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  1. where you using the latest raw hack..with hdmi out…?
  2. for digital video (leave the epic at home)…that' what I did too!…when not shooting on film …on smaller jobs for digital mostly on 5d3
  3. FOR EXPERIMENTAL (for me..and I own the dragon) i would shoot with a gh2 hacked or super 16
  4. the footage out of the 5d3 raw does look like the footage out of high end cameras (red epic ..alexa depending on post)…keep us updated
  5. not very polite there… nice write up and footage..I like this camera and the 5d…
  6. +1 from my own personal experience(advertising) working with kodak film…alexa…dragon…5dm3raw nothing compares to the quality of kodak film…(excellent skin tones ..highlights..etc..and no worries for deliverables to client..35mm and super 16mm saves on post) arri alexa next.. dragon.. 5d m3raw
  7. bmpc 4k vs 5d mark iii vs sony f55 ... this might help for grading bm 4k vs other cameras How do they compare??
  8. might be the top affordable digital (video) camera of 2014 (with ML)
  9. with faster cf cards will 4k or something like 2.8k be possible too without using crop mode? thanks
  10. do you think with the 5d3raw you can up the resolution to 4k…?
  11. this is why i still try to shoot on film (and have kept my cameras)
  12. canon might answer by just discounting the 1dc??
  13. nice job Bryan..what rig did you use on the helicopter..?? (some of these shots make 4k = 3d)
  14. How will the camera industry (nikon, canon (ml), bm..red..sony) react to Panasonic's new GH4?
  15. this commercial will be in movie theaters…(doesn't have to be raw)…but I was thinking the most affordable would be the 5d raw or red mx..??
  16. working with footage from red dragon…too early to tell on this camera ..specs are good but have to use it more to judge…Alexa right now deserves the top spot in digital..compression on 1dc isn't a bad thing…
  17. let's show a little love for our founder and friend MR. KODAK…THANK YOU SIR…it doesn't get any better than this… shot on kodak in Venice 2013...
  18. i think "high end" and "lower end" cameras will eventually meld ...
  19. odie

    guess camera???

    yes it's the dragon…but philosophically speaking and aesthetic wise…do we really care…?? but you're choice of gh3 (and maxotics) really makes a another good point..if you're not going to use the dr in a camera why not just use the gh3 or 5d and save a ton of money..(i think the dr on this camera will be used on special effects movies with big budgets but otherwise??)
  20. and how about the iPhone 5s..nice..does it rate
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