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  1. ​here is very nice skin tones with old tech...  
  2. if you're making a special effects movie with costumes...don't shoot it with a digital camera...it looks fake...(test it yourself on the big screen)
  3. ​Hey! EOSHSD/KODAK for 2015 get those cooks on an arri LT or moviecam...with kodak 5203...AMAZING!!! Wish you and everyone all the best HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  4. ​35mm film is like an oil painting in a museum...the 1dc can be used as a b cam..
  5. here in L.A. it's playing...I will go...and have a Merry Christmas everyone!
  6. for me..a 35mm film camera..is cheaper than the alexa rental post etc..and I wouldn't buy any high end digital camera unless you can rent it.. when you have smaller projects a cp 2 zeiss lens on the 5d m3...(fast and light and a great b cam)
  7. it's a surprise…I'm in Los Angeles….but digital cameras Red or Alexa and VFX don't mix…try projecting to see….if you can find a film camera use it instead…
  8. my last 3 jobs have been shot on 35mm kodak film….canon's 5d mark iii (with Magic Lantern) was the b camera in tight spots and when we couldn't get lights at the location quick enough…a big plus is Magic Lantern and their integrity…as well as kodak and their artistry of image…
  9. they're stitching together the same 35mm sensors they're using now…same image quality…doubt they'll take any work away from present imax cameras...
  10. here in Los Angeles..through the work of dedicated professionals kodak film is thriving in the digital world
  11. dead…?? more like film is drop dead gorgeous…!! and a half billion is a half a billion WOW note: yes the best picture for feature films…but also advertisements…when a roll of 16mm or two rolls of 35mm might be all you need
  12. i don't know if this helps…but the 7d is rated very good in crop mode which i think means you don't need a vaf and you get higher resolution too good luck
  13. 2014 first (sales) quarter goes to panasonic the second quarter will go to sony …the third quarter will go to canon..nikon..???….2015..2016…business as usual
  14. right.. try a red mx handheld or a panavision gold..
  15. odie

    Edge of Tomorrow

    the best from Panavision Woodland Hills CA.
  16. odie


    +1 i use film a lot for it's beauty and timelessness ( and no worries with deliverables.. the client is always thrilled with the look!) i think it's important to keep film and digital both evolving and competitive…
  17. do you know which build their using…is it the new one 1.2.3.??
  18. my favorite camera is THE ARRI LT.. but for (video) digital work ..red one mx is a beast…and (5dm3 nice with raw)
  19. LOTS OF FILMS IN COMPETITION BEING SHOT ON THE ARRI LT (my favorite)…ARRI ALEXA..F65…but then there was one film that was shot on a 5dm2…by a little known director by the name of Godard…(and I was just about to sell mine)
  20. does your camera have the latest firmware installed…that's how you know if you're using the latest hack ...
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