are not the right camera for someone else.

    The whole idea of individual shooters determining what other people need is quite silly. Yes, the market might offer a whole lot of choices a whole lot more quickly than it did in the past. Some of it is pure marketing, as the FX3 seems to be. But a fair amount of it is due to more rapid technical innovation, some of it is due to market disruptors like BMD and the new breed of Chinese cine camera companies forcing the big dogs to compete on price and features. And some of it is camera companies scrambling to see what features and body styles will get a shrinking market excited.

    In the end, we actually benefit from these new releases, if we're smart enough to weigh the options carefully and only buy what we as individual shooters need and can swing. That's the way I see it, anyway.


    The new Sony FX series is going to be bought by people, and will prove to be popular as there are people out there who want them. 

    The tv series I was working on today had the vast majority of the cameras being FX9 or FX6! (with a few other Sonys thrown in there, like the Sony F5)

    How many FX cameras in total? I didn't even try to count. But just in the sound department (and we're way in the minority compared to the size of the camera crew! Of course, as is always normal) we have five of us. 

    And that's just on this one shoot. 


  10. On 2/24/2021 at 7:50 AM, Trankilstef said:

    What annoys me the most is how some youtbers in those reviews are already saying how this camera is the best mirrorless option for serious filmmaking. Cinema camera my ass ! The S1H is still the king of professional video centric mirrorless ! It has everything that this Sony FX3 doesn't have as a proper cinema camera :
    - 4K DCI (even 6K)
    - Anamorphic modes
    - Shutter angle
    - Synchro Scan
    - Possibility to import Luts in camera
    - waveform, etc.
    How those "reviewers" could forget how much the S1H is more suited to professional video shootings than this FX3 !


    On 2/24/2021 at 7:53 AM, Trankilstef said:

    I am not disapointed at all that I've bought an A7sIII 3 weeks ago. I am happy to have the EVF, and I don't feel that I have something missing compared to the FX3 for my needs.

    But if the Panasonic S1H is so much better, why did you get the Sony a7Smk3 instead??

  11. On 2/24/2021 at 4:49 AM, Trankilstef said:

    So this is the CINEMA camera we've all waited for ! Shutter angle, 4K DCI, timecode,  anamorphic modes, synchro scan, who cares about those shitty features when we have 18 tally lights around the body and that incredible grey color reminiscent of the Sony cinema line ! Oh and it says Cinema Line on the body itself, this is a testimony that this camera can actually be used to shoot real cinematic movies !
    Waiting for the Netflix approval now !

    Oh dear marketing people are well paid I hope. This camera is total BS.



    There is exactly ZERO chance that this will get Netflix Approval in the current form. 


    On 2/24/2021 at 4:59 AM, Llaasseerr said:

    Welp, it's a very sexy design with Sigma FP vibes, but I'm really surprised it does not have true 24P and shutter angle control at minimum. It does not seem like it's truly compatible right now as a B or C cam with another Sony Cinema cam. And of course I was hoping they would add TC in.

    I do think there is bandwidth for further features to be added due to the active cooling. So maybe that is Sony's play here, and we will see some divergence from the a7sIII in the future. But we'll have to see.

    At this point I would definitely still look at the FX6 over this camera though.

    Timecode & eND alone make the FX6 worthwhile instead for any professional, at a cost of "only 50% more".

    On 2/24/2021 at 5:11 AM, Llaasseerr said:

    I had a workaround in mind with the a7sIII where if you recorded external raw to a Ninja V you could use the AtomX Sync module for TC in - but I haven't tried it.

    That won't cut it at all for Netflix commissioned projects. 

  12. 14 hours ago, independent said:

    Anyways, get the Sennheiser. They're extremely common, everybody is familiar with them, and warranty/repair service is excellent. 

    That's the same type of logic behind recommendations such as buying a new Sennheiser 416, or a Canon 5Dmk3. 

    Both are a bad, or at least suboptimal, idea in 2021. 

