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  1. stock up on this...it surprised me how old school became new school..and every frame became cinema
  2. i'm shooting on super 16mm which I love and is really beautiful and unique ( which I recommend everyone to try to incorporate in their work flow and shooting assignments for fun or professionally) my digital experience professionally is working with cameras like alexa..and I think people will even be selling their high end cameras with this new development at ML
  3. i'm shooting a feature on kodak 7203 super 16mm (really gorgeous) but when the sun goes down I take out the 5d3
  4. there's something about shooting on 35mm film...maybe start with that...it will be beautiful and timeless.. ( free camera from rental place or cheap 35mm cam from ebay with 35mm film short ends will keep the budget very low but the image very high)
  5. Many modern film photographers are portrait and wedding photographers in their 20s and 30s who are looking to “differentiate their art and their work by shooting film,” Almeida tells TIME. “That usually allows them to charge for a premium product because film has a different look and feel than digital.” same goes for me as a filmmaker
  6. BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY Arrival La La Land Lion Moonlight Silence
  7. great news! i love the look and cheaper (no post coloring required) for feature and commercial....
  8. for me...graduating and working in LA...film is a key element to the art of cinema...( and cheaper)...buy the camera..shoot 16mm..35mm short ends.. it does give you an edge in the digital world for jobs and your career but test and see for yourself..
  9. for purely artistic beauty film is my primary medium..for low light 5d with ml..those guys and girls have integrity (it's not about vimeo or specs but feelings)
  10. forget the camera..I'm thirsty too...we want the soda
  11. how about a super 16mm arri sr2 I said it before but it is thrilling to work with and the image is fantastic
  12. I would pick A ...and find another bird...(Panavision dolly in on a crane...I have a budget!!!)
  13. for film labs there is a lot of them around...in Europe...I like Kodak labs in Romania... KODAK PROFESSIONAL: Pro Labs
  14. working with film almost every day on paid jobs...a great sense of art..savings on post...in control of final image = nirvana
  15. ...actually film is the safest choice also...( with the empty palette of alexa you really need the $$$$ for coloring)
  16. I'm about ten years younger than you...yet I see exactly what you see...arri sr 2 (perfect cam)
  17. this is the perspective in L.A. from D.P.S to a Producer...and from Colorists.. from Colorists"you save a lot of money with film because it's good right out of the can while a digital job can take months to correct.." from D.P.S in general what they spoke about...THEY ALL WANT TO WORK WITH FILM (EVEN SUPER 16MM) For artistic reasons and the beauty of the image... they also like their vision protected ..and film does that for them..(not so many people looking at monitors..post etc..) from the Producers...(again in general what they said) Film is cheaper for them then renting a high end digital camera (most film cameras are super cheap)...and not having to spend time with colorists...(which I know because that's where I was working) when you look at a can of film you are also looking at your archival material and coloring...that saves a lot $$$ whatever you do in your production test first and weigh the costs and the art..and then choose..
  18. films playing or will be playing shot on kodak...thanks Nikki Hateful Eight 70mm Bridge of Spies 35mm Spectre 35mm Carol super 16mm
  19. or get this...which is available now (around 1,000)..and with a roll of film no alexa post or rental required...
  20. Hey Hans! the camera in the picture above is my arri sr2...bought for a very low price it's a dream to use..one of the reasons I really like this camera is because it gives me the CHOICE...digital or film...and really this camera is THE ALEXA HACK. CAMERA.. shooting on an ALEXA with the post is extremely expensive ..with super 16mm I'm getting a magical image for very little money. Happy Holidays!!
  21. first prize winner at the CAMERAIMAGE Festival was a film shot on super 16mm... (a real cost saver verse the recent 70mm Tarantino film!!!) the art of cinematography (in the tool bag)
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