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  1. Vesku

    GH4 wishlist

    I think that at Chrismas we can hope some things for coming year. GH4 is in horizon. Panasonic guys are reading our posts. GH3 got many features users wanted. So lets not be too modest. Here is my hopelist for coming GH3 successor: -autoiso in M (there is a high demand in the field) -autoiso limit for video or iso range -every menu item programmable to every Fn (maybe not format). I have only 4 items now that I absolutely want for Fn and none of them are possible?? -exposure values programmable to C1,2,3 -when recording video, ALL exposure values must show in automatic modes. Now those are blocked -more C memory slots -manual settings for creative mode -AE/AF lock on-off-on-off etc., during recording -better EVF resolution and better ocular -no useless buttons -4k video 50/60P (pal/ntsc switchable) -bigger handgrip, better button layout ergonomics -flat mode in video which uses whole sensor dyn range -separate video/photo switch. So all modes and handy buttons is in use for video. And then all settings must be independant for video or photo. -more options for bracketing. -2, 0,+2 steps would be handy for HDR -playMODE button to right side. Now it is difficult to use because left hand holds objective. -adjustable AF-range and mayby towards/backwards function if AF-C will not be good enough. -iso 50 would be handy for video in bright light -dual memory card slot and option to copy mem card. -better microphone with wind shield option. -more WIFI functions and recording options -stepless aperture change in video -better (louder) speaker -more songs to slideshow and simple crossfade option -if using slower than 1/25s shutter in video camera should go automatically to proper manual mode maybe with warning -HDR video (dual iso) like ML canon -faster timelapse (maybe 1/10s interval) -obviously better and faster sensor. No more rolling shutter in silent mode and 1/100 000s SS. -120 or more fps with proper resolution -adjustable autofocus speed in video -softer and better shaped eyecup -adjustable tone curve via computer and other modifications like Nikon V1 -electronic stabilator (very handy especially with 4k) -stepless smart zoom for video like rx10 -video editor with capability to smartrender finished program (smartphones have it) -stepless adjustment wheel for exposure -rx10 has it (maybe switchable steps/no steps) -in camera LED light for video -open source firmware for developing or application store for new features - like sony nex5t -cinematic look option button: (24P 1/48 ss, with greenish/brownish color cast) :o) -red led with text VIDEO because every subject is always asking are you taking a photo or shooting video. -lens cap which you can operate without taking it off camera -small directional add-on mono microphone which sound you can mix with stereo mike.
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