  13. On 2/24/2021 at 2:09 AM, Andrew Reid said:


    This is a great thing! Especially when you're working on very disorganized reality tv shows like I was today (or when you're working productions which are trying to be "stealthy" and/or catching the subject off guard), because then I (who is manning the audio mixer) will be always able to tell at a glance if the cam op is rolling or cut. 

  14. 19 hours ago, stefanocps said:

    ok, i am convinced that itis not worthy, while the other synco, ts seems better, according to Trankilstef

    "No" is my opinion of anything from Synco

    16 hours ago, stefanocps said:

    or do you have other suggestion?

    Sony UWP-D21 / Deity Connect / Sennhieser G4 (in that ranking order) is my  bottom line when it comes to barely acceptable as prosumer standard wireless. 

  15. 12 hours ago, Aquilasfx said:

    The thing was that for SONY UWP D26 I have to spend 200eur more then the same G4 new set....

    That's a marginally small difference that feels worth it. 

    If you have your heart set on Sennheiser, then don't buy a new G4, get a secondhand G3 instead. You're not missing out on anything when comparing the entry level G4 vs G3. 

  16. 1 hour ago, LloydPDX said:

    The D850 is a fantastic camera for me for stills, but of course the video features are lackluster.

    The D850 is a decent enough camera for filming with (especially for your purposes from the sounds of it, a D850 might even be called "overkill"), it is a camera many of us would have killed for only a handful of years ago. 

    Rather than buying a secondhand Panasonic GH5, put that money into buying a Sound Devices MixPre3 & SmallHD Focus. 

  17. 26 minutes ago, Andrew Reid said:

    It's the psychological side I find most difficult at the moment.

    I agree, I rate myself as one of the stronger people psychologically yet even I was beginning to go stir crazy during parts of 2020 and being on the verge of catching cabin fever. 

    Was fortunate that thanks to my contacts in the logistics industry I had an "essential worker" job I could get an official pass to get out of the house for. Even if it was only one day a week, and was only minimum wage, and was merely back breaking work shifting boxes of food around in a frozen warehouse. At least it helped keep cabin fever at bay. That I didn't go ("more") mad. 

  18. On 2/23/2021 at 9:28 AM, Aquilasfx said:

    - SONY UWP-D21

    - SENNHEISER G4 ew122p

    In my eyes, it is not even a contest, you get better range and more features with the Sonys. 

    Meanwhile, the entry level G4 is a fairly non-existent "upgrade" from the previous older G3 (which itself was only a modest upgrade from the G2, adding in a fake form of "diversity").

    Deity Connect Wireless is another worth considering in the sub $1K price category, but has its own set of pros/cons. 

    If you want to roll the dice and go secondhand, then Lectro 200 series are a great sub $1K choice as well. 


    22 hours ago, Aquilasfx said:

    Ok, I think after research, to go for EW112P G4 A1 (470 – 516 MHz), that seems to work almost all around the world for now.

    No way in hell would I want my talent wireless to be in those frequencies! Far far too close to the mega wattage (I jest... they're not quite that) RTs that hundreds of people are using all around me on sets. 

  19. The middle half of last year was very rough, just being in lockdowns with no work whatsoever. Was dark, very depressing. But life is looking up, 2020 eventually (later on in the year) ended up being quite the career breakthrough for me with some key realizations too. Currently I'm solidly booked out for months and months into the future. Turning down work left and right, for instance just for this upcoming weekend I've had SIX shoots I could've gone on instead if only I could clone myself instead of having to say no. Am honestly quite glad that tomorrow's doco shoot got cancelled! Gives me a little breathing room, and a chance to catch up on some errands tomorrow after a sleep in. 

    The situation is still very precarious though, you never know when we might get slammed back into a long term lockdown. Thus got to make hay while the sun shines! Just last week we had another three day lockdown in Auckland, I lost a couple of thousand dollars worth of work because of that. 

  20. 1 hour ago, Mr. Freeze said:

    The EF-Version if I remember correctly. I bought one used a couple of years ago and still use it from time to time. great image, solid files, but it needs a cage and a solid battery solution.

    And the crop factor is a KILLER if you're stuck with EF mount. 
    But perfectible doable if you've got the MFT version.

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