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  1. First this one, "Caught", shot on Epic-X: And then "Sweet", shot on prototype Dragon: Cheers Gunleik --- My Blog
  2. Also curious as to what your thoughts on the DxO test would be. (This test focuses on all still cameras, including Phase One and stuff like the Nikon D800) Gunleik --- My Blog
  3. Hi. Newb here, but still... A bit curious as to how you made up thi list. I took part in the CML/UWE camera-test where we tested most RAW cinema-cameras, including most on your list + Phantom Flex 4k, KineRAW, SineCam and then some. I have started to publish some complimentary results here. How did you come up with this ranking and what exactly does it mean? Best: Gunleik Groven --- My Blog
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